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How to Download only the file you want from a massive torrent

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  • How to Download only the file you want from a massive torrent

    Yeah I know, I tend to release a torrent with a lot of games at the same time as a batch.

    People ask me to release the games one by one to make it easier, but if you think about it, it's better to release them as a batch instead. This is because a decent torrent program will let you choose the files to DL from a batch, and not all of them.

    Here is the tutorial for bittornado since that's the program I use.

    Step 1: start DLing the torrent and click on Details.

    Step 2: Choose the files you Don't want and highlight it from the list and right click.

    Step 3: This small thing will pop up, just choose download never on the files you don't want and you'll only DL the files you have chosen to download.

    easiest thing in the world. If someone wants to write a tutorial for other torrent programs you use, please contribute.

    edit: for some odd reason I appear to have lost my ability to sticky this like I used to. Anyone wanna take care of this?
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    Azureus and BitComet
    In Azureus just open torretn in new tab (double=click on it) and right-click the file and select priority to "Do not download", the same thing goes to BitComet, but here you additionally check files you want to download when loading the torrent.


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      You can also use Turbo Torrent. After you put the torrent file in the program, you will be prompt with a menu.

      In this menu is a list of files in the torrent and you can choose which one to download.

      No screenshot. Sorry.


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        For utorrent:

        Select the torrent, then click on the option Files.

        Then, right click and choose Don't Download.


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          With BitComet you can choose which file you want to download before it even started to alocate to the disk.


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            Does anyone know if there is a Mac BitTorrent client that will let you do this? If you know of one, please PM the link to me. Thanks!
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              no mention of bitcomet
              unless i missed it
              it lets you select wich files you want streight away


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                BitComet was mentioned above. This is how to use it.

                Method 1 :
                Use the Properties window (it should popup when you add a torrent, unless you has disabled the popup, or you can right-click on a torrent in the main window and choose Properties...)
                Uncheck the files you don't want to download.

                Method 2 :
                Use the Files window at the bottom.
                Click on the files you don't want to download (you can use Ctrl and Shift for multiple selection), then right-click and choose Priority->Disabled.

                If later you want to re-enable those files, just right-click in the files list and choose Priority->Normal, High or Highest.
                Both methods can be used before you start a torrent or while it's running.
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                  If you dont already know how to do it on Azureus heres how: with 1280x1024 pics in spoilers.

                  First right click a torrent and click show details.

                  Then Click Files Tab.

                  Then Click a file you do not want to download and select Do Not Download.
                  You can also select delete where you will also delete the allocation.

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                    well, with the new utorrents, u can choose before you start downloading it with the boxes, or u can do cancel it after dl starts


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                      Also for uTorrent, have the Options/Preferences/Downloads - Other Setting "Pre-allocate all files " unchecked. This way Explorer wont be fooled into thinking the entire file set is being downloaded and reserve that amount of HD space.
                      When downloading single file(s) from a multi-file torrent, you may also get oddly named extra files. These are run over files, as the pieces of a torrent may span 2 files. These can be deleted after your single file(s) have completed.


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                        Don't see ABC. It's based on BitTornado , so basically the same:
                        Right click on torrent name, choose Torrent Details
                        Click on Torrent Details tab
                        Highlight files you don't want, right click
                        Choose Priority Setting: Download Never


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                          One question.... if the Torrent are too Big... and are Compress.... and i want only little archive that doesn't found in another place, apart of download, what i can do.... i can't select the file to download..... thanks in advance if anyone can help me....
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                            No option, you will have to download the whole archive.
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