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Tell us your love story please? how did you meet your gf/wife?

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  • Tell us your love story please? how did you meet your gf/wife?

    Since I don't have too much of a love story myself. So I am really interested to know about our members real love story.

    If you have or had a girl friend or a wife. could you please share your story with us? Tell us about your love story, how did you and your gf/wife meet and how did you 2 end up being together.
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    First of all, i would like to say that girls are always hard to understand !! They always think of small matters and make them big..of course you poor ass have to keep trying to make her happy all over again

    My story is kind of meh.. but i will share it

    My story happened when my cousin got his weeding last year ! I did booking and traveled to my home land ! At that time..i saw my fiancee but i never talk to her ! I know her dad (somehow) and saw her mom talking to my relatives but but never thought of talking to her... days passed and I'm back to my work !

    In July.. i asked my parents to find me a bride, and so we traveled again to my homeland ! Due to some family and relatives issue.. my dad run out of time and was forced to go back to his work after 2 weeks, at that time i decided to go back with him since if my dad is not here, there is no point of me searching by self or with mom ! Even if i found any.. couldn't do anything without my dad being around

    However mom have asked me to stay with her since she told she can't handle my 2 young sisters alone here... so i decided to stay with her and told her i have only 2 weeks left, so i can't stay for another month and she agreed

    Mom and my older sis kept searching in that time but with no luck !! Before we about to leave in 4 days.. mom decide to visit with her brother visit some relatives, and some how i was luck that she visited my fiancee's parents ! That's when my mom saw her and told me she is soo great ! Why don't you try and give them a visit.

    The next day i went with my mom and uncle and gave them a visit... After it's finished and all, my mom asked me how do you think about her ? and i told her "she is completely not my type" but she kept telling me you need to know her more before you can decide on such things... thats when i decide to give her another chance, so i did give them another visit the day after and start think of her as "why not.. she is good decent and young girl" ! Then our vacation ended and left our homeland

    after few weeks i asked mom to ask to call her mom and ask them if she is interested to continue with it ! At the beginning she was refusing the whole idea cause i also was not her type at all xD

    but not sure why her mom said yes to mine... however they asked for medical check ! That's when my shitty part is
    We both did our medical check.. she was able to get the it the next day while it took them 23 DAYS in here to have it ready ! WTF THEY WHERE DOING ?!!
    .. so it was like they said yes but in the same time i was not sure if things still are going cause it's been more like 2 month since i last time talked to her

    Finally after long waiting, i got my report and i submit it for them ! Her mom agreed to give me there daughter number if she accept.. luckly she accepted as she was thinking to know more about me !

    After talking to her for 3 month.. we both where convinced that we match for each other varry well, so i traveled homeland and got engaged ^^
    Looking forward for our official mirage in August


    Fix all misspelling mistakes -_-
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      "the man who understood women is either death or is now gay"
      it's a saying that we have here, it is so hard to please a woman, but is cool trying to please them, speceally when you're inlove, of course if she loves you back, 'cause if she doesn't..... mmmm.... IT SUCKS!
      so now my politics is: "I LOVE ALL WOMEN"
      "Those who aren't interested in their fellow men is the one with the greatest difficulties in life and cause the greatest wounds in the other. Of those individuals arise all the human failures."

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        In a chat with a few college friends (last girlfriend). Nothing special, really...
        Some days after we talked again, and I asked her out for a drink with some friends of mine (and hers), and then I ***********


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          Once again it was nothing special really, she was a friend of a friend and we got talking, found a middle ground and things kicked off from that.

          Love life is far more simple than people make it out to be.


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            Drink, smoke, and sex. My only love story....
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              Come on guys give a little more details. I will +++ your rep if you do.
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                ermmmm... why so serious? XD, ummm i had few but all i can say its that women break your balls or i´m quite short tempered so i guess that i don´t have much to say since i left them before it became official and say you are my GF, and random encounters do not count too since its a one night adventure rather than my gf so sadly don´t have much to share until the day a girl i like makes me docile enough to withstand all the ball breaking attitude that most girls have.

                but i can tell you of the girls i met during my bad days , hahahaha

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                  I've told part of my love story here long ago I think, but well, I guess it's alright to tell it again. So here goes.

                  The first time I met the girl who I was eventually to marry was more than seventeen years ago. Wow, has it really been that long ago? I went to a rather prestigious (in my country anyway) high school exclusively for boys, and she went to a similar school exclusively for girls. My class in high school had an informal soirée with her class in first year high school and a few times thereafter, and as such our classes were very close, but I didn't attend that gathering, being in the beginning an antisocial sort who had no interest in girls as yet. Perhaps that was for the best as had she met the me as I was back then I doubt that she would have liked me. At any rate, she eventually became the girlfriend to one of my other classmates (mind you though this was not the serious sort involving a sexual relationship, which would not happen for either of us for some years yet), but near the end of high school, around 1994 or thereabouts, things began to turn sour between them, and so when I first met her she was single.

                  I first met her one day in the last few months of high school just before graduation, as one of our mutual friends invited me to join them for a party. It was clear that this friend of mine liked her and wanted to ask her out, which is why I steered clear to give my friend his chance, and stayed aloof, although we actually did talk somewhat. I was seventeen years old at the time, and my wife to be was sixteen going on seventeen. Back then I thought she was very beautiful, and she later admitted to me that she actually thought I was kinda handsome and an interesting sort when she first saw me at the time and chatted briefly, but since I didn't take the opening out of respect for my friend. He never did make a move to ask her out at the time, and apparently never did again thereafter. Idiot.

                  I didn't see her again for nearly seven years. In the meantime, both she and I went to college, and as it turns out the same university, but as fate would have it, we never did see each other there at the time. I went to engineering college and hung out with eggheads and serious types, I had a brief relationship with a girl I met during one of the general education subjects and slept with from time to time, but this didn't last very long. I actually went through five years of engineering college with only one semi-serious girlfriend of sorts which lasted all of a few months, but then again I suppose that's inevitable if you're attempting to chase grades in difficult subjects the rest of the time. She went to the arts and sciences college and met some guy studying to be a lawyer who became her boyfriend throughout college who in turn took her virginity. She stuck with that one guy throughout most of those years (1995-1999 or thereabouts), but again, as with her other boyfriend, just as graduation was approaching, their relationship began to turn sour, and they broke up.

                  After graduation I began my professional life, and eventually found work doing software development here and there. I got another, more serious girlfriend at around this time, and given how tight she was and how she bled after we did it for the first time, I was undoubtedly her first. I was with her for about a year and a half, but I could feel I needed something more than what she could give me, and I was dissatisfied. I eventually split with her over this, which must have been devastating for her because I knew she really loved me a lot, and to this day it pains me to think of how she might be now, and some days I still wonder what life would have been like had I stayed with her. We would have been happy after a fashion, but I think not as happy as I am now, or at least so I tell myself.

                  It was through the agency of another one of our mutual friends from high school days that we met each other again seven years after the first one. She had been two years out of college and two years without a boyfriend, and I had just broken up with that one girl. This mutual friend of ours, as it turns out, also liked her just as the previous one seven years ago had, but where the previous one was too timid, this friend of ours was much too aggressive in his attempts to seduce her. To get him out of her hair she palmed him off on one of her other friends, who was actually even more sexually aggressive than he was (as an aside, you do not want a girl like that, not if you want a serious relationship, and while those two are still together they're on rather shaky ground, but that's another story). I took the opening and began to hang out with her.

                  It turns out that she was a real-life tsundere. She had a rather prickly exterior and would rebuff any advances I tried to make towards her in a romantic direction, but being a persistent sort of fellow who saw what he wanted, I kept at it. The fact that she never did push me away completely and kept asking me to visit and hang out from time to time even though she knew that I was attracted to her in that way made me think that she did have a soft spot for me under that sharp exterior, and that kept me going. We would go out for dinner, watch movies, listen to music on my laptop, but true to tsundere form she never called any of these activities "dating", although that's what they'd look like to any reasonable outside observer. There was even a time late one night while I was at her house listening to music, that she out of the blue sat on my lap and kissed me, but then the next day she acted as if it hadn't happened.

                  After about six months of this, I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me, and to my surprise, she said yes. And so our years of being together officially began. We've had our ups and downs. Her family, her mother to be specific, didn't like me one bit and it was only in recent years that her attitude to me softened. When her quarrels with her mother over me and many other things got too harsh, we lived together in a small room for a year, having sex every night. When that stopped we went to motels and had sex almost every night. And then after about five years of this, she asked me to marry her.

                  That's how it went. We have a more or less happy life now with our son. It has its struggles and problems as do all such relationships but we are, on the whole, I think, a happy family.
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                    Very very nice story. I think the date you and your wife met you 2 were meant to be together. True love story like this is way better than those ones in the movies. reading your story gave me motivations. It's so hard to find the right girl. I am glad you found one.

                    Anyone else have love story to share as well? I love reading them
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                      Umm, I'll do it for sympathy...

                      I guess.... I'll talk about my first true kiss with my first true first love(I kissed a lot of girls, but all of them were meaningless).

                      In the age of 14 in my lovely normal day of school, a mysterious Asian girl transferred to my class. I barely did s**t for the past couple of weeks when she first transferred. After she got to know the school a little better, I talked her friends about how she was and where was she from. I got a lot of useful information about her and started talking to her in myspace(Back in the days, myspace was the shit). I was a little shy to approach her then other girls. So I asked her friends and a couple of my friends to hook us up together, so we can get to know each other a little more. But there was a problem. Another guy was checking her out. So she had to pick one between both of us(you know us kids back in the days. Despite that I'm only 17). It took about two weeks just to make up her mind(I didn't get to talk to her nor chat with her during the two weeks). Anyways, she picked me. Since then we both hanged out together every where(We mostly chilled together with her friends. I was still a little shy to be with her alone). But eventually we got use to us being together alone. Then one day we were at her local park walking, talking, and laughing together. But sooner we kind of had nothing to discuses about. It turned kind of quit and awkward. So I eventually had to kiss her. I clinched her waist, leaned forward and kissed her.

                      It wasn't your movie tongue kiss. It was kind of a 5 second lip-to-lip kiss.
                      I didn't know or how to do tongue kisses back then.

                      That's about it. Sorry if it's not as long or interesting as stormwyrm
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                        I haven't had a love story yet . can't let my emotions take over .

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                          My current girlfriend I actually met by complete chance. I was working at my job and this attractive girl just comes to desk to buy some anime DVD. She was trying to buy the first Rebuild of Evangelion DVD while serving her I just asked her if she watched the original series. She had and even after she had purchased the DVD she stayed with me. We just talked about anime and life in general. I had allot of fun and before I knew it my shift was over. So I just asked her would you like to get a cup of coffee, generic I know but I was thirsty. So we did and we just talked more after we finished I offered to walk her home, we talked more and when we got to her house. I knew everything about her and vice versa, we just talked for hours. She asked me if I wanted to come over to her house the very next day to watch Evangelion with her.

                          The very next day I did exactly that. After we finished watching it, it was a bit late so she asked if I wanted to sleepover. And well err... yeah I think you understood what happened. We stayed together ever since that and I hope we always do.
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                            ^ Epic bro. I love this story. Short and simple.
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                              Well for me... It's a story.... but... nevermind just read it and you'll get what i mean.
                              Well for me, at about 15 years old I went out for a gathering at this place. Well it was a old school gathering. There, I was in the toilet and this girl had accidently stumbled into the male toilet where I was at. Moreover she didn't realise it till I was like saying " You're.... in the wrong toilet. " And she blushed immediately and ran out.
                              After that, the gathering began and we were seated at random places for I don't know what reason. Coincidently, the girl whom I had met in the toilet was sitting next to me. Maybe it was fate?
                              During the gathering, the both of us were kinda shy because of the weird thing that happened in the toilet. I decided to open my mouth first and asked her what her name was and what class she used to belong too, and from then on we started talking to each other.
                              After about a month, we started to go out. I still remember on Valentine's day i gave her a very sweet gift and the both of us kissed for the first time. We were a couple and we loved each other very much
                              About 5 months later after being together dating and all that, one day I remembed that heartbreaking sentence she said.
                              " I have to go overseas to study cause of my parents. I guess.... it's over. "
                              I was heartbroken. Very. I kept asking why? Why? But she could never give me an answer.
                              She left 4 years ago on the 15th of august.
                              Up to now i've never seen her, contacted her again.
                              Now you get what i mean.

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