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Need help installing Rapelay mods.

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  • Need help installing Rapelay mods.

    I am having many frustrating hours trying my hardest to make Rapelay work. I am running Win7 64bit (Home version),,I downloaded the RapeLay.ISO torrent and mounted it to a virtual drive, from there I opened(as administrator) and installed the game to my C:\ Drive,,,NOT Program Files (x86),,,The basic program runs fine. I have even "broke" one girl! BUT,,,and don't call me a noob!!!,,,,I have modded planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 and uploaded them to the community there and people like my work. I will admit that I'm very new with .ISO's and virtual drives. I have tried installing many mods for RapeLay to the main RapeLay folder on my C:/Drive. There must be some basic concept that I'm missing. For one thing my Norton kept 2012 kept RL_update_103 from installing, so I disabled my Norton, ran the update and STILL no improvements! I feel like a dummy,,, I have been trying hard,,,HARD with everything I know about installations, modding and I'm so very frustrated that I can't uncensor and get the English text mods to work. Can somebody,,,,ANYBODY,,,tell what I've done wrong?
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    Did you switch the region to japanese before installing?
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