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HF's FlashChat Tutorial

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  • HF's FlashChat Tutorial

    Alright then, After a small discussion on our new FlashChat add-on, we came to the conclusion, that there are WAY and I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too few people on here.

    So~! I figured why not go out and round up some people to join in more often!
    That means, Everyone who has Flash installed on their computer (duh! Pretty much all of you!), Come on over and mingle in with the rest of us ^^b

    In case you can't find where/how to start it (or plan to use this as an excuse not to come >B), I've written a small tutorial for you:

    First, take a look at this picture, This is what your Hongfire lay-out should look like:
    Good, Well, then I've encircled the button you should press, for you to get to the actual FlashChat site as you can see here:

    Very good! After you pressed on the encircled button, you should be all set to start your chatting marathon with your fellow HongFire..-rians in this room:

    After a while, when you've had enough of the main room, you can also move to other rooms, by pressing either 2 of the following buttons:

    If you press the "V" button, you can move from one room to another - with the "ADD" button, another screen pops open, where you can create your own room, be it private or public. Either way, you can lock your room with a password (but that's no fun, now is it )

    There might also be the chance that you have the sudden urge to put silly icons infront of your name, that's where this comes in:

    If you have any further questions after reading this, don't hesitate to ask me, or any member of the staff

    Have Fun! ^^b

    EDIT!!!: In case you also DON'T have flash on your comp, this is where you can get it:Shockwave Flash
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    and for those who still cant get on flash chat after this needs to get their heads checked HURRY AND CHAT WITH US ALREADY NO NEED TO BE SHY!!!~~~


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      Just in case someone doesn't know, you use the same user name and password you use in HF to login in the Flashchat.
      Enjoy and come visit us there if you have time.

      Many thanks to darkandshadow for helping me in the creation of this signature!
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        Don't we have IRC for that?
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          IRC is for whimps


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            Ya, but alot of people don't have IRC, and.. tbh, IRC is pretty hard to use if you've never done it before. and our FlashChat has an idiot-guide now ^^


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              Flashchat is just an easier and more friendly replacement for IRC when the site is down it seems.
              Which is nice.


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                down with IRC


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                  It has also better security for the users. In IRC people can just whois you and get your IP but in flashchat they can't do that
                  What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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                    looks cool, i never noticed it before.


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                      the only irk i found in flashchat is the insta-logout when you are idle for 2 hours.

                      some people prefer to just stay and hang around, rather than engage in discussions you know.

                      Originally posted by starcaptor
                      I would say Lisa Hayes would probably have the best historical account since shes been on the ship for quite a while. I remember talking to hongfire one on one in the forums for only one thing, and that was...why was the website called hongfire?


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                        To eliminate any further excuses not to use flashchat.

                        If for some reason you are put off by all the different colors or there too hard to read for you this can easily be remedied.

                        all you have to do is click "options" in the main screen and follow the steps shown below.

                        Now get in there!!!

                        ....HF-SQUARE ENIX (unofficial) member #49
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                          Haha, look at that.. even HF and Lisa responded xD w00t w00t



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                            i'd have to say pass for nao~
                            it's just that i have very little space in my desktop for a window.......
                            Are you one of those humans
                            who are ok to EAT?


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                              I've visited it once and I might drop by again if I'm ever not busy (does such a time exist?? ). I liked it, though. A nice alternative to IRC for those who want it. Go HongFire!