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Tomy Transformers Generations Metroplex review

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  • Tomy Transformers Generations Metroplex review

    Size freakin' matters and this bruiser is BIG! Have trouble getting a decent pic because my room lacks the distance to get a full city shot of him (hence I'm using a single stock photo from amiami for it)

    This by far is one of my hard to do review because I just can't prioritize which to focus because just like the G1 Fortmax.........oozes with awesomeness (I love you Hasbro and Tomy!)


    1 Metroplex
    1 mechanical arm
    2 antimatter projectors/battleships/
    2 missiles
    1 Scamper
    1 Scamper weapon
    2 antenna/tower
    1 decal sheet
    1 instruction sheet


    Since I am using the Tomy version, the retcon for him is that he IS still the same Metroplex from the G1 series. Based on the storyline of Yuki Ohshima Metrowars ( occurs along the timeline Zone/ROC/OC ), Metrotitan was not "reprogrammed" but joined the 'cons to fight his brother(?) 'plex. Both sides got their @sses whooped. Even Metrobase was not spared. The Nebulans, repaired 'plex into twice his size (maybe the reason why Sixgun and Slammer weren't included (they must have been permanently deactivated)). In the end, 'plex whooped Metrotitan's behind (he vowed to take revenge again)




    Carrier mobile fortress



    Metroplex himself


    Big,big,big! Lots of paint apps to recreate the G1 figure's appearance. He's got a chromed face (great mechanical outlines) but not his thighs. Head rotates 360 degrees and has an electronic voice gimmick (voice from the FOC game), the eyes light up like that of a Gundam DOM effect when you twist the head left to right plus his chest flashes too).You can recreate his Japan (Scramble City) and American appearance (Visor on or off)but the gimmick is kind of loopy because the visor won't stay up.Also, his head now becomes a control console of sort when in "rolling thunder mode".

    Lots of articulation though his "sausage" fingers have their limits in grasping his two anti-matter projectors (that also look like battle ships). The Tomy version comes with 2 btw.It also fires two missiles (gray color). Unlike the G1 toy, you just fold up his hands so no clutter (except for the two antennae like things)

    Also noticed that the hips/legs has a 45 degree limit when you spread it......I didn't push my luck.

    In city mode, his got the usual features of a helipad and repair bays. Remember the battle scene by Mangiat on an alien planet? (You can sort of create the part where you launch Scamper). Speaking of which, there IS no launching mechanism for the garage that holds Scamper unlike the G1 toy.

    Scamper's updated look is snazzy! Replicating the "KITT" look except he's got six wheels. He is articulated (though limited) and comes with a gun.

    His other alternate mode is like that of a mobile flatbed carrier of sorts. A dexterous mechanical arm accessory is attached to the left part of what is his leg.

    Did a mention he's got tons of decals? The Tomy version is metallic btw unlike the International version.

    Playability: Goes well with a lot of Legends class figs.

    Transform method: A bit of variation from the original G1 toy.

    What to watch out for:

    1. battery leaks
    2. those 2 tabs that align his lower legs
    3. supposedly some versions have wobbly knees

    The bad (not necessarily b.a.d. lol!):

    1. So big, like Fortmax, I don't know where to put him in storage
    2. The plastic feels less solid than Fortmax
    3. The leg alignment formation, the tabs that align it is thin/flimsy)
    4. Canadian version has no English voice clips
    5. Can't a decent shot because he's soooooooooo big

    Scale of 1 to 5, I give him 4.8 (because of the no chrome on his thigh hahaha)

    Hopefully, Tomy/Hasbro makes a follow up to their Titan class..........well, maybe an Encore Scorponok (pretty please?)
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