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IMPORTANT: When Posting a Thread Here...

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  • IMPORTANT: When Posting a Thread Here...

    First of all, thanks to all of you people in making suggestions to improve our wonderful site and patient community.

    If you have a general suggestion to improve the site, please don't be shy. Go ahead and post it and wait for some feedback (if possible) from the staff and the members of the site. We'll glady take a critical look of your suggestion and give feedback to your suggestion. Please note that sometimes we cannot provide feedback for all suggestions and comments for we're not sure how to respond to it or that we're considering it among the staff privately but we'll try our best in providing some communication between staff and members.

    If you have a problem or an issue with a staff decision made regarding certain threads/posts, please discuss it with the appropriate staff member who made that decision through means of instant messaging, emails or most possibly through private messaging.

    If the case that there was no communication made between yourself and a staff member after you tried contacting that staff member, you are entitled to bring the issue up with the other staff members such as myself if you felt you were treated unfairly in any way or that the staff member was just unable to help you in your situation. Note that just because a staff member did not respond to your message does not mean he/she dislikes you or you touched a sensitive vibe with them. He/she could be unsure of what to do(in which he/she can discuss it with other staff members) or be sick or away from the site at that current time.

    We hope that you enjoy your stay at and continue to prosper as enjoyable members of our site.

    Sorry for taking so long before realizing this needed updating.
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