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    Let's move onto the. Отличие заключается в возможности выбора сервисов и служб, устанавливаемых по умолчанию, а также в более гибкой работе с дисковым массивом. Have a nice day!

    È stato controllato per tempi di aggiornamenti 1. Для использования этого сервиса необходимо создать учетную запись на сайте myqnapcloud. Press the General Tools button 4. Отдельного упоминания заслуживает реализация функции синхронизации файлов Qsync и автоматической загрузки фотографий Qfile.

    QNAP NAS Community Forum - Подобный подход заметно экономит время и не требует от пользователя никаких дополнительных действий. В основании корпуса имеются четыре резиновые ножки.

    I read tons of reviews about how easy this unit is to set up and I agree, up to the point I got stuck. I went through the set-up scenario as prescribed by QNAP. At this point I wonder to myself, where is the desktop dashboard I need to operate this NAS? I Google some more and it seems as if it is the Qfinder program. So, I install the Qfinder program, launch it and it locates my unit. So far, sooo simple, so good. I hope you know what I am about to write, because that would make this sooo easy. I enter the very same login info I used to set up the web based myQNAPcloud site and hit enter. I read the QNAP manual and have searched for a few hours since then, on this forum as well as Googling away elsewhere, but I cannot figure out why I cannot login to Qfinder. Setup data: OS: Windows 10 NAS: TS-231 Firmware: 4. I want to complete this install instead of return the unit. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. No, not at all. You need to install the CloudLink App on the NAS only if you intend to use CLoudLink and access it from the myQNAPcloud. I enter the very same login info I used to set up the web based myQNAPcloud site and hit enter. The message is correct: During the installation, you were asked to enter a password for the admin account - so to access the NAS for admin privileges, you stat with the local admin account. Kurt, thank you for the quick feedback. I feel like I am a little lost at this point - I follow you that I need an admin account rather than the QID on the NAS web interface, but I am stuck. I've been able to install the hardware, latest firmware and format the drives, but cannot get the Qfinder running because I don't have an admin username and password - I haven't established this because at no point during the set up so far has there been a request to provide a username and password for the admin account. The step by step process provided by QNAP online states: After completing the installation process or if your device has pre-installed firmware you can connect to the NAS using Qfinder. For more details on using Qfinder, please see the tutorial. Glad you sorted it finally, even with to much effort and resets. I'm pretty much convinced, that all initial NAS set-up processes include a prompt to change the default admin password... Time to learn and experience your NAS now - enjoy!