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KillStreak: The Mercenary, Contract Killer, and the Dead Knight (Work In Progress)

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  • KillStreak: The Mercenary, Contract Killer, and the Dead Knight (Work In Progress)

    Hopefully I am posting this here in the right section (Creative Section.) I did not see anything about character sheets on the site itself, so, I guess I made the first ever character sheet on here? If not please tell me, I'd love to make the different character sheets and what not for the site (Vampires, demons, angels, aliens, humans, and more, etc.) Anyhow, if I am going about this wrong please tell me, I would like to create this to the best of my abilities.

    Name: Zetran Idahe

    Nickname: KillStreak, The Contract Killer, the Living Death, The Silent Death, the Dead Knight

    Age: Unknown

    Race: Human/Vampire, American Caucasian

    Gender: Male

    Dead Knight Mode

    Knight Mode

    Living Death Mode

    Contract Killer Mode

    Silent Death Mode



    Personality: Zetran is a silent, cold hearted man who cares not for the living. He has enjoyed seeing others in pain, and has been known to kill civilians if they are in the way of his prey. He will stop at nothing till he gets what he wants, and he sure as hell does not work with anyone to get it either, or they are just in the way. Even though he may seem heartless and cold at first, if he were to be hanging out with some, or even working with them, he could eventually gain their trust, thus he would not be so... dead. The reason behind his negate emotions are because of the past events that has happened to him, and ever since then he has never felt human in so long, he just feels dead.

    History: Born in the medieval times, Zetran at his young age was brought into a rich family that loved in town. The parents and siblings were caring, loving and fun, and he had everything he basically wanted, a family.
    Age six through ten: Love, care, and friends
    Zetran went to a school, but it was different from ay other school. This was a school for training future soldiers, a school where the kids were all friends. When he would try to talk with him, they would ignore him, leaving Zetran with no friends, all except for one;
    Isaac Usinake. They had become the best of friends, and their appearance seemed very opposite, Zetran being the short one with the attitude, he has deep blue hair and purple eyes. While Isaac was the tall one with green hair and brown eyes, he was the calm, and the collective one. For years the two had a lot in common, Zetran was happy with his life, especially when being taught how to use weapons, endure pain and speed, etc.
    Age eleven through sixteen: Beginning of Death
    In middle school, Zetran was friends with many people, having a good reputation for winning many fights, helping out others, and even the art of small arms.

    Clan: Vampiric Contractor


    Weapon Info
    weapon name:

    weapon looks:

    about your weapon:

    Other Info


    Side Infoanything on the side about your character or anything you just wanna throw out there or inform us about that you were not able to in the application?)
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