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    maybe it's already possible, and if so sorry to bring the subject here, but the new system to follow new posts in followed threads is really difficult and unpractical to use, compared to the older system used until the forum update.
    You either have to go to notifications to see if someone posted something new, but everything is classified by date and "new posts", or you can see all the followed threads but no possibility to see if a new post was added to the thread or not.
    So is there any plan/possibility to add a "new" little icon to the subscriptions->posts like in the older forum, to simply easily see everything you follow in a simple way and be able to see followed threads having new message with the ability to "go the the first new post"?

    I would perfectly understand if it's not a priority right now, but I would really like to know if it's something that could be done in the long run?

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