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Introduction | What I Do and already did [Game releases & Modding]

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  • Introduction | What I Do and already did [Game releases & Modding]

    ~Well Hello there everyone~
    I'm FlashBangZ and like on every other forum I'm making and introduction here.

    Who am I?
    I'm a German male that enjoy Modding, Collecting, Photoshop and Martial arts.

    What am I going to do here?
    Well, If I find time and peace I'm going to upload H-Games, Mods and some other Stuff.
    The most H-Games that I'll upload will be games that are hard to find now these days. But you can also make a Request at any time.

    What did you already do?
    • "Had" a Hentai Blog on Tumblr with 3,500 Follower
    • Released several Mods, Movies, Software and Guidelines
    • Released as fully updated and patched Version of Honey Select with you can pick up on this Thread -> HongFire Honey Select

    Final Words
    Thanks for reading, I'll hope I get along with everybody here!

    ◀► My Releases so far: [HoneySelect Updated+Patched] - [PlayHome] - [Koikatu] [Koikatu NEW] - [Everything Else] ◀►
    Official H-Game uploader since: 2016
    ⚡⭐ - Support me here on Patreon - ⭐⚡