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RAM upgrade completed

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  • RAM upgrade completed

    Hi hongfires

    The ram upgrade has been completed. We upgraded our server ram from 32GB to 64GB. We couldn't get the 128GB upgrade because we are short on funds. But hopefully this new 64GB ram will do for now. We will try out best to improve the server and website speed.

    Could you guys please report any speed issue in here and new bug reports after today's upgrade to this new bug report thread.

    We will try to optimize the ram and settings in the next few days to make the server speed up even more.

    Thanks all
    Ram upgrade Completed.
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    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    the site works much faster now =)


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      Also guys don't forget to try out the mobile version of hongfire too.
      What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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        Nice work Hong. The website works faster for me too. I like the new slider that you put up as well. And good idea to put the upcoming Summer 2016 Anime List in there.


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            Awesome news!! Thanks guys : )


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              I love Hongfire verymuch right now hahaha Keep Doing the best Dude


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                I would like to ask where I can report this minor changes?

                For wide screen users, the site is aligned to the left. Even if I zoom in, the annoying blank space on the right stays the same.

                Can we have it centered? You know, for eye candy. Thanks!


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                  This is a style issue that will be addressed once we finish debugging ^^
                  What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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                    HongFire I came across a problem just now. When I get a message supposedly someone leaving me a VM, I click on it and it brings me to a page where it just shows just the VM. and on the bottom it says "Leave a Comment" and I actually thought it was some sort of reply function but instead its completely useless. Its not a reply function instead all it does is it leaves a comment but the person that I thought I was replying to cannot see the comment. I tested it and checked the person's profile's visitor messages and the comment I left as a test does not show up on their profile.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	7-2-2016 2-03-46 PM.png
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Size:	148.9 KB
ID:	5684716

                    So is this some of sort of bug or is it completely useless function?
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