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Ore no Imouto Kuroneko Holy Angel Kamineko [Max Factory]

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  • Ore no Imouto Kuroneko Holy Angel Kamineko [Max Factory]

    (More images of Holy Angel Kamineko, and other anime statues)

    Alright, so I thought this was an interesting statue. She's $87.71 at Hobby Search, or 200yen cheaper at Amiami.

    I've seen a bunch of complaints that she's out of character, and I can see where that may come from (although, this outfit was featured in the manga. Not sure about the anime yet, since I don't really watch it). What you guys think? I think the statue itself is very lovely. Hell, I even preordered it, even though I don't keep up with Ore no Imouto. Kuroneko is an adorable character, and it's very attractive, in my opinion, to see her in a light outfit like this, with a smile.

    Lovely, in my eyes. Your thoughts?

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    Thing looks cute, and could rival the work that Forgeworld puts out.

    Of course....

    I wonder what you'll do to it alone.
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      ... now I haven't seen the novels... but I know of some of the things that happened in it... and for people to say that she is out of character with these new bright outfits means that they either do not appreciate or do not wish to acknowledge the importance of character development.

      ... I won't spoil anything... but just know that personalities and life styles can change with just the mere presence of others... let alone their influence... and that is exactly what happened with her.

      ... now while I like her more... Dark features... I enjoy seeing my Ruri-chan smile... and I embrace her changes pleasantly.


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        Already got it preordered. I cannot wait for it to be released. It's so detailed, but then again, Max Factory's good at that.