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    Sup HF!

    I've been skimming through these threads recently looking for some cool roleplays and a lot of threads are inactive and abandoned. I'm not sure if this is due to a lack of interest in roleplay here (I doubt it) but regardless I realized we should have one source for RP info from all the active HF roleplayers. This idea is really simple and easy to execute. Basically if you like to RP and/or are looking to find an active RP you would simply post here with all necessary information and go from there. For example, users can fill out the following form and post it in this thread. They can also skim through and find other users who they'd like to contact and so on.
    • Name/Age/Gender
    • Main Character Name/Age/Gender:
    • Additional Info:
    • Preferred type of RP:
    • Also looking for:
    • Contact Info(Skype/email/etc):

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    I'll start.
    • Name/Age/Gender: Jim/20/Male
    • Main Character Name/Age/Gender: Erikke Iroas/25/Male
    • Additional Info: Erikke Iroas is a young student of the shadowy art of stealth, born into a family of renowned and respected thieves and assassins. Since birth he was forced to train and hone his inherent skills, forming him into a silent and reserved young man who resented his unforgiving family. Erikke suffers much inner turmoil, especially after abandoning his mysterious clan-blood, making him seem somewhat anti-social and cold in his behaviors, though deeper inside of him he seeks true companionship and inner peace.
    • Preferred type of RP: Action, Mystery, Drama, General.
    • Also looking for: 1-on-1 RP, Clan RP, Training RP, Historical RP.
    • Contact Info(Skype/email/etc): Skype: Neon.Emotions; Email: