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HongFire Anime Network Happy 3rd Anniversary!

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  • HongFire Anime Network Happy 3rd Anniversary!

    HongFire Anime Network Happy 3rd Anniversary!
    2.25.2003 - 2.25.2006

    On behalf of HongFire & all the staff members, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their continued support and dedication throughout these three years. From a roller coaster joyride to a platoon of soldiers without a sergeant, you guys and gals have been the lifeboat of this community. Now with the return of HongFire himself, will be even bigger and more influential than ever before. Thank you for making what it is today. Happy 3rd Anniversary!
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    Happy third anniversary Hongfire

    and the King is on top of the mountain for this magnificent day :biggrin:

    (I think I'm a third year member)

    Long prosperity to this site, that I do


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      Happy Anniversary!
      Very very nice design there Boing (l) I am setting it as wallpaper.

      It's already been 3 years. Time goes too fast.
      What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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        3 years already?!?!?!? Wow.....I've been here for only 1 year of it! I guess that's an anniversary in itself.
        **Starts singing the infamous "Happy Anniversay" song**

        @BOiNG!: Very nice piece of work you have there! It's quite humourous :biggrin:


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          Wow, 3 years... and to think I just joined this month o_O

          Here's to HongFire's future! May this place continue to be one of the greatest anime communities in the history of...

          Learn to laugh at life again, you'll enjoy it more.
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            Happy 3rd Anniversary, WoW 3 years time flies when your having fun


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              Whoa third year already? Though I've only been registered here for a little over a year, I've been lurking around before that =P. Anyways, Happy Third Anniversary, and Long Live HongFire!!!! XD

              Nice pic there BOiNG =D.


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                Wow, three years already?!

                Happy Anniversary!!!

                *raises a glass for a toast*

                Here's to, the best anime forum on the Web~! :biggrin:
                Let's have another happy year together, everyone! :smile:


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                  already? hehe.

                  time slips away ne~

                  we must to find out what to do with it


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                    More power to Hong Fire!
                    HF-Typem00n ; HF-Mecha
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                      i just happen to just begun to post, but still, i visited this place since the begining but never posted, just until now is that im a bit active, still.

                      congratulations on resisting 3 years on the net. hope this places dont fall as usually happens when i start to post in a forum... hehe im feel a bit like Sanders the reaper, hope nothing bad happens, hey BTW where is my piece of Cake?.

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                        Woots. 3rd year. This place is going to last a while :biggrin:


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                          sweet, first page. super happy birthday to yas. hope im here for the next one
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                            bah... im getting to old for this... man... 3 years, time moves too slow. it SHOULD be 10 years!!! damnit! i cant think of anything funny to say... this will probably be one of my most boring posts yet. the only way to juice this up would be to show clips of previous episodes of so... time to show HF.coms greatest moments!

                            now... if you will turn your attention to camera B here... what the... WHERES CAMERA B!!!... what do you mean we dont have a camera b? we dont even have a camera A? what happened to the funding we got from hong? he never sent it?! he did?! then where is it? you spent it on hookers...? you spent half on hookers? then whered the other half go? maintence? i thought we had sponsers for that... hong canceled them?! ok..... hongfire, Ed, your both on notice!

                            it appears we are having difficulties so... i guess you'll have to browse through the whole site to see our best moments... if you have complaints... take it with the man whos not willing to fund us anymore, aka hongfire.

                            -3 lol's for 3 damn good years in this post-
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                              A very nice picture to celebrate with, really kawaii ^^