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How to put .smd mdl file

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  • How to put .smd mdl file

    Hi. I'm making a Vindictus mod. I tried to combine the underwear in the game with nudemod, but failed. I have encountered a lot of problems. I can not find a solution so I hope you can give me some help
    First of all, I found the .smd file into 3DMAX editing can not use GUIstudioMDL back to. Mdl file. Will be displayed
    "ERROR: c: \ users \ lijia \ desktop \ 2 \ mdldecompiler.qc (3): - could not load file 'C: \ Users \ lijia \ Desktop / fiona_innerarmor_jpn_21.smd'
    ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'player \ fiona \ fiona_innerarmor_jpn_21.mdl' "
    Second, I try to edit nudemod, I succeeded in unpacking it and importing it into 3DMAX. But I can not turn him back. Mdl, even if I did not make any changes to him .. will show
    "Generating optimized mesh" J: \ sourceSDK \ hl2 \ models / player \ vella \ vella_inner_free.sw.vtx ":
    ERROR: short conversion out of range 42366
    ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'player \ vella \ vella_inner_free.mdl' "

    Has been bothering me a lot of days hope you can give me help thanks!
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    Who can help me
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      I split the .smd file into two .smd files and then put them together in the QC file, but this led me to use this mod in the game to crash the game, and there is a .xbox. Vtx file, what is that? I should help me if the file crashes