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The ads on HF are digusting, please change them!!!

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  • The ads on HF are digusting, please change them!!!

    Really now, I did not visit HF to see a penis shooting semen on the right side of my screen! Please fix your ads. They are atrocious and offensive! NOT something I expected to ever see here. Are you guys penalizing visitors now? Unbelievable...

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    I do not see anything wrong with adult ads on an adult site, you can only see them if you are not logged in.


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      Usually ads are present only in the guest version of the site (as, not logged in), anyway you can easily remove them by using Adblock. Never had any problems with ads in HF.

      And from what I understant by how ads work, the owner of the site cannot decide what ads are being put there, it's the ad company that select what ads go where based on the view preferences or the like.
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        Some people here don't have admin rights on work computers and hence Adblock is not a possibility for everyone.
        Also: The Adds were SFW when I came to the site, they only started changing to... this... sometime the prededing year.

        But most importantly: The NSFW adds break this site's own rules of NSFW material being only allowed in the Hentai lair.
        If the site stuff does not abide it's own rules, why should anybody else? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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