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  • I don't like your Martial Arts

    Lust – it’s a powerful thing. It’s only one of many temptations but is which resulted in me. A demon, my mother, was beautiful in every way from her bones and skin to her towering black feathered wings. Snide and ruthless she is no doubt dark in her soul. Every now and then I catch her in spells of fancy though, and I can tell she is thinking of my father. She is like the world. It is dark too, and full of demons.
    In the world I live in, temptations often show the pinnacle of what constitutes a being. We angels and demons who roam the Earth can be defined by what we let control our thoughts and what dwells on our minds. Though we supernatural are heavily outnumbered by normal people, our demons have corrupted the population and selflessness is a thing which nobody can remember.

    I sat in the ally just a few steps inside. I look different than the average demon, perhaps because I am not one. I am an angel like my father though no one the wiser. My eyes glow red and my aura is too and despite my white wings which tower in feathers like my mother’s no one seems to think I am not one of them.
    My trap was set. Waiting for a second, I envisioned the world in a different light – the way I thought it should be. In my visions I picture that the normal people would want to live in peace and that we deities would only amplify these feelings and sway the course of the world through just cause. Right now the mobs of the hungry faces of the people did not show that desire.

    My companions came down the road. They stepped right into my seal on the ground. Yellow light shown high into the air in a circle as a pentagram burned the road below their feet. I heard words. “What the hell?” A shock scorched the air as I looked around the corner and one of my friends touched the barrier of light.
    I shot out around the corner and through the walls of the prison, grabbing a demon and breaking through the other side up to a wall of a building. The braided hair and smooth face of the girl was enticing me. I held her against the wall and leaning in, kissed her. She pushed me away large metallic wings growing out of her back. “Stop doing that!” she yelled at me.

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    I guess no one wants to play a character here... hmph


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      I knelt back and left myself alone. She turned...