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Rpg game anyone?

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  • Rpg game anyone?

    Anyone interesting in playing Elsword
    I am looking for the players who really love to do PvP...
    Anyone PvP? Throw me a challenge.. External link removed. Please read the Site Rules

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    Whats that game? i'm playing crusaders and minidom at the moment, have you heard it?
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      "Elsword is a free-to-play, 2.5D action MMORPG developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. It features real-time action gameplay and includes both player vs. environment and player vs. player modes." No not yet, but looks like an interesting game tho!


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        Is it a pay-to-win game? Fast all the online games are pay to win. We can not change it, but we can choose one we like. Pay to have fun.
        I am One Piece Fans. So i play RPG based on One Piece. Now i play Pirate Legend and get some pleasure from it. You can also have a look :


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          Still play skyrim here


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            i like rpg games but wish there were some where you can custom create your own character and also romance other characters you know


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              Depending on which server you use because i use the regular classic one,and no is not pay to win is pay to showoff only because most of those items you buy on the classic server are to show off in the pay to win is not that easy to win if you payed because it could happen the following
              Uranus : Is LV 40 i cant bellieve he defeated all the guild
              Angel01: He is a cheater
              Uranus: I dont think so because we payed lot of money for the rarest items basicallly we are the cheaters
              Angel01: Yes they are the strongest armor and weapons and we are all LV100 but how can you explain that he defeated all the guild
              Uranus : Is true what you said but there is something different in that character.
              Angel01 : The character "Kamy" is just a LV40 you cant beat someone of LV100 that have the rarest items buyed.
              Tabris17: You still cant figure the difference.
              Angel01: What difference
              Tabris17: The difference betwen "Kamy" and your chars is that i trained my char for hours to get that LVL while you payed to have that level in other words it didnt matter what level you the difference in skill is what made me win.
              Uranus: I knew it .
              Admin : Tabris17 and "Kamy" PC has been banned.

              Normally i get banned without cheating but is just that people dont like to admit stuff like "i lost because i payed to get rare items r the best ingame stuff and the other was a real gamer that have tons of skills"
              My last ban was on Initial D Drift Spirits after playing for around 10 hours in total i started at ranking 250000 and before my banning i got up to 86900 never payed anything in the game i just keeped winning against cpu and online against others,the last oponent i had was someone with a 7 stars ++ car it was fast but against my skills and my 5 star car it was nothing at the end i win, after that i got banned.
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