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Protect your computer, Always use Anti virus + Anti Malware programs.

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  • Protect your computer, Always use Anti virus + Anti Malware programs.

    Sometimes Just having Anti virus program is not enough, It is best to have Anti Virus Program + Anti Malware programs for your Maximum protection. More importantly is to scan your HDD at a regular base and scan the files you download first before opening them.

    Here is the list of good Anti Virus and Anti Malware programs.

    For Anti Virus

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Avast Free Anti Virus:

    Avira AntiVir Personal Free:

    For Anti Malware

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    SuperAnti Spyware

    You can discuss in this thread about the programs above or suggest a program not in the list but works better. Let's help each other to protect our computer from harm.
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    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    KAV total security On the Top..


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      thanks for the info and the links


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        Originally posted by Sadar100 View Post
        I recommend Eset (nod) Kaspersky my best defender
        I got hit by malware WITH kaspersky as my AV.

        The interesting part is that Kaspersky's free MALWARE killer TDSSKILLER killed it.


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          Originally posted by kiraonlylove
          I'm using AVG, my computer is protected very well
          Yeah right your computer is as protected as using a condom with holes in it.


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            Originally posted by mizuno11
            i'm using AVG antivirus
            And your an idiot as well for using that placebo calling itself an anti-virus (which is why it was removed from the list)


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              Is everyone talking about what anti-virus you have?!!! Yes?!!! Okay, ready for mine?!!!! In 3!2!1!

              Im not going to tell you!!!!! Yeah thats right I never ever gonna say!!!! EVER!!!NEVER!!!EVER!!! I have Norton. mabye......


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                Originally posted by demonix00 View Post
                ^I'm guessing you didn't know that iobit just steals what they need from other companies for their software (they were found out when malwarebytes found out they'd stolen their definition database)
                Agree, they also stole the idea (and some parts) from tuneup. And Advanced System Care just f**ked up my pc. I cannot revert what it has done so I was forced to do a full reformat for my pc

                f**k iobit!
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