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Problems connecting with firefox for linux

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  • Problems connecting with firefox for linux


    I meet a problem since my registration when I want to connect.
    First I specify that I'm using the latest stable version of Firefox for Linux (Ubuntu).

    I enter my password and my Correctly Identify And Then says I'm connected.
    After Refreshes the page and It Keeps Asking Always My login.
    I noticed that this problem not happen when I use the login screen to homepage.

    I try With The latest version of Firefox for Windows (XP), It Seems To Have No problem. But I use Linux more frequently than Windows.

    Also I am on another forum where there is a similar problem (, so I suppose the problem comes from CMS.

    It is not urgent because I can my connect. And if you find not a solution,it isn't a drama

    Thank you for your help.
    [on hold...] Translation to French of SchoolMate2

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    you can try removing firefox's settings file. It is located under ~/.mozilla/firefox/<random string>.default/ and the files is called prefs.js.
    Mine is for example ~/.mozilla/firefox/5ovuiv66.default/prefs.js
    Removing the files will restore the default settings for firefox but leave bookmarks and history intact.


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      Hmm ... So I deleted the file prefs.js.
      The effect is interested ...
      Other the disappearance of totoro in navigation bars, it does not solve the problem.

      Thank you anyway
      [on hold...] Translation to French of SchoolMate2