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  • Bad ad complaints

    If there is a problem with the ads post it here to let us know.
    If you want to discuss the ads please do it in another thread. This thread is to let staff know about problems only.

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    I'm getting auto-forwards on all pages in the forums, and it doesn't let me just hit back to go back to the page I was looking at. There also isn't a skip ad. I have to re-paste the original link I was viewing into the browser to fix it.

    Now browsing with Ad-Block, let's see if it helps (Sorry Hong)
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      Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
      I keep getting this auto forward recently on the site, sends me to a p[age to make it look like it is scanning my computer, I try to hit back or close and it gives me a popup asking me am I sure I want to leave, either one I choose it doesn't seem to ever go back, I end up having to close the window. It also tries to start a download.
      This is also happening to me, download window and all. It's quite irritating, as I close the whole browser with Program Manager to kill it to keep from clicking anything harmful.

      Though it could be me having something on my computer... in which I would check it out...

      I'm also getting another auto-forwarding ad to a 404 Forbidden page...
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        Picking up another
        saying 403 forbidden but still auto forwards.

        The reason you can't hit back is b/c it is a forward to a forwarding site, so you have to click the previous history (arrow next to the back arrow) and select the page, then click stop before it forwards you again. Its a pain, ditch w/e ad group you just picked up.
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          auto forwards BE GONE!

          i spoke to hong about this, and he requested that we screen shot the events, so here's my first screenshot... this auto forwarding bs already killed a few of my postings i was about to make on threads and it's getting really irritating cause i have to rewrite what i wanted to post...
          This site is on the adware whitelist to support hongfire, but this auto forwarding crap is really getting on my nerves...

          P.S. just to add I also get these weird auto forwards that forward me to google with stupid searches.. like robo hotel... or something... I have uploaded both.

          Please fix the problem soon
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            Been having quite a problem with this recently. It isn't so bad just navigating the site, but any time I open any forum link in a new window, the chance of getting redirected or having an orgy of stealth page loads is quite high. Sometimes it takes six or seven tries to get a stable window open. And I've had a couple posts killed this way as well, which is quite annoying. I'll see about grabbing some URLs next time it happens.

            ja ne


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              Glad I'm not the only one who been getting redirected while browsing Hongfire. I'll edit this post later with more of the links.

              Here one of the links for now:

              Edit here some more links:

              Edit [10/27/09]-Just got another one:
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              • #22
                I got one of those redirect to redirect ads. I copied the address. However, if you put it in the address bar, it seems to lead somewhere else...



                • #23
                  I am not sure if this is an ad issue, but this thing is slowing down the forum to a crawl.

                  It takes around 30 seconds for the forum to respond back when that shit shows up. However, this is not an issue when I'm logged in.


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                    Kind of in a rush but wanted to stop by quickly.
                    I obviously trust Hongfire, and being that I have over 30 posts, I don't see any ads.
                    However, my McAfee site adviser has suddenly marked this site as Unsafe.
                    This isn't going to stop me from coming here, I know the site is reputable, but thought I should give you guys a heads up and hopefully whatever the problem is, will be resolved.
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                      ^ You're better off replacing McAfee for something better like Kaspersky or NOD32 in the meantime, however long it takes the staff to get anything done about it. Also, lol McAfee... Kind of unrelated but I wonder if even Avast and AVG are better than McAfee. But seriously, replace that shit.

                      Besides, registered members no longer see any ads other than the DLSite ones at the top of the pages, which are harmless in terms of viruses and stuff like that. So I think the only times you might have issues with ads is when you are not logged on HF.
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                        Originally posted by Rick View Post
                        ^ You're better off replacing McAfee for something better like Kaspersky or NOD32 in the meantime
                        He's talking about the McAfee siteadvisor extension for firefox and IE (it doesn't require anything else McAfee related to use) and this has happened in the past mainly due to the adverts


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                          Could someone please remove those annoying flash ads?
                          They do show up at the bottom of the page from time to time:

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                            Originally posted by Kamigoroshi View Post
                            Could someone please remove those annoying flash ads?
                            They do show up at the bottom of the page from time to time:

                            <script type='text/javascript'><!--//<![CDATA[
                            var ox_u = ';layerstyle=footer&amp;posit ion=bottom&amp;speed=3&amp;slide=0&amp;delay=0&amp ;transparent=t';
                            if (document.context) ox_u += '&context=' + escape(document.context);
                            document.write("<scr"+"ipt type='text/javascript' src='" + ox_u + "'></scr"+"ipt>");
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                            • #29
                              Not sure if anyone read it here but it is the correct place for it

                              happen to me twice in a row then gone
                              when i try to refresh to usercp.php

                              <iframe src= style="width:1; height:1"></iframe>

                              My Antivirus popup ---> JS/Agent.PH
                              then it shows the page fills with rubbish below [Looks like some datafiles to me]

                              ���}}o#Iz��3�}�:��܊"�/������N��Dͮ�1�$[d���\vS��ƭ�p�I��λ�# A����&�^��W�B~�SU��VS"��^f5;;$������z��������כG�l�n�s����ݝM���r�7s���-�믎�v���G�����\�����3"���J.wvv�xV\����a�=�ˠ���l{r��3kOW��͊���;��h{�`w�h{E��on4꯶wwE6���{OW�a�{���R�3�ժ�%#D��2N0��t;���f�ݮeN�CDZ�m��2k�V�l��{O��6�n�n��-n�j� L�(�g�/��i-�鹁�٣���-��� ��A�jy.Z]s�[Amg+��j�5�$�q�lЯF�98��=�Z:r1|m��]���k���r��`�S�n��%��x�N���<���},v�߭���Q\zk�m����*[ձ\k`��tC�T����&��K���u~��~��u��Y /M ��|��`�� @ͅ ;@5��~��ºo����Nmk�Gf�t-�rk`�̅3��o����j�흹�g�ec��4�m���ݧ�k�+��"��{g�@4υ�*���?�:�*_"���/�SS^���o~a�_�x^DZ̾��pѵ�c7����������v���Zn �m���N���k�_����J�B�&k���U�0�. �墯ٞ�^��P�:,�Ss �������7���&2�����7�;G�����>�1 K�F9o��l�`���K�%�X(��f��2�j��nW�fŰ����R>|���˭����N}�^e�̎��z��J�xst���S��CLD��aa�m�l:V������q��L>� ���� ;`g۟nR��^.}scC������q��Z�L9e��3KN�\��-�$ujъ&&����XN-c:�5p�\O���w��ɳd���W��8X!�J�E�ד8��� ��B��_��R��b���������<� m��;�ߵ�@���r���ӡ�9~8�� N�g�nv�9ΰ��OꏮYȽl{+��%6&"'䍵r�[�V�B;�4��w8����}4�7��ј���^�� 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                                Hm.. not sure if this should go here or not. But i've been getting this redirect from here every once and awhile(Probably for about a week or two off and on?). Don't click it unless you're in a sandbox or something- hxxp:// (Removed the 'tt" and replaced it with xx's just incase)
                                It hasn't downloaded anything yet, but just to be safe. I usually just close the tab really fast when it pops up, so i never got the chance to get the link before. Figured it was just something up with the site before, but it's just happened again so i thought i would drop a post.