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  • search funtion & direct link to user

    HF search or bbs search have me confused for a while.
    is there a way to search phrase function? it seems split the words very time & shows very post that have those words, in many Large huge i mean huge post like few hundred pages those word comes up over & over again. so is there a way to search phrase? i think its something like found+word or something like this or i am better off with google found word. only problem is google goes by thread not post & you cant arrange it by date or user >_<

    is there a way or BBcode to point or link to a user like it shows in the starts of a post? like you click on the name & shows view profile or view post by that user, or is there a way to show link to a user's avatar? so it changes if a user changes their avatar, or the only way is do it manually with the good old url & /url tag???

    big thx for all the help in advance!!! thx
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    We don't have anything like the enormous computing power available to dedicated search sites like Google. So we have to keep our engine pretty simple to reduce the load on the site. I don't believe the string function works in our search, so you are probably best off searching single words to generate the fewest hits. For compex searches, Google, or similar sites, are probably a much better alternative. Proper use of keywords should give you what you are looking for near the top of the results, assuming it's there to be found.

    Advanced thread search options can find all of a user's posts in a specific thread, unless they have more than five hundred, which is the limit of the results displayed in site searches. And I'm pretty sure there's no way to automatically track avatar changes. You can easily find the link to the image by right clicking and selecting properties, if you really need the URL for some reason. Er, link to a user from where? You can find anybody who isn't banned and has at least one post by searching the Member List. And you can manually find any existing account, if you know its number. It might help if you explain what you are trying to do, as some of your questions are a bit unclear.

    ja ne


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      thx for the reply!
      what i was thinking is making some index for some game mod or some sort of those line, it would be nice to add author's avatar(easier to remember that person XD) with the his/her name linking to activity/infro with it.(like in start of a post)
      = / no auto tracking avatar
      Vindictus Mod Tut index: