You Might Want To Read The Rules Of This Site (especially NEW members)

Forum Rules

What you are about to read are sets of rules that are to be followed while you are within the confines of this site. You are expected to read, understand and follow these rules. Rules are in place to ensure a healthy community. Each and every member is subject to abide the rules of this site.

Rule #1: Create A Thread In The Right Section.

Each section in the forums holds a certain subject to follow. Make sure that the thread you create belongs in the appropriate section. For example, torrent threads are to be placed in torrent forum section, while request threads should be in the request forum section. Threads located in the wrong section will be moved, closed, or deleted on sight depending on the criteria & contents of the particular thread. Any request threads in any wrong forum sections made by junior members will be deleted on sight without warning.

Rule #2: "Forum Flood" Is Not Allowed.

"Forum Flood" means any of the following:

* Two or more consecutive posts in a row on the same thread.
There is an "edit" option for your post, please use the edit function if you want to add, update and/or correct the content of a post on the thread without having to make an additional, superfluous post. An exception to this is when you have reached the limits of a single post which required to be continue on the next post, or you are posting short stories in Creative Corner.

* SPAM (Stupid Posts And Messages)
Replies to threads consisting only of one-liners, smiley icons, witty remarks, nonsenses, "thank you" replies (especially on the torrent section forum), etc. Please put more effort in your posts & try to make them meaningful. Frequent post floodings of identical messages on multiple threads is not allowed. Should you want to spam, visit our IRC channel.

* Unintelligible & unclear posts.
Unintelligible posts will not be entertained and will most likely be deleted on sight. Make sure that your post can easily be read by other members to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. "l33t" or alien (self made) languages are not encouraged to be used on the forums. Please try to make the posts as universally understandable & clear when expressing any ideas, thoughts, or opinions to others. We have a foreign language section should you feel more comfortable using your own native language.

* Creating multiple threads in a short amount of time.
Especially when these threads are deemed irrelevant or redundant to the forums. While we enjoy your enthusiasm at your contribution to the forums, we DO NOT enjoy seeing irrelevant or redundant threads scattered around the forums.

* Creating another thread which is similar to an already existing active thread.
Any existing or redundant threads found will be merged with another existing thread, locked, or deleted, depending on the criteria & contents of the threads. Use the search function as reference for existing threads. If the particular thread is inactive, at least make a reference of it on your first post.

* Showing mass images in a single post.
Please provide thumbnail images, or the URL links instead. Swamping the thread with obscene amounts of images not only slows down the thread, but also provides inconveniences to members viewing it. Tutorials of any kind are an exemption to this rule.

Please use the report button when you find such threads or posts. One of the staffs will take care of it. However, if this is done intentionally with the intent of degrading the forums, members will be subject to a fitting punishment.

Rule #3: Please Show Common Courtesies

* Respect opinions of other members.
There are always multiple sides to an opinion. Show common courtesies to other members' opinions, and they will respect your opinions too. Should you find that a member's opinions contradicts or differs from yours, please do not attack the said member. Criticize the opinion instead, not the member.

* Negative racism remarks are forbidden.
Inflammatory remarks about another's culture, country, religion, or ethnicity intended to incite hatred will not be tolerated. We do not allow threads that have the intent of attacking other peoples, cultures, countries & religions, as it could lead to members attacking each other. We will take note of the actual messages where a member use racial attacks against another member and will act accordingly to issue a suitable form of punishment, preferably a ban.

* Every member is equal to another.
We are a community of equals. Post count, join date, member number, reputation points, number of torrent uploads, and all other such measures are irrelevant. These elements are not important in reflecting who and what you are. Do not boss around other members just because you have higher reps, post counts, uploaded more torrents, etc. If you observe these kind of behaviors/abuses on the forums, please report them to the staffs. The same goes for reputation system abuse. The staffs will investigate & punishment will be dealt with accordingly, based on case by case basis.

Rule #4: Flamings & Flame-Baitings Are Not Tolerated.

"Flaming" generally means "attacking other users" or even harassing any other member of the site. It is any of the following:

* Rudely reprimanding members for breaking rules.
If they (especially new members) need to be pointed to the rules, point them to it, and leave it at that. There is no need to lynch them for it.

* Attacking a member based on his/her opinion.
If you can't accept the opinion of the other member, do not retaliate by insulting the member instead.

* Flame-baits.
Where a member leaves a provoking post intending to create potential flame feedback from other members.

* Flaming Staff in any Form.
Simply put, it is not permitted nor an acceptable practice and will be dealt with swiftly.

Please avoid excessive usage of swearings/cussings. By default, most common English swear/cuss words will be automatically censored. Please do not force edit words to display any swear/cuss words on posts or threads (especially the "F" word).

And those caught purposely avoiding the site's default language censor will be warned and depending on how severe the violation is, appropriate actions will be taken.

Forum threads affected by flame wars or potential flame-baiting posts are subject to thread closure or post deletion without warning. Members not to harass each other anywhere on the site including forum, gallery and personal visitor messaging center. Moderators and Administrators have every jurisdiction to hand out warnings, infractions and bans if members do not co-operate.

Rule #5: Any Forum's Contents Outside Of Hentai Section Must Be Work Safe.

Content on the forums must be work safe outside the hentai section. That means no explicit contents, posted or linked visible images. Images that are generally marked as gross, sick, or offensive in nature will be edited or removed appropriately. Should you want to post it, make sure that appropriate warnings are mentioned in the particular thread shown. Make sure that a warning is indicated CLEARLY in the post when you do post such explicit images or any sites that may be harmful in any way. This also depends on the number of complaints received from members or if it goes against our better judgement, the thread will be removed without prior notice.

Rule #6: Observe Signature & Avatar Guidelines.

Signatures, avatars and personal photos are to be appropriate content for all ages and within our specified limits. Signature limits: 700 pixels in width, 150 pixels in height and 100kb max in combined images overall and/or a maximum 5 lines of text with a font size of 1 is allowed. Invalid signatures can and most likely will be removed without warning.

As a general rule, images revealing private parts (female nipples, penis, etc.) or sexual activities are restricted. There are various levels of "sexually suggestive" images permitted, so evaluation of a member's avatar or signature varies depends on the choice of image used. For texts within the signature, swearings, cussings, insults, or negative remarks are not allowed. If a member still has doubts about the image or text before putting it as avatar or signature, please feel free to PM a staff member for opinion & advice.

Stealing of others' signatures/avatars for your own personal use is strictly prohibited. This will only create confusion. Using a signature with an existing HF member's name on it is also forbidden. If found, please settle it among yourselves peacefully. However, if it still persists, contact a moderator and we will attend to it as seen fit. A warning will be given on the first offense. Succeeding offenses will warrant a fitting punishment, depending on the case.

Links embedded in a signature are only limited within the confines of HF forums or gallery section. Any external links outside of forum found will be removed. We will also remove the signature image if embedded external links are found in the signature image. Only Donor, VIP, Release Group & Staff Members are exempt from this rule.

Rule #7: Site Promotions & Advertisements Are Not Allowed.

Creating a thread with the intent of promoting your own site (or your friend's site) is strictly prohibited. Also, advertisements such as "free iPods, etc." are not allowed. The staff will delete your post on sight. Advertising intentionally in the Gallery is also prohibited.

However this does not mean that you cannot post links to other sites. We do encourage our fellow members and fans to contribute links out of humour, fun, contribution to discussion, or information for those whom it may concern, but yet posting for the sake of advertising will be rewarded with a warning (meaning normal members may not link to other sites in their signature aside images themselves through img tags). Self-created HF groups are also subject to this rule. Should you want to advertise, please notify a staff or moderator for approval. We will also stress that even though such threads are related to HongFire, they are in no way a part/branch/extension of HongFire or anything for that matter. The group has been created and decided of their own accord, not by HongFire.

Donors and VIPs can not have any type of advertisement link(s) in their signature. If we think the link(s) in your signature does not fit our site, we will remove it and leave a note.

Rule #8: Multiple Accounts Are Not Allowed
Creating multiple accounts for a single member is not allowed. There is no need for a member to own multiple accounts for whatever reasons one may have. This will only create a bigger load on our servers, as well as causing confusion among members.

Rule #9: Invasion Of Privacy & Site Hacking Will Not Be Tolerated.

* Any attempts of hacking WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN.
Do not threaten to hack our site, it will only aggravate the situation. We also consider DoS (Denial Of Service) A SERIOUS OFFENSE.

* Do NOT attempt to guess passwords for accounts that do NOT belong to you.
Passwords are there to protect your privacy. Do NOT attempt to use accounts that do NOT belong to you. More so, do NOT share accounts.

* Impersonation of other members, especially the staff, is not allowed.
Account names that looks like one of the staff's names will be removed from the user database. Please avoid using the same avatar, or signature, that resembles other members. Doing so will only create confusion around the forums.

Rule #10: Direct Linking to Downloadable Files.
Guidelines for Direct Downloads:
  • As a rule, all direct download threads should contain "[download]" label in their thread. All the necessary tags should follow after the download tag.
    [anime][manga][RAW]... name of material
  • All direct download threads will be contained in their respective forum section. If its a hentai manga, post it in the hentai manga section. If hentai anime, it goes in the hentai anime section. If its a CG set, it goes in the hentai lair section. If its an OST, then it goes in the OST discussion. DO NOT POST YOUR DIRECT DOWNLOAD THREAD IN THE TORRENT SECTION!

  • As a rule, the material being direct downloaded MUST COMPLY with the torrent rules. Failure to comply with the torrent rules will result to thread deletion. Uploading of real child porn is not tolerated, and will result of an immediate permanent ban when found.

  • Lastly, as a precaution, do not direct link materials that will attract authorities. For obvious reasons.

Rule #11: Prohibition of Promotion of Pedophilia
There shall be under no circumstances that members are actively, and visibly encouraging pedophilia in the forums. Such behavior is not tolerated in HongFire forums. There shall be no creation of threads openly discussing pedophilia, and there will be no groups created hinting pedophilia, or any for that matter. We consider this offense as serious, and any violators discovered will receive a permanent ban.

Rule #12: Refrain From Resurrecting Old Threads From the Dead.

Non-stickied topics that are bumped down the forum pages and ranging from a few weeks to more than a month old should not be bumped.
Doing so will get the topic locked, and a warning.
If there is a topic you would like to discuss that was debated in the past, create a new thread. You may make references to the previous topic in your new topic but do not post in the old one.
In rare cases, moderators may let some topics be bumped but those cases are subject to staff jurisdiction.

NOTICE: Hotlinking Images Etiquette
Hotlinking images from other sites is a common practice, but the Administration of encourages members to generally hotlink images from their own image host or sites dedicated to hosting images. Not only good practice but it is not good etiquette to hotlink from other websites consistently without the owner's permission.
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Commonly Asked Questions [If you have some questions, Click on me first!]

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  • Commonly Asked Questions [If you have some questions, Click on me first!]

    __________________________________________________ ________________
    As the current FAQ is old and outdated, I will be updating changes to it.
    old CAQ by syia link:
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    Why can't I make a post at the Request Board?

    You need at least 30 post(s) to become a Member. Only Members can start request and not Junior Members and remember if you spam, you get banned.

    Your post count is at the top right hand corner of your post

    Please take note, even if when you are able to make a request, it may not be full filled. We do not guarantee your request(s) to be full filled. We will wish you good luck on your request, tho. So Good Luck!

    I see some members are able to delete their own post(s) and even their threads. How do I go about doing this, too?

    Members are only allowed to delete their post, but they do not have permission to delete their own thread. To delete your post, edit it, and at the very top panel, you should be able to see the delete option. As for Threads, If your thread in question requires deletion. You can try and PM a Moderator that's online by checking 'Active Users Panel' on the 'Main Forum Page.'

    VIP members are allow to delete their own Post(s) and Thread(s).

    What are the different colors for each member's name represent?

    Junior Member - The new guy or a person that haven't participate in discussions very much, yet.
    Member - A person that decided to upgrade their name to be bold; to be known.
    VIP - Member(s) that has constributed in many good ways toward the community.
    Donor - Member(s) that has treated us out to lunch or dinner. In other words, donated real $$$ to help
    Fansub Group - Official Member(s) of a fansub group. "Be sure to check out our releases!"
    Staff - The Staff Team.
    Moderator - Men & Women in Blue.
    Administrator - The Owners.

    How do I get from Junior member to Member?
    Get at least 30 posts to get upgraded/promoted.

    How do I get from Member to Senior Member?
    Get at least 1000 posts to get upgraded/promoted.

    How do I get from Senior Member to Master Member?
    Get at least 2000 posts to get upgraded/promoted.

    Why can't I post or comment in Gallery?

    You have to be member status or above to post or comment. Member status = 30 posts [not spam posts]

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    How do I add in alternative trackers?

    Firstly, fire up maketorrent

    Then, click on [Settings]

    Type in the name and the announce for the alternative tracker and click add

    Go back to main and click on [Add backup tracker]

    Find the tracker and click add

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Port Forwarding
    By Maohayato
    For portforwarding go to

    for people who don't know if they have a router, check out the brands on that site. hint: also if you run dhcp you are using a router.

    recommended: change the port(range) you use in your bt client. isps are choking the normal range 6891-6899. choose a different port(range) in the options of your btclient.

    regarding image file formats.
    bin cue ccd mds iso nrg .....etc.
    forget nero and use daemon tools or alcohol 120%. see tools section for the programs.

    Q: how do I make an image?
    A: use isobuster or alcohol 120% or clonecd.

    Q: I have a bin but no accompanying cue file, what to do.
    A: create one using isobuster.

    Q: I have gotten a console game image, how do I run it on the pc?
    A: most of the old console games can be played on the pc with an emulator. check

    Important: PS2 games CANNOT be played on the pc! either get a PS2 with a modchip or swapmagic trick or get a hdloader.

    Q: are any of these ..... in english?
    A: NO, 99,9% of the things posted here are Japanese. read the post for more information.

    Q: I can't install a game, a weird message pops up with scrambled text?
    try to change your regional settings to japanese and change your unicode to japanese languages>> advanced. also read the post that came with the torrent for details.

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Guide for burning DVD

    By JarJar
    Making an .ISO
    Remove all discs from drives.

    1. This is only for making/burning image files from DVD PC games or PS2 games
    2. The “Change write speed to as slow as possible” is not needed but it is better if it is as slow as possible.

    Use DVD Decrypter

    From the 'Mode' menu, select 'ISO' -> 'Read'.

    Put DVD-5 / PS2 disc in drive.

    Take note of the 'Destination' file name.

    Click the big 'Decrypt' button.

    Take the DVD-5 / PS2 disc out of the drive.

    Burning an image file
    From the 'Mode' menu, select 'ISO' -> 'Write'.

    Put a blank disc in your DVD Writer.

    Click the little folder icon - 'Browse for source file'

    Change write speed to as slow as possible.

    Click the big 'Write' button.


    __________________________________________________ _____________
    IRC Channel How to join the IRC channel

    -First click on [File]>[Select Server]
    -Tyoe in your nickanme and all that is neccesary. Please note that you need a valid email address
    -Search for Rizon: Randon Server under the server sub-section
    -Type in /msg NickServ REGISTER password email
    eg. /msg NickServ REGISTER Adust
    -Then Type in /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password
    eg. /msg NickServ IDENTIFY Adust
    -Then under the [favorties] section, click on add to favorties and add in #hf-network
    -Type in /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER for more details

    What do the symbols in front of the users in the channel mean?

    ~ in front of the username = founder. The founder of the channel
    & in front of the username = admin. e.g HongFire
    @ in front of the username = operator. They are like your 'mods'
    % in front of the username = half-operator
    + in front of the username = Voice
    __________________________________________________ ___________
    Requesting Reseeds
    Proper Method For Requesting Re-Seeds
    By BOiNG!

    1. Post a message/reply in the appropiate thread of the torrent that you want us to re-seed.

    2. If there are multiple torrents in a thread, please specify which torrent need to re-seed.

    3. If there is no reply/feedback/re-seed/problems, you could try Private Message the thread master as a last resort.

    4. Before asking for re-seed, please check to make sure whether the HongFire trackers are not currently down. The trackers will go down from time to time, & there is nothing we could do but to wait for the trackers to be restored. Also, make sure that your bittorent client is working correctly.

    4. Please DO NOT request re-seed at the "Request Forums" section, those are only for requesting new contents/titles not available here.

    Final Note: PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST RESEEDS THAT ARE MORE THAN A MONTH OLD. They are usually gone by then. Of course you can try, but it is quite rare.

    Make sure that you help re-seed that torrent for other leechers. Thank You!

    __________________________________________________ _________
    __________________________________________________ _________
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    In memory of the black dot.
    How to create Signature Pictures | FAQ-Updated Ver|FAQ-Original Ver
    The faded memories in the shaded past - Adust Wanderer

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    CODECS- how to play anything:

    For the majority of "what codec do i need to play this" or "my player won't play this" here's how to solve it.

    download Gspot.

    any other questions can be directed toward google.
    Last edited by chompy; 06-25-2006, 05:27 PM. Reason: BSPlayer SUCKS so much.

    we must to find out what to do with it


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      Common Bt Errors

      Thanks to everyone who posted the questions and answers in the help and support forum. If you want your name to be stated or you spot any errors please pm me, thanks.

      <Errors on BT>

      For those experiencing problem 1 and 2, probably because tracker is down at the moment.. use torrents on remote trackers or(and) wait..

      1) Problem connecting with tracker - (10060, 'Operation timed out')

      That error means that the server/tracker is down or too busy to process your request. Just keep trying - leave it open.

      2) <urlopen error (10061, 'Connection refused")>

      Just leave your torrent running in your client. The client will keep trying to connect to the tracker. When you're already downloading, just ignore it.

      'connecting to peers'

      Maybe there are no users to connect to. Leave your torrent open and maybe the bittorrent client will connect (it may take some time).

      windows cannot find "c:documents and settingsownerlocal settingstemporery internet filescontent.ie5.....

      Download the torrent to your hd and launch it from there. Right click on the link and save the torrent to your hard-drive, then open the torrent that is in
      your hard-drive by double clicking on it.

      No space left on device

      The client allocates the space needed to store the file on your HD, you get this error when you dont have enough space on your harddrive for bittorrent to fully allocate the file.

      urlopen error - (7, 'getaddrinfo failed')

      This means that the tracker is overloaded, just keep the torrent window open and wait.

      temporary internet files content 1.5 xxx don't exist

      It is an XP thing, either download the torrent to your hd and launch it from there.. or clear out your temp internet files that will generaly resolve the issue.

      (XP compresses temp internet files once it reach a certain # of files or 1/2 alloted space that is what causes the error)
      Just let the torrent run in your client and the client will keep checking the tracker and should resume eventually.

      problem getting response info - [errno2] No such file or directory

      The directory of C : /// is probably causing your problems, it's most likely a temporary directory that Internet Explorer uses when you left click on the torrent file.

      Try right clicking on the .torrent and selecting "save target as". Then save the .torrent file to a directory on your C drive. Keep them all in a folder specifically designed for use with BitTorrent and your life will be much easier.

      Then when you start your client and you're ready to download the files you can navigate to that special folder and not have to keep searching for where Windows plonks the torrents each time.

      Clear your temp internet files, then make a dedicated folder for your torrents and try again. Put the dl in the folder you made.

      (IOError - [Errno13] Permission denied)

      Sometime bittorrent still runs in the background, and if you start more than one gui (the same torrent) it will give you permission denied, go to Task manager and close down all bt-gui processes. Another way is to restart your computer.

      rejected by tracker - Your IP is not registered to use this tracker for this file

      Probably the tracker is overloaded, so the owner decide to only allow certain IPs to use the tracker

      Problem connecting to tracker: HTTP Error -1

      Leave your torrent running in your client. The client will keep checking the tracker and it should resume eventually.

      Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error(10055, 'No buffer space available')>

      >A lot of routes in your routing table (due to a misconfigured router, or misconfigured default route)

      >Lots of stale connections in your connection table

      >Or a lot of data that is pending for sending or receiving on a current connection(s), which can't be sent or received for some reason (destination system dead or unreachable, for example).

      >Opening too many sockets at the same time.

      >Probably don't have enough free space on your hard drive.

      Problem connecting with tracker - (10054,'Connection reset by peer')

      This occurs when an established connection is shut down for some reason by the remote computer, just ignore it.

      Problem connecting to tracker. HTTP error 503: service unavailable'

      Have you tried using torrentspy to check on the tracker's status? Maybe the tracker is down for a rest or something bad happened

      Piece XXX failed hash check, re-downloading it

      Bittorent downloaded a wrong packet, so it's redownloading it, just ignore it.

      Not authorised for use on tracker

      host tracker might have banned remote access. This is to prevent leeching. Another reason is that the uploader has stopped distributing the files. (eg, Lunar fansub decided to stop distributing Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien)

      General Seeding Tips:

      **Be sure to check torrents rules!! No US related stuff and No English Hentai Please!! All torrents *must* be Asian related**

      For list of alternate trackers:

      -Usually remaking the torrent and re-uploading the torrent solves most uploading problems

      -You can access the files even when you are seeding

      -Use BitTornado's superseed function if there are low seed count, superseed will look for the the one with the most percentage completion and finish uploading the file.

      For detailed Superseed function explanation:

      [Note: Superseed maybe disabled if the torrent health reached 100% in certain clients as superseeding loses it effectivenessat 100%]

      -check client setting for uploading cap to optimise seeding

      -Speed heavily dependent on Internet connections

      -Are you firewalled? experiencing NAT problems? goto Point 2 in the <slow UL/DL> Section

      -Do *Not* rename any file names or folders after the torrent is created. Moving the files to a different directory, however, is pssible.

      -If you burn your files to a disk and copy them to your hard disk, the files will be changed. It won't be same as the original ones anymore so make a new torrent to seed.
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        Common BT problem faced

        <Common BT problem faced>

        <Slow UL/DL> by judge dredd at SN and posted by domonx

        ** NOTE: Speeds vary per torrent/tracker, this How To, will help improve GENERAL speeds, just don't expect to always get max speeds **

        IF PROBLEM = Slow Download, Uploading @ Max/High Speed
        THEN goto Point 1
        ELSE goto Point 2

        Point 1

        Your upload is choking your download, meaning: because you're uploading @ high or full speed, there is nothing left to download, there are several ways to fix this:

        - Use a client that can limit your upload: Azureus, ABC, Shadows: limit to around 80% of your maximum upload (so if your max is 10 kb\s you limit to 8 kb\s)

        - Use a program called Netlimiter to limit your upload

        Try BT for at least half an hour with three different torrents (on torrents that has good seeding) if you're speeds have greatly improved,
        be happy and goto Point Q, if you're speeds still suck, go to Point 2

        Point 2

        BT uses ports for outgoing and incoming data, if ports are not accesable, there won't get much traffic through

        Here are the things to do:

        First you much check if the ports are indeed not accesable

        Point 3

        Go to the GRC Porttest site:
        Click Proceed > enter 6881-6889 > Click User Specified Custom Port Probe
        Green/Stealth: Port is unaccesable, your are behind a firewall or NAT || go to Point 4

        Blue/Closed: Port is accesable (BT is good to go!), but inactive || Goto Point Q
        Red/Open!: Port is accesable (BT is good to go!), and active || Goto Point Q

        Ok, some ppl keep thinking closed is bad and it should be open, well you are wrong there. In noob terms OPEN and CLOSED is both good, it means the port is FULLY accesable and you forwarded ports CORRECTLY, only stealth is bad.

        Point 4

        Bittorrent is unable to correctly connect to the ports
        First thing you need to determine is what is causing the ports the be stealth
        This could be a hardware device: Router / Modem (many modems nowadays have built-in routers (which on their turn have built-in firewalls)

        Or a Software Program: Software Firewall (Norton, McAfee, Xp Standard Firewall), a ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) program (Sygate, Winroute)

        Or a combination of the two
        If you are sure Xp Firewall isn't enabled || go to Point 5, if you're not sure do the following:

        Start > Configuration Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections

        If a connection is firewalled, you will see a little keylock top-right in the connections icon, and when you select the firewall,
        on the left @ details in will say: Firewalled. If this is the case and you want to use BT here's the thing to do:

        Disable the Xp firewall and install a software firewall

        How to Disable the Xp firewall: Right click the firewalled connection and select: Properties

        Then select the Tab: Advanced > Untick the tickerbutton @ Internet Connection Firewall > (if you get a pop-up, babbling about exposure, click Yes) Click Ok || Xp firewall is disabled.

        Now go back to Point 3 to retake the porttest after the test return here,

        if the porttest is succesfull goto Point Q

        If unsuccesfull || goto Point 5

        Point 5

        Now you are either obstructed by a software firewall, or a router (modem)

        If you are sure you have a software firewall || goto Point 6

        If you are sure you have a hardware router || goto Point 7

        If your computer connects to another computer|| goto Point 8

        We are now going to check if you're firewall is hardware or software

        Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig : this gives you info about internet ip etc.
        the thing you want to know is the Default Gateway, get that ip (like: or etc)
        and enter it in Internet Explorer, if you get an error || goto Point 6
        if you get an interface || goto Point 7

        Point 6

        So you have a software firewall: there are three things you can do from here:

        1 Uninstall the sofware firewall and buy a hardware router that will act as a sort of firewall instead of the software firewall

        2 Configure the firewall to give acces to BT ports

        3 Uninstall current firewall and try a firewall that is more user friendly
        If you like you're current firewall: my help to you ends here, because there are far too many different firewall programs. search the programs help how to open ports, or ask on forums, how to open ports with this particular program, you can always take the GRC Porttest to check if the port opening is succesfull || goto Point Q

        Point 7

        So you are on a router (or modem with built-in router) goto this site (thanks FD!), look up your router and forward (and open)
        BT ports 6881-6889 (Azureus: 6881)(Shadows + ABC: 6881-6999).

        If your router does not appear in the list, get its manual and open/forward ports using the manual,

        if you don't have a manual, ask on forums how to do it, or use google, to search for solutions.

        If you didn't even knew you had a router (for instance your ISP installed everything: give them a call or mail,
        on how to open the ports for the router/modem they provided)

        You can always use the GRC Porttest to check if you're port forwarding was
        succesfull || goto Point Q

        Point 8

        You're using ICS: Internet Connection Sharing, that means one computer (server) provides internet for one or more other computers
        (client(s)) this can be using Windows ICS (make sure ICS Xp firewall is also off ), or a program.

        If its windows you can open ports this way: Start > Configuration Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections
        right click on the Internet Connection and select Properties > || you need to click the button Settings
        (that is either on the General Tab or the Advanced Tab) there you see the opened ports, add BT ports to make them accesable || goto Point 3

        If you are using a ICS Program (like Winroute, or Sygate) my help to you ends here, as there are too many ICS programs for me to explain,
        but since you probably know what program it is, get help using forums,
        or google and of course use the GRC Porttest to check if you opened ports correctly || goto Point Q

        Point Q

        Quit <> How To has ended here, you are either successfull in forwarding ports or, theres no futher help in this how to for you

        <Download stuck at xx%>

        -There are not enough seeds, request for seeds in their respective threads. Otherwise, PM the pple there. Finally PM the original seeder as the last resort.
        Sometimes it irritates them because they don't have the time to answer new requests while answering to reseeds requests,

        -If your download is stuck at 99% possible reason is that there is a file thumb.db that is created in windows xp users. This file changes whenever the contents of the files in the folder is accessed. This caused remaining 1% to be not downloaded, the thumbs.db you downloaded can never be the same as the one being uploaded

        -Another reason is that some seeders may want to try to keep the torrent alive, by limiting the number of complete dfiles, the seeder can ensure that leechers have to upload a reasonable amount before getting the full file.This prevents excessive leeching.

        <cannot save torrent file to hard disk>

        Right click the link, save as any file. Use your Bittorrent client to open it

        General download tips:

        -keep your client version up-to-date

        -Use clients like BitComet if you want to limit ur UL/DL speed

        -Clients like BitTornado and BitComet can allow choose the files you want and not download the files that you don't want.

        -If a file finishes in BitTornado, do *not* perform a "download never" on that file as BitTornado will delete the file(unless you don't want the file).
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          I'll add in some information about the Reputation System.

          Reputation System

          To view how many reputations points you have: Go to UserCP, the list is displayed in the centre of the page under Subscribe threads. If you don't see it, it is either that you haven't clicked the + box on the right or that you haven't recieved any points yet.

          How many points do I start out with? Every new user starts out with a default 10 points. This is done so that the reputation points you give out counts.

          How much are my points worth? It is still not 100% positive yet, but we have a pretty close idea of how it works. Whenever you reach the 50th point. (ex. 150, 250, 350 points) Your reputation worths +1 more. Whenever you've reached every 100th points, (ex 100,200,300 points) you will have 1 extra green bar under you post count and that your points worth +1. So basically, for every extra bar you get, your points are worth +2 each time.

          For example: When you have:
          100 points - give out rep worth 3 points.
          150 points - give out rep worth 4 points.
          200 points - give out rep worth 5 points. etc...

          NOTE: There are no benefits for getting reputation points. Having 2 bars or 6 bars have no difference for you in HF. As said by many, this is just a popularity contest.


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            I've had quite a lot of these asked towards me in PM so I thought I'd share this one (had about 10 I think so far)

            Q: I have a .sub file in my Japanese H game image files. So how do I turn the subtitles on so I can understand the game in English?

            A: The .sub file is not a subtitle file with English translations. It's a file created when the image is ripped and certain programs may require it to run it (I believe it is with .cdi images). Trying to get the .sub file to translate the game for you will not work under any program.


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              Alternate trackers

              The link in this FAQ page for alternate trackers is dead. At least it doesn't work. I'm talking about this link:

              I've never uploaded a torrent before, but I have some stuff I want to share. With the hongfire bittorrent server down, does anyone have any trackers they could recommend I use that would be okay to use when posting a torrent on this site?



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                Originally posted by MonkeyBrains
                The link in this FAQ page for alternate trackers is dead. At least it doesn't work. I'm talking about this link:

                I've never uploaded a torrent before, but I have some stuff I want to share. With the hongfire bittorrent server down, does anyone have any trackers they could recommend I use that would be okay to use when posting a torrent on this site?

                Unfortunately, both the main tracker and the alternative tracker donated by one of our members, which was greatly appreciated at the time, are down. You can use torrent sites like Deltaanime Torrents to upload certain files. Of course, you have to be a user of that torrent site before you can upload something. ^^;;

                Originally posted by wyze
                i was just wondering is their anyway for us to see or edit the rep points(comment that accompanies it) we had given to others? (braces self for a loud "NO")
                Unfortunately, no. So you were correct in your assumption.

                Originally posted by zzazaz
                Sooo, how do we donate real $$$ to achieve Donor status, I mean help (ok, in my case it's more like a few $ ) I can't seem to find a link anywhere. lol, never thought I had to ask how to give money away.
                Originally posted by MonkeyBrains
                So, is there a way to donate for donor status?
                For the time being, you are unable to donate to HongFire. When he opens a Paypal account (or another form of receiving money) again, which is uncertain, you will be able to. Until then, Donors status was a one-time period sort of thing.

                Originally posted by Benedictio77
                can't i download files without torrent/program torrent?
                i mean original download.
                Yes, you will be able to do that, but not on through this site. There are many P2P programs that allow you to download files without the usage of BitTorrent or torrent files. As I said earlier, HongFire does not use those methods though. Currently, BitTorrent is one of the fastest ways to share a certain file so there is no reason to change the system.
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                  Uploading To The Gallery

                  After seeing this question asked too many times, thought I'd make a thread that would be impossible to miss by anyone with a brain to do a search for it.

                  There has been a recent change that now requires "Member" status to upload to the gallery. You probably cannot upload to the gallery because you are a "Junior Member" and not a full fleged "Member". This means you have made less than 30 posts on the forum excluding any in the memeber intros section, where it doesn't count. You will need to make atleast 30 posts in order to be promoted from "Junior Member" to a full fleged "Member". If you have recently made the 30 posts mark and you still cannot upload, then just wait a while. It should work if you give it some time.

                  I'm not too sure if you can upload to the gallery if you are a "Member" but have less than 30 posts. This applies only a small number of people who registered in the very early days of HongFire before the whole "Junior Member" implementation kicked in.

                  EDIT: There are people who registered August 2004 and are still "Junior Memeber". I'm really confused on this now... I see Doom3k with 29 posts and he's a "Member". And he signed up October 2004. Anyone care to shed some light on this?
                  Answer : some of their posts got deleted when the torrent forums are pruned, so their post count drop, but the Member status remain and the register time doesn't affect your status on HF at all

                  Censorship In Hentai

                  Yet another question that's been popping up a lot. What's up with the censor thing? And how do I get rid of the scrambled blocks/moasic?

                  The censoring you see in H-anime, H-game, H-manga and the likes are the result of Japanese censorship laws. It is prevalent in ALMOST all the 18+ stuff there. There are some that are not censored. Uncensored versions become available when it gets licensed for distribution in other countries. Because of this, don't post requests asking for them (This should be obvious to all but then again...) since HongFire prohibits the posting foreign licensed materials. If you really want it, you will have to search for it elsewhere.

                  About the censorship law and its history:
                  (Link originally posted by b00lean:

                  As to getting rid of the moaics, there have been many answers about this.
                  1. Edit it yourself or get someone else to do it.
                  2. If available, download/purchase the foreign lincesed version. The licensor might have a patch available on their website as well.
                  3. There is supposedly (haven't confirmed this) a program that is capable of doing this.
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                    By the way, it makes sense that there's a minimum number of posts needed before allowing uploads, but why not allow posting comments on images in the gallery right away? I don't see any potential for abuse there; my guess is you guys didn't even think of that and simply disabled everything to do with leaving a mark in the gallery.


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                      Originally posted by Quince
                      By the way, it makes sense that there's a minimum number of posts needed before allowing uploads, but why not allow posting comments on images in the gallery right away? I don't see any potential for abuse there; my guess is you guys didn't even think of that and simply disabled everything to do with leaving a mark in the gallery.
                      Answer: 0-post gallery trolls, who'd go post all sorts of flames/comments in hentai galleries.
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                        Originally posted by robotela
                        Why my ratio doesn't change instead I've uploaded almost 1/2GB?
                        The ratio below your user name is based on HongFire's internal tracker. However, since all trackers on HF are external now, your ratio won't change no matter how much you upload. Sorry. =/


                        Um...while I'm here, I have a question too. Maybe someone with a lot of rep can answer it? ^_^;;

                        Okay, I thought it took 100 rep points for each green bar, but based on that formula I should have more than six bars. Does it take more than 100 points to get every bar past the sixth one? And if so, how many?

                        Just wondering...

                        EDIT: As far as I can tell it takes 200 points for every bar after that, with 11 bars being the maximum.
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                          This has been bothering me for sometime so if I may ask: How do I make a link to a single post.

                          Feel free to add me in Steam:


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                            Answer in attachment.
                            Attached Files
                            Forum Rules
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                              First you determine the hypertext name for the post, then you append it with a hash (aka. pound sign, a.ka. number sign) onto the URL for the page containing the post. For example, here's the URL of my previous post in this thread:


                              And a clickable link

                              To determine the hypertext name, you can view the HTML source of the page, and search for the string:

                              <a name="post

                              If (say) the post you're linking to is the fifth one on the page (like mine, post number 35 in the thread), then you'd search six times (one more than the one's digit).

                              Perhaps there's a more efficient way to link, but this is the only way I know.