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  • wemb

    Is it possible to upload wemb's here or, will it be soon? They seem to be replacing gif files. Sorry I mis-worded the comment.
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    i thought those where audio/video clips being used instead of flash media rather than gifs.
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      Yes they are. I has mis-stated my comment.


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        You might correct the spelling to WebM. WebM files are specified as Matroska files with VP8 video and Vorbis audio streams. I’ve seen people using them to post short animation clips (like an episode scene excerpt) on image boards, where GIF files were used before to achieve that.

        On a side note, Google also experimented with using VP8 frame compression as a still image format and made WebP. I don’t remember if they added animation to WebP. Firefox don’t support it, but it seems Mozilla will implement the support eventually. A recent post on the BugZilla mentioned that Safari did and they’re the only major browser not supporting it.