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NSixx's Mod index (download), New download servers(MEGA/OneDrive)

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  • NSixx's Mod index (download), New download servers(MEGA/OneDrive)


    For lazy people that just want some mods on without working too much:
    This is the folder with the current mods and studio files i use to get the mods working, also there are the swappers i use, ill replace the files as i modify or update them to keep them working or by adding some other mods, feel free to use them and specially HAVE FUN!

    Current mods: Battlejesus Aestethic mod v2.00, Sweaty vella and Nao & Morrighan Trans mod; lanyuewood sexy secret inner v2.10 and shadow ace's x58 oild up mod, all compatiblyzed (screenshots inside the folder)

    ADDED: Boobs Jiggle and switched ahega bukake mod with shadowace's x58 oild up face, bukake orgasm eyes still applied and bukake mod can be get at the "Mods" folder

    "data" Folder and individual mods folder (Dropbox):

    Added: "Mods" section, contains almost all the mods i've found surfing around, feel free to download and test every mod u want.
    Note: Added original Sweaty mod (Battlejesus's) and the x58 Shinyness one (Shadowace's) which is the "oily" one you can see in the "photos" folder, it's based on the Battlejesus's one previously mentioned

    ADDED: Battlejesus's Nude Iset trans mod, vella with KR Fiona's voice (Thanks to klal), now the trans are a more diverse choice of models, male DK uses Ecchi iset and female paladins use a more naughty version of that model (less clothes), male paladins trans into HUGE boobs NAO and female DK trans into BUSTY Morrighan, leave comments and suggested mods to add, also you can ask me how to change models, mods, textures etc. And ill try to help you as much as i can for you to have a custom mods folder made with your own preferences. Here to help ! (mods also ava

    Para gente floja que solo quiere poner algunos mods sin trabajar demasiado
    Esta carpeta contiene los mods que yo utilizo actualmente, así como las studio files y swappers, iré actualizandolas a modo de tenerlas aún en funcionamiento y/o agregando nuevos mods, sientanse libres de usarlas y especialmente DIVIERTANSE! :3

    Mods actuales: Battlejesus Aestethic mod v2.00, Sweaty vella y Nao & Morrighan Trans mod; lanyuewood sexy secret inner v2.10 Y Shadowace's x58 shiny mod, todos compatibilizados (screenshots dentro de la carpeta)

    AGREGADOS: Boobs "Jiggle" (Senos con mas movimiento) y se cambió el mod ahega bukkake por Shadowace's x58 oild up face (cara aceitosa), ojos de orgasmo bukkake del mod ahega aún aplicados

    "data" Folder (Dropbox):

    AGREGADOS: Nuevo folder ("mods"), en este podrás encontrár casi todos los mods con los que me he topado en mi tiempo surfeando este tipo de cosas, cada uno está archivado de manera individual, sientanse libres de descargar y usar los mods.
    Nota: Incluyen el mod de piel "sudorosa" de Battlejesus, y también el de brillo x58 (piel "aceitosa") que puedes ver en las imágenes en el folder "photos", es un mod de Shadowace, basado en el original de Battlejesus previamente mencionado

    Español: Soy flojo así que haré copy-paste en google traductor xD (incongruencias arregladas)
    AGREGADO: Battlejesus, Iset desnuda cuando te transformas, vella con voz de Fiona KR (Gracias a Klal), ahora el trans son una opción más amplia de modelos, masculino DK utiliza Ecchi Iset y paladines femeninos utilizar una versión más explicita de ese modelo (menos ropa) , trans hombre paladines en Nao con tetas enormes y mujeres DK en una tetona Morrighan, dejar comentarios y mods sugeridos para agregar, también puedes preguntarme cómo cambiar los modelos, mods, texturas, etc. y preguntenme lo que quieran para tratar de ayudarlos en todo lo que puedo para que usted tenga una carpeta mods personalizada, hecha con sus propias preferencias. estoy aquí para ayudar ; D!


    New download servers!
    but first, we need cloud space! if you need more cloud storage room for your daily shennanigans please consider using these links as referal, the space gotten by this will be used to host the files in different servers!:

    >One Drive:!AtqUpKKJzvVdgTpZoT21PvlInnGU




    1:Lanyuewood's sexy_secret_inner mod
    2:Battlejesus's sweaty skin with vella muscle tone (excluded in the not oily/sweaty version)
    3:Shadowace's x58 oil'd up mod [Applyed to BattleJesus's sweaty skin mod] (excluded in the not oily/sweaty version)
    4:Battlejesus's Aestethic mods explicit v2.00
    5:Shianeko's Ecchi Combat mod
    6:Battlejesus's Nao & Morrighan mod (For some trans)
    7:BattleJesus's Ecchi Iset mod, naked Iset trans mod (with red cloth pieces) and busty Iset trans mod (also added to some trans)
    8:Klal's Boob jiggle for sexy_secret_inner
    9:Ahega bukkake rolled eyes [no cum stains, witched with shadow ace's x58 oily face mod]
    10:Shadowace's x58 oild up face mod (excluded in the not oily/sweaty version)
    11:Ilakya's Better texture and color saturation for sexy_secret_inner (Pubic hair still included) All versions!/todas las versiones!

    ill edit this list as soon as i get/replace mods, if u re having issues with a specific mod you can always PM me or comment this thread, or if you want the original mod only just look at the "mods" section in my dropbox, you can find plenity of mods thede and make a personalyzed "data" folder for you :3

    Editaré esta lista tan pronto cambie/agregue nuevos mods, si tienen algun problema con algun mod siempre me pueden mandar PM (Private Message) o escribir en este post, o si quieren los mods originales sin cambios siempre pueden encontrarlos en la carpeta "mods" de mi dropbox, ahí puedes encontrar una buena cantidad de mods para que hagas una carpeta "data" personalizada que sea para ti :3

    Latest additions:
    ADDED: New! "Revamped variety mod"
    This is an updated version of the ol' 16-in-one nude mod pack ppl shared here some years ago, this new version includes lanue's SSI as well as nectar's newest models such as best shape and the armor fit. All credit goes to some person to wanted me to stay his/her identity for personal game acc security, you can find it at my drobbox inside the "Mods" folder (or you can clic here:
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    Have a look at my posts!!
    Vindictus: Mods, download whatever you wish ->

    The basics for modding Vindictus

    Find the best H stuff!:
    A nice H-themed games site:
    Awezome upcoming game:
    Free 5k credits code: STAR-35GW-VNDX

  • I am sorry now to see your reply because i am using the VPN to be unstable. Your DropBox seems to be closed for some reason because I clicked after the connection shows: Error (429) This account's links are raising too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!


    • NSixx
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      use one drive or mega links

  • Your MEGA file is too much ... and are compressed files, I do not seem to find in my MEGA file I mentioned above four underwear material file, you can tell me which from the HFS file extraction Do i want the underwear file


    • Hi, may I ask if there is no way to get the latest fashion files, I tried downloading the official update patch to install the blank folder, but it seems that because I did not install the game ontology so failed, but I do not know the new fashion files Will be updated in which hfs file, so do you have a good idea? Thank you


      • Hi NSixx thank for your great mods It work well except when i trans to dark knight 2nd it crash when i use some attack ,it show EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error but on pala 2nd it work well and dark knight 2nd have been invisiby only show weapon and i use the folder sweat and oli ?I wonder how to fix it hope you reply me soon


        • I have problems with the dropbox link, I think they are down :/


          • So I just want to see if I'm doing everything right.
            I downloaded the data full from the one drive site with all the mods and copied it into my data folder.
            I then extracted the player costume from my hfs and put it into data>scripts.
            I downloaded the Vin SWP 3.2 and found the vindictus.exe I then clicked swapped for edited.dll

            A couple things Ive noticed is that At the bottom of the Vin SWP exe it says HSUpdate.exe is not running. is it supposed to?
            Am I supposed to do something with the game before or after running the Vin SWP. As Do I need the application open? should I click play after I run the VIn SWP?

            I also don't have a FileSystem_Stdio.dat in my application folder. or in the vin swp

            The only Dat file is named with number. Thank you again for any help


            • Hm.. My Account exists since 2011 and I wrote VinPlayer, but I think, he'll not reply, cause his last activity was 3 Months ago


              • any1 still around to make mods? for private server

                ~PS: i just played on private and installed the nude succubus queen mod, the game crashes every time after i enter the 2nd stage and get a few hits.. so i deleted the model of queen in normal status it's back fine, the cutscene model doesn't seems to have any crashing problem.(although they are the same i suppose)
                any1 same problem?
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                • Bro, why i cant use the nude mod?which files should i copy n to where?i copied all the files and the launcher said it cant connect to the server, help please...thx
                  Btw, i played in NA/EU servers


                  • How to use the mod`s on the latest versions of the game? Is it possible?


                    • I think this topic is dead now....
                      Now, kids, Daddy only drank so the Statue of Liberty would take her clothes off.