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    Hello dear members, I am HongFire The webmaster of My jobs are Web Design, And updating websites improving websites.

    I hand around in all forums. But mostly in forum Support, Bug Reports and Suggestions & FeedBack forums. I also hand around in gallery alot. I really like those beautiful CGS that other member uploaded.

    I am a very friendly person. But i won't answer pms if it's support related, Please post those questions in the support forum and search support forum for answers because most of the questions are already been answered in the support forum.

    Alright Hope you all have a great time in our community.
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    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    I usually police the bit torrent pages and answer any questions that are repeatedly asked. If you see something in the torrent page that should not be there (I highly doubt it happens that often though) just tell me and I'll delete it.

    If you have any questions and don't want to bother anyone or mess up the board with the question asked over and over, PM me first. I'll answer them. Have been doing it for quite some time and I don't mind.


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      Yup, a real live woman Mod!


      Well, not much to say - obviously I like anime/manga/doujinshis/CG/games/etc, or I wouldn't be here ^_^;; And as for my other interests and what I do in real-life... Is there such a thing as other interests, or real-life? O_o

      I have a pechant for JAVs and love things ecchi and hentai, so you needn't hide your pr0n when I'm around.

      I tend to hang around the galleries and forums, helping where needed and being generally friendly and approachable. (I hope ^_^) Feel free to bug me with PM's as I have been known not to bite... ~_^

      **If you want to really get on my good side, a CG or two by 'Carnelian' or from 'Kao no nai Tsuki' has been known to work wonders.

      Hope that you'll all enjoy this wonderful site that Hong has so carefully put together, and I'll see you around.



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        i'm the burnt mod on i mainly hang around forums and BT but sometimes i check the gallery for duplications. i also releases most of hongfire's CG collections. recently i've been doing some artbooks but i'll promise the HCGs will return. i limit my releases to romance games and try to stay away from rapes and loli. but if you guys have anything that rocks your boat, post it up on the request section and i'll try my best to hunt it down.

        my life? well i'm a burnt 21 year old going for my BBA and hopefully my MBA at night while work full time during the day. currently working two part-time jobs to make ends meet while attending school full time. life saving is practically ZERO at the moment. trying hard to manage my finance to get a place and move out with my g/f of two plus years. she's a god send, a bit clumsy but we're not made to be perfect.

        i have a passion for building and fixing things. be it models, furnitures, electronics, bring it on! my love of music runs deep with metal and punk. green day is the best band there is and the one i own for getting me into the scene. you can hit me up with a PM about anything; rants, hate mails, porn links, whatever. and i'll make sure you get the proper treatment.
        I'm not legendary


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          I've absolutely no idea what to say, so I'll just prattle on a bit.

          I apparently have some sort of addiction for all things hentai, judging by the bulk of what I've collected. I'm completely and utterly obsessed with I've Sound, though I also have a fondness for Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura. Favorite artists are Carnelian, Tony, Keiji Gotoh, and U-Jin. And I'm inexplicably drawn to sappy anime based on h-games, like Kiminozo and Kanon.

          As for outside interests, more often than not, you'll find me in front of the piano.

          And as far as the site goes, I generally try and help out behind the scenes. I'm a sysadmin in real life, so I try and assist with those sorts of things, though I generally like to have my hands in a little bit of everything. And I'll occasionally release I've Sound albums or other OSTs, when I can actually remember to.