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The Official "Hongfire Update" Thread

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  • The Official "Hongfire Update" Thread

    I'm currently writing out a document containing different changes and updates
    of what I would like to see done on, and then presenting it to
    TSR, and Lisa Hayes, and see if we can't get some of these bugs and changes
    to be completed instead of the "hiatus" we seem to be stuck in.

    I know there are some other threads for suggestions and that, but I want to
    make a compilation of things that you, the users of this forum, would like to
    see...I know some of you would have some crazy ideas!

    So far, my list contains:

    1) Fixing the menu bar
    - Replacing torrents/ddls with the mods sections
    - Adding back in FlashChat
    - Removing the Wiki

    2) Remove trading thread

    3) Organize Technology Sub Section
    - Replace Linux with "Mobile/Other OS"
    - Smart Phones / Gadgets & Smart Phones combined into "Mobile Hardware"
    - Remove company review

    4) Update Club Houses Sub Section
    ...haven't gotten around to how to do this yet

    5) Roleplaying Sub Section could go into The Underground as its sub section

    6) Future ideas on possibly getting our tracker/torrents back

    7) Flagging, Captcha and other attempts at curbing spam bots
    ...and that's about as far as I've gotten.

    Please help me flesh this out more as I want to present this in a viable way
    and help get this forum re-energized!
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    Thats a good idea for a captcha.

    Also, think its possible to add a flash chat widget module in the homepage under or replacing the Polls Module?


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      Another thought (if it can be implemented, and is even possible for one part of this idea) to curb a majority of the spambots is to block created threads by new members that have links in them (putting a limit on the number of links would be pointless since it would only be a matter of time before the bots find the limit and start flooding the forums again) and automatically report them for consideration of having the account removed.


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        I dunno where to put this but can you do something about kangna001.

        he's spamming the movie section with...ummm, bollywood trailers and music videos nobody cares about.

        I am beginning to doubt that member as a spambot already.

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          Originally posted by Alupihan View Post
          I dunno where to put this but can you do something about kangna001.

          he's spamming the movie section with...ummm, bollywood trailers and music videos nobody cares about.

          I am beginning to doubt that member as a spambot already.
          I agree we should look into kangna001.

          16 new threads on the movie section in such a short time really crowds up the area. However there doesn't appear to be any malicious intent. I suspected he was posting it's own youtube vids but that doesn't appear to be the case since it's a wider variety of accounts.

          At least someone should message the member about proper thread etiquette since in my mind it's nearly spamming to not provide an opinion and continue to post new threads which have no posts. If there isn't a coherent answer then perhaps it is a bot? The way he words the titles makes it seem that way, unless it's just a misguided member.

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            Where is the Windows Phone section?

            So why is there no Windows phone section? Are we being biased here. The Nokia Lumias are badass phones and need a discussion section. So can we get a Windows phone section added?
            “If Apple made a car would it have windows?"


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              Ok, since we're getting the whole list together again, since part of the managing team
              is back, I've reopened this thread for everybody to "spill their thoughts".

              Consider this part 2.


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                ^ I did notice how Shragei and Hongfire were running around for the past week. I wasn't sure what exactly they were doing behind the curtain while they were here but it's at least good to see their presence again.

                - As always I'd say the captcha or figuring out some way to stop the rampant bots should be the top priority.

                - Going from what I saw in the "why do you delete ****" thread I'd say that there isn't a need to add those features such as a hentai database. I like the current layout of HF and there isn't a need for new features in a major revamp that would mirror other sites. We all know how the trophies and ranks was received two years back. However sorting out the groups section and clubs to make it more user friendly and tidy might be a good idea.

                - I forget if this was mention in *this* thread but removing the "wiki" button at the top and replacing it with a link to Flashchat.

                - I noticed how TheShadow put up a Hentai game discussion thread on the front page. Now there's around 130+ comments over there for requesting hentai mod downloads and patches. I usually considered the front page to be site announcements and then HF opened it up for user-created reviews. Having hentai at the main page doesn't bother me that much *now* but hopefully it doesn't become commonplace and crowd up the area. I can see having regular changes being good but it might show new users that hentai is the top priority here if there's discussions about it all over the front page.

                - Another point, is it just me or does it appear that there's an extra 600+ guests on the site lately? It seems far more active with lurkers. I'd be interested to see the traffic reports.

                Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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                  as stated before by me. Remove the chinese section chat and dedicate it to another language because the chinese section is filled with comments asking where the downloads went/ how to up post count/ will 30 posts give access to the DDLs.

                  Also, as stated again. Perhaps have the front main page of HF a chat module like shoutmix or intergrate the flash chat inside, just for fun.

                  Gallery image icons need to be cleaned up and have more sections opened like for "Questionable Rated Images"

                  And the urgently needed captchas.


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                    ^ Everything up to here has been mentioned; TSR and myself have made our
                    statements clear with that Nihomaru...whatever site thread.

                    As for the time it takes to get some of the stuff implemented, there is no ETA,
                    or for that matter if we've scared Shragei off.

                    However it was mentioned that there are some updates to be made as well
                    as a DB backup before anything major is done, so there is definitely some
                    progress being done.


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                      Hmm, the anti-spam measures aside, I'm actually all for a H-anime database as long as it doesn't hit the system too hard: we got vndb for eroge, and baka-updates plus e-hentai for manga, but there's nothing equivalent for ero anime that uses tags to associate every title with the genres/fetishes it caters to ranging from the common incest, harem, NTR to the specific exhibitionism, nopan, stockings, cunnilingus etc., building such a db would help a lot unless something similar (and by "similar" I mean the tagging being as detailed as in the sites mentioned above; check them if you don't know them - a handful of common genre tags like in Getchu isn't what I'm talking about) that I missed already exists.

                      Aside from that, perhaps implement a little something that'll slap every new account as well as a member logging in for the first time since the DL shutdown with a large, bold, red message "PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR OR SHARE DOWNLOAD LINKS ANYWHERE AT ALL, IT'S PROHIBITED NOW, NOT COMPLYING CAN GET YOU SWIFTLY BANNED". The sticky isn't helping enough, so need to shove it in their faces loud and clear.
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                        It's just my idea, but it also could be better if the FAQ/rules could be updated: it still contains the old "torrent rules", implying that filesharing is still allowed. Far as I could see, the only places where the no-sharing policy is announced is in stickies and announcement section; it will maybe be better if "No more torrents, Dl links etc etc..." could be put instead of the old rules. People who create an account and are invited to read the rules and agree with them will immediately see the site policy written there (of course, IF they actually read them). This way they cannot say "I didn't know, it wasn't in the rules, it's not so visible..." or whatever excuse: it's written in the rules you accepted when you registered, if you didn't read them, it's your fault.
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                          Yeah, the rules/FAQ have needed an overhaul for awhile. Live porn has been banned here for quite a while, but isn't mentioned, just for one other example. And I think you can make an informative popup readme for the registration process, though that's outside my expertise and might possibly cause more problems than it solves. (Read the rules? What planet are you from? <grin>) Anyway, good suggestions.

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                            ^So there was live porn allowed once in hongfire... I did not know that. So was it JAV only or any?


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                              JAV only.
                              Yes, the sign up page needs an overhaul as well...


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                                I just remembered.
                                The last april fool the onion emoticons were replaced with ponies as a joke and it was said the origional onions were going to be restored eventually. However, some are still in their pony form and I hope they could be restored to their former glory if possible?