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  • Noncanon RP / OCs Welcome

    Looking for people to do an original RP with.
    I'm open to any suggestions right now for whatever else everyone wants to do, but these is some of my favorite genres.

    Urban Fantasy (Fantasy mixed in a modern setting. Uhm, hell yes)
    High Fantasy ( ... Eh... This genre is very broad as it encompasses almost everything under the sun. I've got some issues with this genre, but if anyone is up for it, I won't complain.)
    Sci-Fi (Again, like High Fantasy, this genre is pretty broad. As long as people don't want to do some kind of crazy, intense dystopia, I'm game.)

    Stuff on my mind right now:
    Mercenary Clans
    Grim Reapers
    Mage Gangsters (Yes. You read that right. Gangbangers that kill you with ice storms if you're not careful.)

    And no, I don't have writing samples... Though, I could make one up real quick if someone wants one. You know, if they could do me a solid and give me a topic to write on, as well. >.>"
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    If you're still interested, you could PM me and we could start one. I'm game for any of the above plus pretty much whatever else is out there.... mostly.


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      the story sounds interesting, may i join?


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        hmm if i were into magic, i'd probably run away from that sort of ice and duck behind a rock before it crackled it's way up the rock and then dive into a pool and wait for a while. Your call if that is smart or not Asain panda baby.