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  • Guide for new player

    Hi all new gamer who want to play this game
    I post how you can start the game and which server

    First you need to create your account
    For USA player, go here , its better for you to choice NCSOFT, all server location is in USA, you can check all NCSOFT server info here, if you want fast lvl up, than choice chronos, it have lots of awaked character then other usa server, you can read why its important awaked character in here
    For europa player, you can choice ncsoft or innova, yes i said all server location in NCSOFT its USA, but it have 1 server called NAIA, that server was in Europa location, before NCSOFT make relationship to Innova, after that, NCSOFT move NAIA server to USA but the time zone in that server its +1 atm, and lots of EU player playing in that server, so you can choice NAIA is you want and dont worrie it not lagging at all, or choice INNOVA you can reg here.

    Before your create your character, read NCSOFT website, you can find useful info there, specially How to Play and Newbie Quest Guide and Path to Awakening <--- very important if you choice NCSOFT server, in INNOVA you can skip Path to Awakening, and final word, you probable want to know all race and class skills and difference, you can read it in here
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    Updated to the first post


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      i love silverranger.


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        Is it actual? How many players are there? Don't want to waste my time and hard drive, but want to play, if there would be enough active palyers.


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