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bug report after ram upgrade 24/06/2016

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  • [Unsolved] bug report after ram upgrade 24/06/2016

    Hi guys. Because the other bug report thread is getting really big and we did some new adjustments after ram upgrade. So could you guys please report all old and new bugs that is still not fixed after today's ram upgrade? So we can better keep track of what is fixed and what is not. Thanks so much.
    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    Barely able to log in for more then a week. Giant lags and big loading delays (like five minutes for a page...). Many regrouped in another site and wonders "what's happening?"


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      Even without being a moderator I can see deleted threads across the board, e.g. in Announcements or here in "Site Support & Bug Reports". Those should be filtered, shouldn't they?


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        HF has a long response time again. Timeouts for name completion, etc.

        Back to "normal" again.
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          I suspect that if somebody reply to a topic then delete the posted message, the notification other users get will direct to an expired "node" and make it not possible to check the thread in question, even if other people posted in it too. It usually looks in the notification list like: "N and -1 others posted in a thread you watch".
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