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site logs me out automatically when i go to other sections on the board.

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  • site logs me out automatically when i go to other sections on the board.

    im logged in right now, but im trying to get in to the hentai game mod section. every time i go to the section the site logs me out automatically and redirects me to the log in page. if i go to log back in it says, "thank you for logging in" then gos right back to the log in page again. there is no explanation given why its doing this.

    am i ban from that section or something?

    any help would be great, thanks.

    edit: fixed using Firefox, an annoying problem for IE though
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    I believe you have to be a member to access the Hentai and other ADULT sections. That means you need a post count of at least 30. Read the rules to understand what is going on here.
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      Uh, try logging out and exploring a little, solarenemy. You might be a bit more convincing if you really knew what you were talking about. There are very few restricted sections and all that happens if you try accessing them is a 'you do not have permission' error notice.

      It is possible for admins to restrict a single member from visiting certain areas, but it is pretty unlikely that they would do so, or that it would behave in this manner. Sounds more like some sort of bug with cookies, or something of that sort. Anyway, good to see you found a workaround.

      ja ne