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The new comments system is a nightmare

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  • The new comments system is a nightmare

    Okay I mentioned this in a few threads and others suggested making a thread specific to this.

    The new comment system in both threads and user comments, is very confusing.

    In threads the "comments" seem like a pointless option because that is what the classic usual Quote feature is for. And by using "comments", the replies are embedded into that post and the text/post look super small. I have accidently missed a lot of these because they almost look like sigs. It's very cluttered and not intuitive.

    In addition to this the user comments system on profiles is hectic as well now and I don't know how something so simple could get so confusing, but my friends and I have already missed "comments" and posts back and forth between one another. Commenting on a user profile starts a thread, or something, and then when you comment to that it only shows up there but not on the users profile, unless you "go to post" like it's a thread or something. Do you already have a headache trying to decipher what I'm saying? I hope so. The way it worked previously was perfectly fine.

    Anyways, I'm not angry or pointing fingers at Hongfire or any staff here, as I am sure many of these bad features came with the board "upgrade". But I hope they can be removed and user comments can be revived to work more like it did last time. I would be shocked if anyone thinks these new systems are useful or intuitive at all. Just seems really confusing and super cluttered to me.
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    Yeah, it's kind of a step backwards. In order to make sure not miss any "comments" one has to read the whole topic again. Definitely not helpful to keep track of everything.


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      Yes I do not think we need both comment and quote, we only need one of them.


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        Another issue is if someone is just using comments and you were the last main post of a thread, it'll be too easy to keep double posting if others just use the comments.
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          The quote feature is just fine and not only that even better before because now I get notifications when someone quotes me. That's easier to keep the conversation going. Good way to reply. The "Comment" feature is just useless .
          I won't be mad if its not removed. It'll just feel like when youtube gets a new format and everybody complains then they get used to it.
          If just something we might have to get used to.


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            So looks like I'm the only one here enjoying the new "comment" feature. To me it's clear the purpose, a comment is to keep talking about an specific topic of a certain post or even a side topic. I saw a great example with someone just wishing happy birthday to other user without having to post that as a new post. The same could be applied to asking for a source, make a joke or so without having to disturb the main flow or topic.

            Quotes are what we are used to and maybe what confuses some of you about the fact of having two similar things. But once again, that would be used to keep the main topic going with members talking. I do think comments are a very useful thing once you see a few examples (like in the gallery threads to comment specific pictures too). Also the fact of being notified is really cool.

            I don't understand how user comments are confusing either. Yes, it's different, but not confusing (to me), it's just grouped by conversations and I save having to go to someone else profile to answer. I've had a few conversations and found it pretty easy to use and to understand. Not like I see this as a definitive version but happy so far.

            So, I don't know what to think, I'm there for some improvement and such but to me is not even close to a nightmare and having to choose I'll keep with this system rather than the old one.
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              I am a bit conflicted about comments. In a way, they can look useful, at least at first, but in several occasion i missed replies to my posts or visitor messages because they were using comment or for example because someone posted a comment under their message i had commented on and of course i didn't get a notification for that.
              It's a system that can lead to a lot of confusion so maybe it should go.