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  • [Unsolved] Jumping cursor in the post window...

    I'm using WinXP (service pack 3 if that makes a difference) and IE 8.0. I'm on a laptop with a touchpad, but every time this problem happens I make sure that I'm not touching the pad, but it still jumps

    Every time I make a new post, I have weird troubles in the post window where you type.

    If I type more than the size of the window, instead of scrolling to the bottom, it keeps jumping back to the top, and if I click the arrows to scroll down, it jumps back up.

    I'm not sure if this only happens when I change something on a line above and then go back to the bottom or not, or if it's related to quoting something. I have to keep expanding the size of the window using the little arrows.

    Whatever it is, it gets very annoying when I'm trying to type and it jumps up. Of course, now that I'm typing this post, it's not doing it, so I'm not 100% sure if the cursor actually jumps up, or just the window.

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    Happens the same for me when I'm using IE 8 (Win7 32-bit), yup. Doesn't happen for Chrome. I just use the up/down keys to navigate within the text box.
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      Have you guys tried downloading the latest touchpad driver for your device?


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        Check your mouse options in the Control Panel. There should be an option in regards to the pointer options. It could be that or you need a specific driver for the touchpad.


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          I'm pretty sure my mouse options and touchpad drivers are correct and up to date.

          I don't know if happens more when I'm editing a post, or if it happens when I'm making a new post, as well.


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            So does it happen when you're just scrolling or whenever you want to make a post?


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              It seems to happen when I've gone up to redo something in the posting box, either when I'm editing a post I've already made, or when I'm typing a new post and change something in a previous line. I THINK it works normally when I just type a post all the way through, but usually when I'm typing a post that's bigger than the posting window, I will add a line here and there or change a word for better emhasis. Sometimes I see a typo and go back up to correct it before I continue.


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                Originally posted by ryolo View Post
                Have you guys tried downloading the latest touchpad driver for your device?
                Mine's a desktop, no touchpads involved.


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                  Looks like IE8 takes the blame for this one. Be sure to try Compatibility Mode. If all fails, you should temporarily use an alternate web browser like Google Chrome.


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                    This happens for me too. And no it's not a IE8 bug at all. Because it happens in IE7 as well.

                    I made tons of websites IE7 and IE8 compatble. This is just a javascript bug in the coding I think. Due to adds, the emoticons or something else related with that.

                    When making a post this is really annoying. Because you need to scroll down constantly to go where you where.

                    Also I think the textarea is too small and could be larger.
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