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Lost rank/rep lvl somehow? Also missing a lot of posts that I posted to thank ppl

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  • [Solved] Lost rank/rep lvl somehow? Also missing a lot of posts that I posted to thank ppl

    I lost all of my posts and rank/rep somehow? I posted on every mod I downloaded and thanked/rep them as well. I noticed that my own rank went up after I thanked every person on their posts/thread and leaving them a thank you in the replies......and now it's all gone??? I was't spamming or anything. I just wanted to show my appreciation so I thanked/rep them and now it is gone. Okay if some reason I need my own rep/rank to be demoted/taken away that is fine, but the people I thanked/rep should get theirs because of their mods/posts I downloaded. It would be cool to keep my rank/lvl that I earned from that but that is w/e. Its more about them. In any case, I am just wondering what happened exactly because I thanked like 50 times LOL
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    If I'm not mistaken if the thread has been deleted or the like it might have also removed anything that goes along with it so rep, posts, etc.

    An admin or mod should be able to confirm that though.


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      "Thank you posts" without a useful purpose are in violation of the rule #2: Forum Flood, regarded as spam, and thus moderated.

      It's always better to particiate in a discussion with meaningful posts rather than spam around: it will take a bit more time to reach the desired status but you will be sure that your posts won't be deleted.
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        Ah ok, I see. Not just a simple Thank you and a few words without any actual discussion can be considered as spam if done habitually. I will gladly give correct thanks in future post and/or any post responses. Thank you very much Rammi