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  • Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes Nude Mod

    Welcome to the forum that has all the Vindictus Ero mods you could ever need!

    Also, go here if you would like to join my Vindictus West server official HongFire guild-
    UPDATE: I have created an East Server guild now, for everyone on the East Server.

    IMPORTANT- MUST READ : DO NOT Upload any of these mods onto the official Nexon Forums. Doing so and being traced back to HongFire can get you reported, as Nexon frowns upon these mods.

    Ecchi Combat Mod v1, by ShiaNeko (makes armor break completely away upon armor break):

    Female Lann Mod v1, by ShiaNeko:

    It should have most of the bug fixes (all except a couple unfixable ones) on it.

    Ecchi Body Mod 4.5, by ShiaNeko

    Vindictus "Good Stuff" Nudity Mod, by Checkbox:

    "Good Stuff Lite v1.000 (마비노기 영웅전 누드 패치)

    The basic premise in the nude mod was drawing the resources from another source by preventing the originals from being loaded. In the first version, that was achieved by deleting the archives that contained the model information for the characters and having them stored outside the archive so that the fallback filesystem behavior will read from the actual files.

    Have fun and as usual, use at your own risk. There is an inherent risk of a ban and when you launch a boat a screenshot is taken of your character. Take that into consideration before using this.

    If you enjoy this release, show your thanks by building on and improving the content. If there's any questions, feel free to post here and redrage or I could probably answer it, since it was our (along with ryozu's) research that led to the nude mods. There is geniune interest in seeing what the hongfire community along with the other communities do with this.

    It is unknown if or how long we will maintain this mod so if it stops working, sorry. Try to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Extract included zip to Vindictus\en-US\ (or Heroes\ko-KR\ for you KR players) folder (Make sure to overwrite the existing FileSystem_Stdio.dll). Enjoy.
    *You will have to reinstall this mod whenever there's a game update as it restores FileSystem_Stdio.dll.

    Removal instructions:
    Delete bin\FileSystem_Stdio.dll and rename bin\FileSystem_Stdio.dat to FileSystem_Stdio.dll

    I am not responsible for any negative outcomes as a result of using this software.

    Good Stuff Lite v1.000 (Mirror)
    Visual Modification (Nude Evy/Fiona) from redrage (Mirror) (also extract this in your Vindictus\en-US\ [or Heroes\ko-KR\] directory). Use 7-zip to extract this archive, WinRAR should also support the 7z format. The end result will be a data folder your en-US (or ko-KR) directory.

    *I used a packer on the library. Crappy antivirus software will recognize it as a virus. I don't have any scanner sites on hand, but if someone posts some, I'll update this post with the scan results.
    VirusTotal scan results from bluesky. It's packed with UPack hence the false positives but a good rule of thumb on the internet is that it's always better to error on the safe side when dealing with untrusted software. I'm also open to suggestions on alternative packers.

    *For the KR players, if it doesn't work, restore FileSystem_Stdio.dll and rename it to FileSystem_Stdio.dat and then use only the FileSystem_Stdio.dll from the Good Stuff Lite archive. Please let me know if this helps any."

    Thanks once again Checkbox and Shianeko. Have fun everyone!
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    HongFire Modding/Translation Club Journeyman

    Guild and Servers-

    Official Vindictus West and East Guild: HongFire

    Official HongFire Minecraft Server: In progress

  • Are you serious..? What the F is wrong with you Ryvius.


    • hi i have been trying to get the hairstyle file to work with the helmet on but without any success im using graceful bob as default haircuts and i want to use mild but wild cut

      hairstyle over it but whenever i have the helmet on it go back graceful bob looks am i doing sumthing wrong in the process.Also is it possible to change makeup or add

      some with the hfs file or change hairs color/underwears color


      • The last part you asked is answered with a most likely not. The helmet issue can be fixed IF you have the 01-04 or 01-08 files for the hair style. Just having 01 changes how it looks normally - with no helmet showing. These different numbered files are not the same; they are different, and you need them all to be able to see your modded hair when wearing helmets.


        • well i actually tried this get all the file that are named graceful bob_hair_01 to 08 in the data fiona folder and still didnt fix the problem.


          • Originally posted by InfernalRage View Post
            Yes, a hex editor program.

            If you are too lazy to do a quick Google search, then yes .
            Oh my gosh I have to thank you so much. <3 I got it to work!

            I'll just post the steps for newbies like me.

            Step 1: Download a Hex Editor (I used this one:

            Step 2: Open up the .mdl for the Ecchi ("fiona_innerarmor01.mdl"). And open up the inner armor you want replaced.

            Step 3: Copy everything from the Ecchi and paste it all on the inner armor you want replaced (I chose Christmas ).

            Step 4: Save. <3

            *Squeals with glee*


            • Okay just tested out Female lann. I must say it looks great! Arms seem kind of weird atm with the Rage set. xD
              Last edited by phantur; 03-15-2011, 05:54 PM.


              • Hi I was wondering if anyone knew which HFS file contains the files for the sharpshooter set and shining will set. Also does anyone know what the name of the armor set for evie that looks like it has wings. Not sure what it's called but the set looks kind of "angelic" and Iv'e seen screenshots of it but not sure what it's called. I think it may not even be in the U.S. version of Vindictus yet.


                • viney can yu pls uplod the st patricks inner pls

                  lol i had to screenie this, shes so damn cute lol


                  • It's not as easy that. :X You need the HFS files (A few of them), and one of them kind of has a bad effect on the game. It removes the icons at the dock since the file contains stuff from Ep 8 Part 2 which contains the new dock system which we don't have yet. If I was to upload it, then it would include HFS files and would be a bit harder for people that are clueless (not saying you are) to install it.

                    PS: This Ryvius is a know it all supposedly, yet he leeches and gloats about everything he does including his retarded posts of pictures of his mod. He really is a show off noob lol..


                    PSS: Ryvius. I know you're reading this and posting it on Nexon forums. You'll be banned from here most likely as most people hate the crap you've been doing on the forums, so I suggest you cool it and lay low like the rest of us.. The retail forums are a retarded place to show off your mods fool. Idiot.
                    Last edited by Viney1; 03-16-2011, 12:15 AM.


                    • That is funny coming from a guy who just made an account on here this month with no reputation to speak of.
                      I know some of the mods here so you can kiss your dreams goodbye.
                      Sig removed. it's too big. And file size also too big for slower internet connection users.


                      • You think you can freely come on, leech mods, and post and gloat about them on the retail forums? Pfft. It is very easy to report you. You aren't above the in game law, and you're also threatening the mods in general by being a moron and posting them all over the place.

                        PS: I may have just started, but I have at least released mods and instructions while all you've done is show them off to retail where you have a high chance of getting banned if the right people report you.

                        Everyone here agrees as well.


                        • guys keep it cool were all in this together

                          viney and ryvius peace out
                          Last edited by mymoo; 03-16-2011, 01:44 AM.


                          • Originally posted by RyviusRan View Post
                            That is funny coming from a guy who just made an account on here this month with no reputation to speak of.
                            I know some of the mods here so you can kiss your dreams goodbye.

                            Posting threats here I see? You may be unlikely to get banned here, but I doubt Nexon cares about how close you are with Hongfire mods. Big Brother is watching you.


                            • guys thanks for the underwear mod v2

                              just wondering is there fiona version of halteneck? we only got the evie version ones, thanks


                              • In any case, I hope we can keep this mod a minimum exposure to Nexon, so they won't patch it up. And maybe, less exposure to those that may compromise us all by showing off the mods.

                                I think that Nexon NA know verywell of what we are doing, afterall, this is the top hit everytime people google "Vindictus nude mod". The only reason they didn't patch this yet is because it is not public, and still only for "underground" modders, thus, it is something that won't kill their reputation, and even attracts more customers to the game(admit it, some people just play the game for nude mod). If the mod goes public, everyone will know about it, just like the last time with the korean, the news of Vindictus nude mod goes viral, and even the MMOsite adult news featured it before being taken down, probably by Nexon's pressure. And the result for that will surely be a patch.