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Tips in playing Media Files

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  • Tips in playing Media Files

    for OGM
    Ogg DirectShow Filter
    Subtitle Filter
    install prodedure: "rundll32.exe vsfilter.dll,DirectVobSub"

    for MKV(Matroska)

    If the page works use

    Matroska Packs

    otherwise use(this is the core of decoding MKV the packs include alot of sidetracks that helps if you don't have somethings installed)

    Matroska Splitter
    install prodedure: "rundll32.exe vsfilter.dll,DirectVobSub"

    check this forum for more support on the issue
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    Good post. I will sticky it
    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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      To play OGG files

      You could just download VLC... It's available for numerous platforms, and plays practically everything.

      Home Page:
      Download the player:
      Waiting for the BIG one!


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        mkv and ogm

        Also as a note for anyone who not only wants to watch these but make them. DVDtoOGM, and DVDtoMKV are fairly good tools to make these files. You might want a few additional things also like SSA (substation alpha), and smartripper or dvd decrypter. Then the links above are all the tools you need to play them =)


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          Is it possible to do away wih DirectVobSub? Cause my video always lags behind the voice..
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            here is a somewhat more detailed guide to install the directvobsub which lets you view .ssa subtitles:
            Download the zip-file, extract and copy the dll-file to your windows system32 folder. Select Run under the Windows Start menu and type
            regsvr32.exe vsfilter.dll
            and hit Enter. Done.

            You can use this This little tool allows you to change merit of DirectShow filters and it can also be used to list all registered codecs and to register or unregister codecs. We thought some people may find it useful. Should help fix some filter incompatibilty problems.


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              I think OGM works similar as MKV.


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                Or use Media Player Classic


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                  I recommend using k-lite mega codec pack, it has one of the most complete codec compilation, and comes with some players...

                  I think one of the better is bs-player, I never had problems while playing ogm, ogg, mpg, avi, mkv, rm, mov, etc, with this ...


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                    I recommend K-lite codec pack plus Real Alternative. I use the included media player classic instead of BS Player. No need to install the annoying RealPlayer if you installed Real Alternative.

                    (Mega = Codec compilation + Real + Quicktime but Real Alternative has it's only update schedule, so I recommend downloading the non-Mega Codec Pack and Real Alternative separately.)

                    If you don't play real media file at all (or doesn't mind installing RealPlayer), use VLC as it's probably less resource demanding.
                    (At present, especially WMV3, the most Real Player, and the most Indeo Video ("IV50", etc.) files are not supported by VLC and are not going to be in the near future.)


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                      i still haven't had problems with PowerDVD, altho that is after I had gotten the right Codecs, i'm not the biggest fan of OGM currently


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                        does anyone know how to burn ogm on a dvd?


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                          Can't believe nobody's mentioned ffdshow yet. Fastest codec around for DivX / XviD playback and comes with a ton of post-processing options for tweak-happy people.
                          New versions of ffdshow-alpha have subtitling support built into the codec, so all you'd really need is some kind of OGG or MKV splitter.
                          Conveniently, Media Player Classic has OGG and MKV splitting built in.

                          MP Classic + ffdshow is maybe the best alternative of all. You only need one codec and one player to handle virtually anything. If on top of all supported files by ffdshow and MPC you also want Real Media and Quicktime, then install Real Alternative and QT Alternative, which add support for those filetypes.

                          You can find ffdshow-alpha here. Don't download the 2002 stable release, that's OLD, and ironically the alphas are much more stable anyway.
                          You can find Media Player Classic (along with a bunch of other useful stuff for all you encoding people) here.

                          About that K-lite codec pack; I wouldn't recommend it. It royally screwed over my system thrice, one time even wrecking basic MP3 playback because some mysterious component of that thing I had to manually unregister with regsvr32.exe had stolen MP3 playback from the default codec.
                          Best to go with an all-in-one solution instead of an all-in-not-well-documented-many solution, imo.


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                            Just as a notice, a more-updated, newer version of OggDS can be found here, last updated on the 5th of November as of now.

                            Alternative method: Media Player Classic + internal demuxer + CoreVorbis. I haven't tried it.

                            Original thread over at the always-elitist Hydrogenaudio


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                              I'm using VLC Media Player in the newest version (V0.8.1).
                              It can play everything. Even the WMV9+MP3 mix.
                              Which program can I use, in order to work on or make *.ogm or *.mkv files?
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