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How do you like your coffee?

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  • How do you like your coffee?

    Hot and black?*

    -.- mmhh...

    syrup, chardonnay, sugar, or milk?

    how do you think it tastes better? what kind of coffee do you think it suits you best?

    (in my case i like a good expresso, or hot moka ^^u)

    And you?

    (oh yeah, and happy new year everyone)


    That's the way I want my man xD

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    usually with 2 cups of sugar ><

    I'm also fond of coffee latte, moka, caramel flavor
    but hazelnut coffee are prolly my favorites ^^

    iced cappuccino/iced latte are good too xD

    (happy holidays maria~ ^^)
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      Not very hot, no sugar, with milk

      I like cappuccino as well, and in summer: iced latte with ice-cream

      I'm a bit addicted to coffee so I try not too drink it to much now. About one a week (last year I drunk 2-3 coffees a day).
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        hot, black and double sweet.
        So says the one inch priest.


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          no wai... hattie's arch nemesis, maria's renard is actually alive.
          I think someone owes me ten bucks ^^;;;

          But anyway, I have this obsession with starbuck's caramel frappuccinos with cream. I dunno why, but whether winter, summer, spring, or fall... its always my choice pick (or any frups for that matter (except mocha). As for "straight" typical coffee a vanilla latte with extra sugar does the job quite nicely.

          By the way, Desmonthes is still a cookie.[/B][/COLOR]


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            Black, or anything from Starbuck's. Woot! Starbuck's!
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              Black. I like flavored roasts, hazelnut and French vanilla among them. At Starbucks I like to get that pumpkin pie spice café latté.


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                2 sugar one cream is always good to me


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                  WB Maria , long time no see.

                  I like my coffee black
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                    Cream, with 2 or 3 sugar, or just a good vanilla cappuccino.


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                      I don't like coffee


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                        Brewed Starbucks coffee (House Blend) at just the right temp with one full packet of plain sugar and one serving of Hazelnut Coffee-Mate. I drink it at my bank everytime I go there.
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                          With cream and sugar, that tastes best for me.
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                            for some personal reason ela don't like coffee...

                            except coffee flavored candies >.>


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                              not very hot, a lot of sugar and milk ^^