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  • The Imaginary World Built by the HongFire Community

    Sometimes I find myself alone in my room, writing stories on my laptop due to some unexpected spark of inspiration. Doesn't last long, tho. So, with this being one of those moments, I decided to create a 'somewhat' unique roleplaying game here. Mind you, this has aspects of popular online games, such as WoW, Diablo, GW, Torchlight, etc. So, here we go.

    Enter, the mystic land of Venera - a world filled with magic, excitement and beauty. Captivating, yet mysterious. Spanning thousands of miles, the possibilities for adventurers are endless. However, this land is not without danger. Uncharted territories, tunnels that go deep underground and unpredictable weather are only some of the natural perils that may befall anyone who wanders carelessly. Wild animals and bandits inhabit the forests, Elementals threaten the stability of the land, unknown dark entities lurk beneath the surface. To many, the safety of the villages and towns are a top priority. However, rumors of immense treasures and powerful artifacts tempt people to take up adventuring. A seemingly unending universe with new opportunities, this world offers the players the option to explore freely, quest, establish themselves as a respected Swordsman or General, rank-up and become the ruling King, or abandon civilization and live a life as a hermit/magician/necromancer, give your life to a ruling cult and serve in death, or form a pact with an animal aspect and fight for the wild. Choose your path carefully. Explore, defeat your enemies, make a name for yourself and, most of all - have fun!

    Now that the introduction is out of the way, I will go into some of the playable type of characters (more will be added as the story progresses).

    Bounty Hunter - This character makes a living out of assassinating various targets and earning rewards. Works mostly alone, although is not against teaming up when the target requires a party to defeat. Does not stray too far from the Known World. Prefers dual-wielding medium-sized blades and a gun as a ranged weapon.
    Spellcaster - A Magician (of sorts) that delves in studying ancient tomes and runes. His practices lead him to unexplored lands, in search of invaluable books. Uses ranged spells to fight off enemies, defensive spells to shield himself from harm and various other. Has trouble with prolonged fighting.
    Archer - May work in the Royal Army. May work for a village. This character often prefers to stay near towns/villages and serves as a vanguard.
    Adventurer - This character doesn't stay in one place for very long. Moving from one village to the next, his ultimate objective is to explore all of Venera. This often leads him to dangerous places and locations without exit. High risk character, to be played only by experienced people.
    Warrior - May work in the Royal Army. May work for a village. Similar to the Archer but with the added bonus of being able to move freely about the world. Has many connections in the army. Fully armored and using a long sword for fighting. May also be deployed to a not yet explored location.
    Hermit - A lone character, an outcast, living in solitude. Collects herbs and creates potions. Has vast knowledge of medicine and is often approached by Adventurers for his services. Does not posses any fighting capabilities.

    ^All of the above playable characters are prone to major changes in personality/traits, as long as valid reasons are provided within the story.

    Now, for some rules:
    1. Participants must write at least 10 sentences of story in a post.
    2. The story must follow a logical path (meaning, finding a crystal skull and contacting aliens from another galaxy is no accepted).
    3. The word "Venera" must be mentioned at least twice within each story/post.
    4. A connection between each story is preferred, although stories may not be directly linked to each other as long as they happen within the same universe (meaning a sudden inter-galactic battle is a no-no).

    This is completely FREE for every member. Write your own story, develop the world and share your thoughts. accordance with the Prophecy.

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    Excellent! I'll be a submarine captain of a totalitarian state with a gruff voice and a peculiarly non-regulation facial hair. I am disgruntled about the decline of quality in alcoholic drinks in my nation, my wife catching Venereal diseases from what I suspect to be sailors under my command, and as well as corrupt superiors who lost touch with their country's people. I entertain megalomaniac dreams of going rogue and launching missiles at the hated capitalists, which will draw my country into a massive world war (and thus rekindling the flames of the revolution!). Your job will be to infiltrate my super secret submarine as a negotiating agent and convince me to defect to your nation with promises of freedom, democracy and lots of vodka.

    Class: Foul Mouthed Alcoholic Captain
    Level: 65
    Items: Broken bottle, Manly beard, smoke pipe, Red Army Choir vinyl record, a complex of 36 ballistic thermonuclear missiles.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class Ability: Play warm father figure during tragic self-reflective moments.
    When reading my posts, please imagine hearing them in Norio Wakamoto's Kaneto Shiozawa's voice.


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      Then count me in, I'll be a displaced head researcher/magician conducting development of magics of mass destruction. After dissolving my socialist red country since it becomes obsolete in Venera and with nothing but a talent for magics of destruction; I decided to offer my services to anyone who can afford my fees. With no more country to serve, with my own greed and talents to trust; it will be your job to recruit me or prevent me from developing magics of mass destruction for the religious zealots of Venera.

      Class: Thermonuclear SpellCaster
      Level: 67
      Items: 30 tons of Plutonium, radioactive proof robe, gps marking staff and an empty treasury
      Class Ability: Usage and technical know how of tactical class magic, enchantments of mass destructions and creation of tactical class artifacts
      Alignment:Neutral Neutral (as long you can pay for my rates)

      Just imagine my accent as same of Dexter of Dexter's Lab