You Might Want To Read The Rules Of This Site (especially NEW members)

Forum Rules

What you are about to read are sets of rules that are to be followed while you are within the confines of this site. You are expected to read, understand and follow these rules. Rules are in place to ensure a healthy community. Each and every member is subject to abide the rules of this site.

Rule #1: Create A Thread In The Right Section.

Each section in the forums holds a certain subject to follow. Make sure that the thread you create belongs in the appropriate section. For example, torrent threads are to be placed in torrent forum section, while request threads should be in the request forum section. Threads located in the wrong section will be moved, closed, or deleted on sight depending on the criteria & contents of the particular thread. Any request threads in any wrong forum sections made by junior members will be deleted on sight without warning.

Rule #2: "Forum Flood" Is Not Allowed.

"Forum Flood" means any of the following:

* Two or more consecutive posts in a row on the same thread.
There is an "edit" option for your post, please use the edit function if you want to add, update and/or correct the content of a post on the thread without having to make an additional, superfluous post. An exception to this is when you have reached the limits of a single post which required to be continue on the next post, or you are posting short stories in Creative Corner.

* SPAM (Stupid Posts And Messages)
Replies to threads consisting only of one-liners, smiley icons, witty remarks, nonsenses, "thank you" replies (especially on the torrent section forum), etc. Please put more effort in your posts & try to make them meaningful. Frequent post floodings of identical messages on multiple threads is not allowed. Should you want to spam, visit our IRC channel.

* Unintelligible & unclear posts.
Unintelligible posts will not be entertained and will most likely be deleted on sight. Make sure that your post can easily be read by other members to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. "l33t" or alien (self made) languages are not encouraged to be used on the forums. Please try to make the posts as universally understandable & clear when expressing any ideas, thoughts, or opinions to others. We have a foreign language section should you feel more comfortable using your own native language.

* Creating multiple threads in a short amount of time.
Especially when these threads are deemed irrelevant or redundant to the forums. While we enjoy your enthusiasm at your contribution to the forums, we DO NOT enjoy seeing irrelevant or redundant threads scattered around the forums.

* Creating another thread which is similar to an already existing active thread.
Any existing or redundant threads found will be merged with another existing thread, locked, or deleted, depending on the criteria & contents of the threads. Use the search function as reference for existing threads. If the particular thread is inactive, at least make a reference of it on your first post.

* Showing mass images in a single post.
Please provide thumbnail images, or the URL links instead. Swamping the thread with obscene amounts of images not only slows down the thread, but also provides inconveniences to members viewing it. Tutorials of any kind are an exemption to this rule.

Please use the report button when you find such threads or posts. One of the staffs will take care of it. However, if this is done intentionally with the intent of degrading the forums, members will be subject to a fitting punishment.

Rule #3: Please Show Common Courtesies

* Respect opinions of other members.
There are always multiple sides to an opinion. Show common courtesies to other members' opinions, and they will respect your opinions too. Should you find that a member's opinions contradicts or differs from yours, please do not attack the said member. Criticize the opinion instead, not the member.

* Negative racism remarks are forbidden.
Inflammatory remarks about another's culture, country, religion, or ethnicity intended to incite hatred will not be tolerated. We do not allow threads that have the intent of attacking other peoples, cultures, countries & religions, as it could lead to members attacking each other. We will take note of the actual messages where a member use racial attacks against another member and will act accordingly to issue a suitable form of punishment, preferably a ban.

* Every member is equal to another.
We are a community of equals. Post count, join date, member number, reputation points, number of torrent uploads, and all other such measures are irrelevant. These elements are not important in reflecting who and what you are. Do not boss around other members just because you have higher reps, post counts, uploaded more torrents, etc. If you observe these kind of behaviors/abuses on the forums, please report them to the staffs. The same goes for reputation system abuse. The staffs will investigate & punishment will be dealt with accordingly, based on case by case basis.

Rule #4: Flamings & Flame-Baitings Are Not Tolerated.

"Flaming" generally means "attacking other users" or even harassing any other member of the site. It is any of the following:

* Rudely reprimanding members for breaking rules.
If they (especially new members) need to be pointed to the rules, point them to it, and leave it at that. There is no need to lynch them for it.

* Attacking a member based on his/her opinion.
If you can't accept the opinion of the other member, do not retaliate by insulting the member instead.

* Flame-baits.
Where a member leaves a provoking post intending to create potential flame feedback from other members.

* Flaming Staff in any Form.
Simply put, it is not permitted nor an acceptable practice and will be dealt with swiftly.

Please avoid excessive usage of swearings/cussings. By default, most common English swear/cuss words will be automatically censored. Please do not force edit words to display any swear/cuss words on posts or threads (especially the "F" word).

And those caught purposely avoiding the site's default language censor will be warned and depending on how severe the violation is, appropriate actions will be taken.

Forum threads affected by flame wars or potential flame-baiting posts are subject to thread closure or post deletion without warning. Members not to harass each other anywhere on the site including forum, gallery and personal visitor messaging center. Moderators and Administrators have every jurisdiction to hand out warnings, infractions and bans if members do not co-operate.

Rule #5: Any Forum's Contents Outside Of Hentai Section Must Be Work Safe.

Content on the forums must be work safe outside the hentai section. That means no explicit contents, posted or linked visible images. Images that are generally marked as gross, sick, or offensive in nature will be edited or removed appropriately. Should you want to post it, make sure that appropriate warnings are mentioned in the particular thread shown. Make sure that a warning is indicated CLEARLY in the post when you do post such explicit images or any sites that may be harmful in any way. This also depends on the number of complaints received from members or if it goes against our better judgement, the thread will be removed without prior notice.

Rule #6: Observe Signature & Avatar Guidelines.

Signatures, avatars and personal photos are to be appropriate content for all ages and within our specified limits. Signature limits: 700 pixels in width, 150 pixels in height and 100kb max in combined images overall and/or a maximum 5 lines of text with a font size of 1 is allowed. Invalid signatures can and most likely will be removed without warning.

As a general rule, images revealing private parts (female nipples, penis, etc.) or sexual activities are restricted. There are various levels of "sexually suggestive" images permitted, so evaluation of a member's avatar or signature varies depends on the choice of image used. For texts within the signature, swearings, cussings, insults, or negative remarks are not allowed. If a member still has doubts about the image or text before putting it as avatar or signature, please feel free to PM a staff member for opinion & advice.

Stealing of others' signatures/avatars for your own personal use is strictly prohibited. This will only create confusion. Using a signature with an existing HF member's name on it is also forbidden. If found, please settle it among yourselves peacefully. However, if it still persists, contact a moderator and we will attend to it as seen fit. A warning will be given on the first offense. Succeeding offenses will warrant a fitting punishment, depending on the case.

Links embedded in a signature are only limited within the confines of HF forums or gallery section. Any external links outside of forum found will be removed. We will also remove the signature image if embedded external links are found in the signature image. Only Donor, VIP, Release Group & Staff Members are exempt from this rule.

Rule #7: Site Promotions & Advertisements Are Not Allowed.

Creating a thread with the intent of promoting your own site (or your friend's site) is strictly prohibited. Also, advertisements such as "free iPods, etc." are not allowed. The staff will delete your post on sight. Advertising intentionally in the Gallery is also prohibited.

However this does not mean that you cannot post links to other sites. We do encourage our fellow members and fans to contribute links out of humour, fun, contribution to discussion, or information for those whom it may concern, but yet posting for the sake of advertising will be rewarded with a warning (meaning normal members may not link to other sites in their signature aside images themselves through img tags). Self-created HF groups are also subject to this rule. Should you want to advertise, please notify a staff or moderator for approval. We will also stress that even though such threads are related to HongFire, they are in no way a part/branch/extension of HongFire or anything for that matter. The group has been created and decided of their own accord, not by HongFire.

Donors and VIPs can not have any type of advertisement link(s) in their signature. If we think the link(s) in your signature does not fit our site, we will remove it and leave a note.

Rule #8: Multiple Accounts Are Not Allowed
Creating multiple accounts for a single member is not allowed. There is no need for a member to own multiple accounts for whatever reasons one may have. This will only create a bigger load on our servers, as well as causing confusion among members.

Rule #9: Invasion Of Privacy & Site Hacking Will Not Be Tolerated.

* Any attempts of hacking WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN.
Do not threaten to hack our site, it will only aggravate the situation. We also consider DoS (Denial Of Service) A SERIOUS OFFENSE.

* Do NOT attempt to guess passwords for accounts that do NOT belong to you.
Passwords are there to protect your privacy. Do NOT attempt to use accounts that do NOT belong to you. More so, do NOT share accounts.

* Impersonation of other members, especially the staff, is not allowed.
Account names that looks like one of the staff's names will be removed from the user database. Please avoid using the same avatar, or signature, that resembles other members. Doing so will only create confusion around the forums.

Rule #10: Direct Linking to Downloadable Files.
Guidelines for Direct Downloads:
  • As a rule, all direct download threads should contain "[download]" label in their thread. All the necessary tags should follow after the download tag.
    [anime][manga][RAW]... name of material
  • All direct download threads will be contained in their respective forum section. If its a hentai manga, post it in the hentai manga section. If hentai anime, it goes in the hentai anime section. If its a CG set, it goes in the hentai lair section. If its an OST, then it goes in the OST discussion. DO NOT POST YOUR DIRECT DOWNLOAD THREAD IN THE TORRENT SECTION!

  • As a rule, the material being direct downloaded MUST COMPLY with the torrent rules. Failure to comply with the torrent rules will result to thread deletion. Uploading of real child porn is not tolerated, and will result of an immediate permanent ban when found.

  • Lastly, as a precaution, do not direct link materials that will attract authorities. For obvious reasons.

Rule #11: Prohibition of Promotion of Pedophilia
There shall be under no circumstances that members are actively, and visibly encouraging pedophilia in the forums. Such behavior is not tolerated in HongFire forums. There shall be no creation of threads openly discussing pedophilia, and there will be no groups created hinting pedophilia, or any for that matter. We consider this offense as serious, and any violators discovered will receive a permanent ban.

Rule #12: Refrain From Resurrecting Old Threads From the Dead.

Non-stickied topics that are bumped down the forum pages and ranging from a few weeks to more than a month old should not be bumped.
Doing so will get the topic locked, and a warning.
If there is a topic you would like to discuss that was debated in the past, create a new thread. You may make references to the previous topic in your new topic but do not post in the old one.
In rare cases, moderators may let some topics be bumped but those cases are subject to staff jurisdiction.

NOTICE: Hotlinking Images Etiquette
Hotlinking images from other sites is a common practice, but the Administration of encourages members to generally hotlink images from their own image host or sites dedicated to hosting images. Not only good practice but it is not good etiquette to hotlink from other websites consistently without the owner's permission.
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Question about the forum rules

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  • Question about the forum rules


    the forum rules allow external links in signatures for certain members. I would like to know if members of the modding club who have released mods are seen as "Release Group" as well. Or is "Release Group" an older term and modders are therefore not allowed to have such links in their signature.

    Since I sometimes direct people to the forum rules please clarify this there too.


  • #2
    Nearly three month and no answer :/

    From now on I will not contact anyone with an external link in their signatures regardless of destination until I get an answer.

    Thanks for your attention.


    • #3
      Hello there! Apologies regarding your lack of an answer. Have you tried contacting a mod/admin directly such as Rammi or xcaliber9999 who could give an official response?

      Historically we would ask for external links of any type in the signature to be removed and from my interpretation of rule #7 they aren't allowed to directly embed a link to an external website. Ideally they would link back to a thread they created on HongFire itself to showcase their work and of course that would be allowed for a signature. I'm not quite sure if the rules are more lax in their enforcement more recently but from my experience that's the safest route. Then of course if the external links appear malicious or are obviously an advertisement to a paid site then that's a reason for reporting the user.

      Hope that helps!

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      • #4
        Thanks for your answer and suggestions.

        A few modders are running their blogs somewhere else and want to wear a link to that. No malicious stuff, ads or something like that. And of course I would be happy if they would be allowed to, officially.

        I intentionally did not contact any mod/admin privately because I want to see it ruled publicly, preferably clarified in the rules.


        • #5
          Hi there. Sorry for the late reply but the site was crap for me in the last period so I really didn't see this thread until you bumped it...

          The rules state that links in signature "are only limited within the confines of HF forums or gallery section."... That said, I personally don't see a problem if a modder has his/her own blog with more mods posted there and wants to notify the community (take roy12, for example, who has started his own blog due to this site's problems, which I visit pretty much everyday), provided that their blog is only for mods (no game downloads), are not behind a paywall, doesn't contain malware, etc...

          However, to prevent a sudden flourish of links (that, if left unchecked, may wery well cause some unwanted links to appear) I think that permission should be granted beforehand (as in: check the blog to see that it holds up to the standards). They can ask you, if you wish, I trust your judgement.
          Oh, and of course the modder has to post some mods here in HF, just posting a link and nothing else falls under site advertisement, so no links for non-contributors.

          Let me know what you think.
          "Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough." - The Cheshire Cat

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          • #6
            Thanks Rammi!

            That goes into the right direction. Hm, but it leaves me to manually maintain a list of modders with permission and to contact new members if they do without asking. Any support from vB software for this? If there would be none, then I would make a publicly available post with the permissions. I dislike secrecy for such things. And yes, I will check the links before granting permission.

            Of worth for HF are mods no doubt, but I know a few people who make brilliant support here. Such people even without releasing mods themselves I would like to give permission as well, provided the blog is modding related (e.g. installation help, list of conflicting mods, tutorials).

            How sharp is "the modder has to post some mods here in HF" to be seen? Most of the mods cant be attached to the post because of size. So the mod must be hosted elsewhere. What if the link would go to a post in another forum? Concrete case, our new modder's release post links to a post on patreon (publicly available). And that post contains the link to the mod. Is that okay and would he be allowed to wear an external link to his other mod related home or not?
            I know this is not as we are used to release mods, but on the other hand I would not want to rule too hard.


            • #7
              For the "has to release" part, for starters I'd like to clarify that it does not include all mods a modder produced. He can post only his "main mods" and say "I have some others in my blog, check them if you like". If a mod cannot be attacked because of objective reasons it's ok to post an external link to the page of the mod, but if they have a mod that can be attacked, or they make one in the future, is preferable they post it here too. The thread with the external link should come with all explanations necessary to the installation, troubleshooting and the like. Same for the "tutorial" blogs: while most information can be deferred there it would be preferable if some tutorials were also posted here. And in general the blog should of course be made by the requester himself.
              The reason behind all this is that this is technically an exception to two rules, the "signature and avatar guidelines" and the "site advertisement" ones. The border for the latter in particular is very thin and easily crossed.
              I think it's fine for a public permission thread. It will help us keep thing in check by having other users report any anomalies they should see. Cooperation from the communuty is a good thing and makes our work easier.
              "Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough." - The Cheshire Cat

              "All around the Sta-actus plant, the stalker chased the bandit, the stalker thought 'twas all in fun - POP! Goes the bandit!" - Tiny Tina


              • #8
                Alright, thank you. Any content should be released here with a higher priority than elsewhere. But then it allows members after asking to wear an external link to dedicated modding content in their signatures.

                That should be sufficient, and if I am in doubt with a certain request or case then I will contact you. I would have to for any editing of a signature anyway, or I will use the Flag feature for such a case.

                Thanks a lot!