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2017 May update bug report Topic.

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  • [Unsolved] 2017 May update bug report Topic.

    Hi guys We just did some major update. It's not fully complete yet we need your help to improve the site and speed. So Please report any new bugs you found in this topic. This will help us to fix those bugs as soon as possible. Thanks.
    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    Thanks for the update!

    The board is nearly unreachable. It doesn't make a difference if I use the navigation bar or link from my favorites. After nearly 2.5 minutes a page is shown, but that does not mean that the loading is complete.

    Local time: 12:41 - The board woke up and is very fast in all actions while it was slow a minute ago. Whatever you did Hong, that was a step in the right direction :-)
    Even uncached pages which took a long time before the update, e.g. HS mods, are now available within 12 seconds. Hm, but when I refresh it still takes 12 seconds. So there seem to be fast areas and slower ones.

    Editing this post several times works very fast. I am going to test board styles next.

    "Asphalt Guest" has no editing icons.

    Local time: 12:52 - Fun is over, disconnects, server errors, timeouts
     Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cacheevent WHERE `event` IN ('nodeChg_5788240','nodeChg_5788234','nodeChg_62','nodeChg_37','nodeChg_14','nodeChg_2','nodeChg_1') /**cacheevent**/;

    Local time: 2:35 - HF is fast again.

    "Asphalt Guest" is the only style which shows the FP on every page which I dont use because of the missing icons.

    Local time: 2:45 - creating a new post here failed with the SQL error. editing this post failed likewise.
    The trick to still edit this post was that I "Cancel"ed the "Save" after some seconds.

    The new post was created as well, but without server feedback (so I created it several times).

    Local time: 3:37 to 4:05 - refresh of pages takes about 2.5 minutes again.
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      It's mostly been slow for me, but occasionally very fast. Currently very slow (go to a different site and screw around for a bit before coming back to the page level of waiting). Had an error message twice when posting earlier, but forgot to record it (and it didn't prevent my post from posting or anything else), this post is partially intended to get this error message to appear again.

      EDIT: Didn't happen in this thread; and editing is fast. In the 'Above, you, below ^ < V' thread, getting the edit screen up took a very long time, and posting the edit took a few minutes as well. While the error message didn't appear for this post, it did appear when I edited a post in that thread. The error text is:

      Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cacheevent WHERE `event` IN ('nodeChg_5788313','nodeChg_410991','nodeChg_36',' nodeChg_14','nodeChg_2','nodeChg_1') /**cacheevent**/;

      EDIT2: Posting the previous edit to this post was nearly instantaneous.

      EDIT3: Edit window appeared quickly in the other thread (I realized there was a delete button, so I'm deleting the accidental double post instead of leaving it as "double post, please delete"). Trying to delete the post took maybe thirty seconds, and it showed this error message:

      • Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cacheevent WHERE `event` IN ('nodeChg_410991','nodeChg_36','nodeChg_14','nodeC hg_2','nodeChg_1') /**cacheevent**/;

      The comment successfully deleted, though again, I had no confirmation of this until I refreshed the page. Forgot to mention in first part that when posting in the 'Above, you, below ^ < V' thread, I got no confirmation that it had been posted and the editor stayed up with my post still in it, which is what lead to me double posting.

      Now having similar problems on this thread. The previous edit didn't have any confirmation of success and gave this error message:

      Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cacheevent WHERE `event` IN ('nodeChg_5788327','nodeChg_5788234','nodeChg_62', 'nodeChg_37','nodeChg_14','nodeChg_2','nodeChg_1') /**cacheevent**/;
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        Tried to comment twice...and it turned into an "undefined comment", the bar which would usually read "X comments" that is, with my comments not appearing at all and no error message.

        Site has been nearly alomost always slow whenever I tried to use it, with it indeed taking several minutes if it loads at all. At the time of this post, the timing has been no different, with one exception where the new message refreshing was instantly and loading the new post on the subscribed topic needing less bit still close to a minute, same with returning to the forum overview.

        Also, just tried to post it, I could not "Empty Response" it says.

        Edit: And when tried again it said, Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cacheevent WHERE `event` IN ('nodeChg_5788786','nodeChg_5788234','nodeChg_62', 'nodeChg_37','nodeChg_14','nodeChg_2','nodeChg_1') /**cacheevent**/; but posted this (had to refresh to see it, luckily I like to ensure that I do not double post)

        Edit 2: Same when I edited this post.... very same "Invalid SQL[...]" message (with the same numbers) and I suppose I can do this ad infinitum. page loading time is consistently at about a minute by the by
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          I have mostly very long loading times. Accessing the site or any subforum can take from one to nearly five minutes of continuously loading.
          Sometimes the loadingtimes are somewhat faster with around 30 seconds.

          EDIT 1:
          Also posting this takes quite a few tries with always getting this:
          Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cacheevent WHERE `event` IN ('nodeChg_5788924','nodeChg_5788234','nodeChg_62', 'nodeChg_37','nodeChg_14','nodeChg_2','nodeChg_1') /**cacheevent**/;

          EDIT 2:
          It seems it the page doesn't show posts immediately but only after reloading. I am very sorry for the quad-post.

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            Thanks we've narrowed down the slowness is caused by cache. I am going to update the styles now and see if this will fix the problem. Please help me by checking the site speed again tomorrow and see if you still notice any errors.
            What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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              I just updated the style template. Are you guys still getting any errors?
              What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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                Loadingtimes are now acceptable (2 to 10 seconds). Also, i haven't seen any errors for now, looks good.

                EDIT: Also, posting now works perfectly too. Thanks for the updates.

                ~ Type-Moon & Touhou ~
                Sorry for my english... it's absolutly not the best!


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                  The site seems waaaaaayyyy much better than its been in months. The site is fast now. Thanks Hongfire.

                  Finally make my return for daily shit posting on hongfire *evil laugh*


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                    From what I have experienced today, the speed of the site seems to have improved by a lot.
                    Also, the changes from editing posts were saved now almost instantaneously and didn't result in an error anymore. Reporting spambots worked like a charm as well.
                    Should things change again then I'll be sure to edit this post.



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                      Thanks so much guys. Please keep the bug report coming. I want to fix all bugs asap and then we can continue to improve the community.

                      When you experiencing slowness please don't forget to include the time the slowness happen and the error codes if it shows any. Thanks ^^
                      What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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                        Huh, the FP is visible on the second page, and I am allowed to go to the second page, but it is empty!? Empty, except for the FP which stays visible, strange but cool.

                        But the original reason for my post was to report that I couldn't use the table icon in another thread. Now, that I try it here it is working!?
                        cell1 cell2
                        cell3 in next line and
                        so forth
                        I will try in the thread where I had problems.

                        whatever it was, it isn't reproducible anymore.
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                          Problems for cur144 between the first comment and this post.


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                            There were some serious slowdowns again and the whole site wasn't accessible for a short time.
                            Posting a comment also resulted in an Error.

                            Time (UTC)



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                              Thanks for reporting here, Snooley!

                              Your two comments here and the following post are the result of this.

                              I had such hiccups several times in the last week, always only for a short period of time.