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I can't use 'search' function since the update.

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  • [Unsolved] I can't use 'search' function since the update.

    Whenever I try to search, it does not display any results. The keyword I entered appears as a 'filter' but it doesn't do anything. I'm using the lastest firefox with windows 10. Is anyone experiencing the same issue? How do I work around it?

    Try to search this thread with any words I used. It won't even display this OP.
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    I've also been experiencing this and it's frustrating being unable to find things.


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      I could never use the search function even on the previous version of the site. So I just use google, it gets me what I want.


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        It's not even just firefox. Search doesn't work on Internet explorer and edge either. If it's same everybody I don't know how there is no uproar about this lol

        How do I search within a specific thread using google? Doesn't each page have different address, making search by website useless?