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Tell us your love story please? how did you meet your gf/wife?

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  • Tell us your love story please? how did you meet your gf/wife?

    Since I don't have too much of a love story myself. So I am really interested to know about our members real love story.

    If you have or had a girl friend or a wife. could you please share your story with us? Tell us about your love story, how did you and your gf/wife meet and how did you 2 end up being together.
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    This is a good beginning and a bad finish... but I still love her!

    I was a worker dependent in my mother's Butcher-Market-Shop in Barcelona.
    We had a customer what made an order for next day.
    Then her daughter goes to take back that...
    I fall in love with her at first sight!
    Brunette, long black nice hair, dark brown eyes
    which look like swords in my heart, strong character, all in one!
    But she didn't notice me... and she didn't like that me so much...
    I no needed more, I thought that day "this is the girl of my live"...
    I insists her so much, she was with another boyfriend...
    and at last, she gift me the opportunity to conquest her!
    So, the best suit, the best mood
    and the heart running fast to my first date with her!
    And the love go along for almost nine years!

    But something wrong success in the couple, nobody guilty, only happened...
    And then she left me and got married with my "best" friend...
    I think they are happy now! They have three pretty girls.
    Now, i'm happy too, in a self-manner! I still love her. For ever.

    Maribel Verdú - Spanish Actress


    However, in my land there are a topic:
    "There are two kinds of men, the happily married ones and the philosophers ones"

    (i'm from the second kind )
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      Originally posted by HongFire View Post
      Since I don't have too much of a love story myself. So I am really interested to know about our members real love story.

      If you have or had a girl friend or a wife. could you please share your story with us? Tell us about your love story, how did you and your gf/wife meet and how did you 2 end up being together.
      I am currently together with a real sweetheart of a girl.
      I'm pansexual so this works for me. Meaning I don't care about gender as long as I love that person.
      I've been together with both men and women and other. I do not find any gender hard to understand because it isn't - They're all equally stupid ^_^ Some girls will try and act like they're really complicated because that's how society and imprinted itself in their heads that they MUST act like and some guys will be total horndogs because, again, society demands it.

      I met her online. We started talking and it didn't take me long at all to realize that I really liked her.
      Getting some luck money wise, I decided to travel over there and meet her since she's American and I'm Swedish.
      Met her, good friends, kissed and snuggled. We've been together for two years. Frankly, there's problems as all relationships.
      We'll see how it goes. I think she can be happier with someone else so it's okay. We'll see.

      I'm kinda tired as I'm writing this so, I ramble. I always ramble.

      My advice to you OP is this,
      Be brave. Some people don't like to take the first step.
      I don't like taking the first step! But I know that if i don't, people usually don't take the second even if they want to take the first. They just won't. No matter gender. So, if they don't want to take the first step, you take it. And then go from there ^_^
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        It happened one day, a few years ago, on one of my idle strolls through the university library. I was as customary, passing by the rows of students, periodically sticking my head over their shoulders to peer at what they were playing or working on with my trademark haughty curiosity. Despite it being a library stacked with volumes, the overwhelming majority of students sat behind laptops and listened to music or played games (the place had free wi-fi I think). I suddenly came across a girl reading a book which I can't quite put my mind on what its title or author was, but vividly remember it by the cover, as being the kind of fashionable pop-econ tome written by some academic mass media darling that people buy and display on their windowsills without ever reading a page.

        I leaned over and said:

        "You know, you really shouldn't be reading that book. Everything in it is utter nonsense."

        I was expecting a typical ditzy young social studies sophomore who just didn't make the academic cut for more lucrative kinesiology or engineering degrees. Poor girl probably wanted to party and socialize with other people her age instead of pining over that boring text assigned to her in the course. I wanted to help, I really did. Don't fill your head with that professorial garbage. Get the cliff notes. Read the reviews and summary outline on the web. You'll complete your paper much faster that way.

        Oh boy. She looked at me in the eyes with that piercing gaze of hers I came to fear since, and utterly demolished my presumptions one by one. First, she wasn't a sociology student, but a mathematician minoring in linguistics. Second, she borrowed and read that book out of personal interest. Third, she told me bluntly that my presumption that the only reason a young, attractive female would pick up some thick economics tome was to complete an assignment she didn't care the least for, speaks more about my chauvinist nature than qualified knowledge of the material I was supposedly trying to denounce. She asked me whether I had read the book. I said I didn't, but I knew in general the kind of reasoning (or lack thereof) it put forward. She replied, how can I know what the book argues if I hadn't read it? We got into a heated argument. At the end, when I was utterly exhausted and prepared to leave, she leaned over and whispered in my ear "just to let you know, you were right by the way, this book is utterly shit". I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

        Over the next couple of weeks, perhaps a month or two, I entered the library not with my usual detached arrogance, but with fear and dread of a child beset by a particularly nasty bully. Because I knew that no matter how hard I tried, I simply could not shake off the argumentative demons in my mind from seeking their match, and perhaps even prevail over an intellect they had hitherto never encountered. In the beginning our chemistry was probably like that of an adder and a mongoose.

        You probably have difficulties imagining how a fire was struck between her, a doctrinaire Marxist (democratic socialist) remarkably well read on almost all the classics of political literature, and very astutely aware of the latest modern trends and research in the fields of sociology any myself, and me, at the time a rather presumptuously bog standard Randroid aiming higher than I could throw, but nonetheless proud of my (as I saw it) impeccable knowledge of history, literature and the arts. I sought something, some little point or jab with which to strike her down low, cast her into a mental conundrum, make her admit inferiority to my scholarly mental powers. To that extent, I spent sleepless nights in between our clashes poring over various volumes and webpages on politics and economics - ironically this was probably the only meaningful education I got out of my stint at the university. No matter how hard I tried, she seemed to be perfectly aware beforehand of every side that I was coming from, and even when I hit her with my best rhetorical dilemmas and neat argumentative tricks, she was mostly unfazed as it didn't take her long to come up with the perfect rebuttal. After the initial walls separating us slowly crumbled down I found myself helping her with her writing assignments, and she helped me with my boredom. Over time, we grew complement each other quite well and developed a warm friendship throughout our years at the university. In the end I graduated and she went on to complete her masters...and as fate would have it, we simply drifted apart and didn't meet each other again for quite a while. .

        And just when I was forgetting all about her, two years ago, remarkably, we met again, at the same book store we used to frequent in our search for discount textbooks.

        "It's you again. You must have missed me so much that you've waited here every day, hoping I would come back." Were my endearing words to mark our reunion.
        "Let me guess, it's 1 PM on a working day and you're here because you still don't have a job". Was her wistful reply.

        She knows precisely what I mean, sometimes better than I do, much to my chagrin. How could I let such a woman pass by? I finally mustered up the courage I couldn't find those 3 years I've known her for, and asked her out for a date. Best of all, since she already shared my rather sordid outlook on life, it didn't take me long to introduce her to my more macabre interests (which she has taken to very enthusiastically by now, despite her initial feminist reservations). Some time later we got engaged, and that is that. Not quite dark VN material you were expecting from me maybe, but memorable enough for my life story.

        But don't worry, neither of us are planning on having children any time soon. I do not believe my genetic and racial material is potent enough to warrant passing on, given this already sickeningly overpopulated world, and she doesn't really want to pass over her career and living prospects in favor of growing, as she aptly puts it, a venereal tumor.
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          Interesting Hayeate, some minor twists and i can make an Eroge. of course i need to add more girls and BAM! it will sell . but what amazes me the most is that you are Married, or engaged is simply that you say that she will be your wife but you have not married yet?, sorry human customs are a bit strange to me sometimes, specially on this stuff called love.

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            No need for that, Mr Hayeate's adorned narrative style just makes it seem like a fully fleshed out romantic comedy, great material considering it's been even adapted into anime just recently, I think the title was, Bokura wa Minna Kawai Sou or something like that.

            Venereal tumor? HAHA, as a representative of Life Sciences, I feel insulted. I can only imagine how much of a pedantic little dyad of torment and hellfire you two must make.

            While Mr Hayeate's love story is more like one of those anime no one likes, mine is something more along the lines of 5 centimeters per second, which is more or less like a reference to how fast it starts to go straight to s***, but I don't feel like sharing honestly, we'll see if I have time later.

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              Everytime I stop, and stumble~ In doubt and darkness~ I close my eyes and think back to you~ We made a vow, a promise to carry onword~ I'll see it through~


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                or engaged is simply that you say that she will be your wife but you have not married yet?
                We've been married for over two years now...
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                  My story is kind of interesting an confusing, keep in mind that I am now a step dad but, I kind of love my step daughter spite her dad.

                  It was my Junior High School Year, so around 2005 - 2006 least I think cause, I thought that she was a Senior. I was with my EX Girlfriend, at the time at our stupid football game dances. When suddenly, when I gave her a fake flower she got mad about it some what an we danced an her one bratty friend talked with her about breaking up with me. I was devastated at the time too an felt like giving up. I walked out into the gym hall an just layded an cried for a while went back in an sat an watched everyone an think I had tears streaming down my face. That is about when my girl came up too me an asked me what was wrong. Finally, someone who knew my name gave it too her an I looked at her an notice her warm face an eye's. I didn't answer her an thought that she was a Senior. She stayed with me for a while an left. I ended up running into her while I was in Math one day an she came an sat with me. Some how we ended up talking an becoming real good friends. I found out that she had lunch when I had Gym an when we could do whatever, like walk I would sneak out an see her. I also, was taking physic's 2 an the rate which, I was going wasn't going to pass so I traded out for her Math Class. I forget why, but, I also, managed to get in her History class, think cause, my schedule was opened. I remember waiting for her cousin who was our teacher an rubbed her little feet while we waited. Then one day she didn't show up an was in the Hospital getting her panceria out an thought she moved or something cause, she told me that. A week went by an I seen her again an she never told me why, she was gone. I would all ways, try an help her during classes cause, it was those special classes.... an I had a good understanding of it. She asked me if I didn't want to take her too prom an she thought that I didn't want to go with her. Ended up not going at all cause, again my EX an I weren't together an I wanted to go as a couple. So I just did stuff at home that day an she basically, was off on her own with one of her friends an done nothing with him. She ended up leaveing before the end of my Senior Year before graduation. She litterally ended up moveing out too "Hell" Utah. We still talked for a while an then two years cause, of her new guy that was supposed to be good was doing shit. A few more years go by about two years ago I got a hold of her again an thought that it was a sick joke that she was pregnant with his kid. About early the following year I seen her holding there daughter an thought it was still a prank. Later did I find that she left him cause, she couldn't take the abuse anymore from him. It was off an on with him cause, she failed to believe he didn't love her or there daughter. We are now happily back together an raiseing our daughter.


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                    My love story is possibly the most straight forward case of Boy meets Girl in history.
                    I though she was adorable, so I asked her out, she said yes, we've been together one and a half years now, that's the story (The full story involves anime pick up lines, cakes and cat ears buuut I don't think you want all the gory details)
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                      One day I was bored, one of my friend's told me to watch an anime called ''Little Busters'', I did, and then when I saw Kurugaya, a waifu was born.
                      Since I dont understand the concept of monogamy I went on and had more and more waifus.
                      And that is the story of my romance.
                      I hope it was heartwarming,


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                        At the hospitality suite at a square dance convention, I notice a boy sitting by a whiteboard trying to plan out patterns for exchanging couples between adjacent squares and moving the the entire square from one place on the floor to another. He had created his own notation and was using it to track the movement of thousands of people. He was pretty much on his own and my dad invited him to join the group from his square dance club for dinner. We would meet again, once a year, at that square dance convention for more than sixteen years before becoming a permanent couple.


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                          My current girlfriend and I met during her freshmen year (my junior year) of high school. We barely interacted past the occasional "hello" in the hallways and/or lunchroom.
                          At around the end of my senior year we started to interact a bit more: her best friend, my best friend's girlfriend at the time, convinced me to pose as her boyfriend to save her from a stalker of sorts. That lasted about a month, then communication ceased shortly after.

                          It wasn't until my second semester of college (her junior year) that she anonymously texted me about something that escapes me right now. I eventually realized it was her and the conversation lasted the entire month, which in turn resulted in the inevitable relationship. We've been together ever since and are now going for our fourth year togather.
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                            I feel a little embarrassed for sharing this because it just seems so unrealistic, even for the bridge that leads to me finding her.

                            The main website that I'm a part of is a hentai forum, and I'm an administrator there. Being there for six years, since 2009, I've seen many different users come and go, from good to bad to downright despicable. Around July 2014, there was a female user that came on the site under the guise of Hex. I was immediately intrigued by her intro thread, which stated she was into video games and anime, and she'd been roleplaying for a combined total of seven years, and decided to ask her to roleplay. She sounded surprised because an admin had never approached her asking for her permission to RP before.

                            After a little fluke on my part during the roleplay, we talked via PMs on how to make the RP better. Those days turned into weeks of conversations that shifted consistently from roleplaying to conversations about what we liked, sharing our likes and dislikes, and so many other things. It went on for months. It didn't take long before I realized I was falling in love with Hex, but I never explicitly said anything, nor did I ask her to be my girlfriend until about two weeks before Christmas of 2013.

                            We're still together and we're a happy couple! <3

                            Yeah, meeting on a porn forum. Crazy, right?