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  • New HongFire interviews

    In this thread I'd like to interview some members from our HongFire community. For this purpose I will visit different members across the world and interview them in person!

    - tmvaegis' interview
    - xxGODLIKExx's interview
    - lesderoso's interview
    - Vynka's interview
    - OppaiTaisho's interview
    - Juas' interview
    - SFOHollandMGO's interview
    - BlueMoon's interview
    - Haika's interview
    - Lisa Hayes' interview
    - Stukasa's interview
    - Bond Travolta's interview
    - Michael Means Business' interview
    - Darkandshadow's interview
    - Alupihan's interview
    - Rick's interview
    - BloodmageR's interview

    Now we know a bit more about some of our members of HF, next time I may visit you, who knows? If you want me to interview someone in particular just PM or leave a message in my profile.
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    Eating 3-4 times at that Mexican restaurant per month? Wow, I had no idea it was that often. xD I eat out maybe once a month, sometimes twice, and it's usually different places each time, so I only eat at a Mexican restaurant a handful of times per year.

    I think you are definitely seen as "happy and gregarious," and I always appreciate your help with the member greeting and birthdays.

    I don't know if you laugh loudly so often in real life, but you certainly did it a lot during this interview! And I think you need to add one more word to your statement: "Happiness is having cats."

    Anyway, it was an interesting interview. I'll look forward to reading more of them!


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      I think this is a great idea for members to really get to know each other.
      Stickied topic.

      I myself have spent countless hours/days playing Super Mario World for
      the SNES, and also Super Mario RPG. Good times!


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        @stukasa I'd say 3-4 times a month. It's close to Uni so I can stop in there for lunch. Then I know the owners along with all the staff so they know what I want before I even sit down.

        Haha, but yes, I have always been known for my loud laughing in real life. I don't know how to effectively bring that across on the internet but I genuinely laughed when he asked the questions so I decided to add it in there each time. About the cats, I suppose that's true. Although I think it could be more generally stated as all cats are happiness.

        @DNS Yeah I definitely agree that Juas has an excellent idea. I really hope it catches on and we see quite a few more of these interviews. I also really had a great time chatting with Juas, creating this entire narrative and answering all the questions.

        Anyway, thanks for stickying the thread.

        Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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          BloodmageR interview

          I'm waiting in the St.Johns International airport for BloodmageR when he appears waving his hand. I take my case and meet him in person, we shake our hands and he offers to drive me to our next desitantion. Blood is driving his car into the downtown area and we are talking about the weather, meanwhile we are listening to FFX OST, like Last Battle Original Sin and Auron's theme among others.

          Finally we arrive to a Mexican restaurant called "Quintanas" where we are greeted at the door. Once inside we take a seat at a booth and order our drinks. We both order 2 coronas each and some chips with salsa.

          I take out the pen and paper from my case and we start the interview.

          Q: Why have you chosen this place?

          A: Best food and atmosphere in town. I love the friendly staff and music. I also love to eat mexican food in general. I've actually been going here 3-4 times a month since I was five years old. I've always loved spicy chilies like serranos, habeneros, jalapenos, etc.

          *After a second and holding back a large laugh* "I may regret the next morning on the toilet but it's definitely worth the pain or else I wouldn't come back so often".

          Then the waiter brings us our beer and chips, once he is gone I ask the next question:

          Q: How do you see yourself in HF?

          A: I'd say that I certainly see myself as above all a friendly person. When I originally started going on the site I was more so trying to be funny in the threads but over the years I've become more so simply a person who is there to be nice and to have a good time. *Pauses a moment* it's a bit difficult to say it from my own perspective. That's how I'd like to be seen on the site I guess and I simply hope that's how other people see me there too.

          Q: That brings us to the next question, how do you think others see you in HF?

          A: *Lets out a large laugh* I'd say I certainly want to be the person on the site who people see as happy and gregarious. I believe it would be good to be called funny along with being helpful on the site too. Not quite sure how other people see me after my greeting all the new hongmons along with birthday greetings for as long as I've been here.
          But yes, hopefully it's overall a positive image of me.

          At this moment Blood orders a Mexican flag and we wait for it. It's comprised by a Chicken Flauta, Cheese & onion enchilada along with a Beef enchilada. The sauces on top make it look like the Mexican flag. It looks unique and yet delicious at the same time. After a couple of bites we move to the next question.

          Q: How is BloodmageR out of HF?

          A: Hmm, a very interesting question. I try to act in the same general way. I have quite a few good friends and I'd certainly say that I'm confident as well as being outgoing. I'm generally hard working but can be unmotivated to do things that I don't enjoy at times. I love to procrastinate... especially with University papers.

          Q: University? So, What's your current situation?

          A: I'm currently taking a handful of classics and history courses at the University here. Second year at MUN which is the local uni. It's somewhat small at just 17k enrolled. I'm currently single and have been more so focused on finding good friends instead of partners.

          Q: I see, tell us some of your hobbies.

          A: *Lets out a short laugh* most of my current hobbies I actually just started this year. Photography would certainly be what i'm more interested in lately. Then there's also hiking and a slight bit of gardening along with cooking. If you count anime, manga, games, books, etc. as hobbies then I invest quite a bit of time in those as well. Do you want to include anime, games etc. as hobbies, Juas?

          Q: Of course, even more, tell us some of your favorite anime and games, please.

          A: Oh, okay. My all time favorite games which have impacted me the the most would be Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy X and Rome Total war. Essentially quite a few SNES games which I loved as kid. Then I expanded into PC games after that. I have always had an interest in JRPGs, action and strategy games.

          Q: And now, what are you enjoying lately?

          A: Currently I'm playing a lot of Empire Total War, Starcraft 2, Phantasy Star Online 2, heavy Rain along with Mana khemia 2.
          *Thinks for a couple of seconds* As for anime then my first ever anime was Sailor moon which would be where I first began an interest in that medium when I was three years old. After that Dragon Ball Z along with Inuyasha, and Lupin the third had large impacts on my view of anime. My all time favorites are FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Madoka, Welcome to the N.H.K and Neon genesis Evangelion.

          Q: That's a nice selection, really. Just to finish, according to your life experience, give us one advice.

          A: *Thinks incredibly deep thoughts for a few moments*...happiness is cats. *laughs loudly* just kidding, always seek happiness and don't worry about minor details in the future or past. Happiness means different things to different people so don't think that it has to be one exact way to be happy.

          Q: Indeed

          Right after the last question Blood orders buñuelos for both of us and eat them while talking about cats and other members. After paying we leave Quintanas and go to the local downtown gentlemen's club called the "cotton club" and party all night long.

          4 Coronas + Chips & Salsa + Mexican flag + Buñuelos = 60$
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            dude....that's a trip!! one of the HF members interviewing other HF members in person. its genius!
            so BloodmageR likes corona and mexican food? hey i can did that

            C1 racer fo life! the wangan's underdog


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              Well, if you have the guts to visit the Philippines right now with this cybercrime law bullshit goin on along with our neverending battle with shitty traffic feel free to drop by our place and we will meet at SM Mall of Asia...probably the biggest and most sane (for many reasons) mall in this country at the moment.

              I would love to share a piece of myself...and a cup of starbucks coffee.

              “As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin."
              - Pablo Neruda


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                This is pretty interesting to read, and a fun idea too.
                I wonder if its better to interview hongfire veterans or new members?
                Maybe it will breakdown the wall between lurkers and posters too.
                thou im inclined to say that this is the perfect fetish material for any stalker,
                so if you have one, becareful

                no worries blood, you're a cool dude, very social too.
                didnt know you had a love for mexian thou XD
                does this also apply on woman?

                anyway,I nominated higurashiki & whiteyeti!
                Don't see them that often lately ;/


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                  Originally posted by Haika View Post
                  This is pretty interesting to read, and a fun idea too.
                  I wonder if its better to interview hongfire veterans or new members?
                  Maybe it will breakdown the wall between lurkers and posters too.
                  thou im inclined to say that this is the perfect fetish material for any stalker,
                  so if you have one, becareful

                  no worries blood, you're a cool dude, very social too.
                  didnt know you had a love for mexian thou XD
                  does this also apply on woman?

                  anyway,I nominated higurashiki & whiteyeti!
                  Don't see them that often lately ;/
                  Hehehe, good old stalkers. Luckily those aren't too common for me... or at least I haven't encountered any that have been too odd. Yeah, I suppose I could have left out a few specific details as in the locations of restaurants I frequent, that thought crossed my mind but I decided it wasn't too much of a big deal.

                  Latina girls are cute and sexy. Actually as a matter of fact, my favorite waitress there is of Latin America descent.

                  I believe any members who are still regularly active would be a good idea. Regardless of if they're new or quite old, I think as a community effort it makes more sense to have current regulars more than anything else.

                  Higura has been busy with work for the past year but he should be more free lately. I want to nominate Whiteyeti, and TSR. They would certainly be interesting to hear from in an interview like this one. Although it's still up to them as to if they want to do this. If I recall correctly though, yeti is on board except he needs a bit more free time to answer the questions. It does take a bit of time to organize. I found that MSN is much faster to get the instant chatting with Juas than PMs for this in my honest opinion.

                  Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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                    mhhhh why not use flashchat for it?
                    make a seperate room with a password if you privately want to interview someone.
                    it would be nice if more people would join flashchat. last night was pretty active with around 8 members online


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                      As Blood said Yeti is currently busy but he offered for an interview, so as Rick who needs some time to answer. Since Alupihan offered himself I'm gonna try telling him a couple of details about this interview and see what can we do. Also, this is something that needs time and chatting is much more faster and dynamic than PM, but we have a chat in HongFire (flashchat) so it's not very difficult if we both have the free time and will.


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                        Originally posted by Haika View Post
                        mhhhh why not use flashchat for it?
                        make a seperate room with a password if you privately want to interview someone.
                        it would be nice if more people would join flashchat. last night was pretty active with around 8 members online
                        Heh, okay, Flashchat yeah that's good too. Then Skype, MSN, Steam, etc. any of those options as an IM would work well if you can organize the free time together. You interested in an interview haika? That would certainly be interesting to read.

                        Sounds to me that this is working out fairly nicely. A solid amount of interest in participating so far.

                        Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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                          Rick's interview

                          It's Friday morning 9:50AM, I'm in the UFMG university campus looking for someone when a man appears from one of the libraries and comes to me introducing himself as Rick. After a brief chat, Rick heads into the library again to talk to someone and we enter into the videoconference room to talk. In that room there's a large table and 6 chairs, Rick asks me to sit while he takes care of the AC and get some snacks and water.

                          While Rick takes a sit I get my recorder, a piece of paper and a pen.

                          Q: Why have you chosen this place?

                          A: *smiles* Because we can use the privacy and only have the boss to bother us if she really has to.

                          Q: That's a good reason, now let's talk about HF. How do you see yourself in HongFire?

                          A: *looks down, thinking* I'd say I'm not too restrained to speak my mind over several matters but I am usually careful enough to consider many perspectives before saying anything. *waits a couple of seconds and smirks*. Even if I don't always feel like doing it in the nicest manner possible, even if I do keep it classy, polite.

                          *Giggles* The world itself isn't exactly very nice and I don't feel like being much nicer, so I might as well induce people to get used to that fact. *smiling* Guess the words risque and blunt summarize best my behavior in HF in general.

                          Q: Talking about other people, how do you think others see you in HongFire?

                          A: *looks down, thinking* If not exactly in the same way I see myself, quite possibly as mean-spirited whiny smartass nostalgiafag. *giggles* Yeah, I think those terms cover all the possibilitie *laughs*.

                          Q: That's in our community, but how is Rick out of HongFire?

                          A: More reserved, definitely. Not as prone to bring up the same subject matters I discuss in HF as I feel there are no people I can relate to in the same manner... that I meet in a regular basis, at least. *keeps thinking* I Would rather stay at home as much as possible to browse the internet, play games and stuff than having any social interactions whatsoever outside the ones I have with people at home, work and college.

                          *Thinks some more* Which explains why I have little to no qualms about staying single for, say, 4 or 5 more years, at least. *giggles* Besides, I'd rather focus on getting my studies over with and enjoy my hobbies some more in the meantime anyway.

                          We stop for a few minutes to drink some water and eat some snacks that Rick brought earlier we can find biscuits, crackers and chips. At this time Rick points out that his favorite snack is microwave popcorn.

                          Q: So, you talked about work, college, friends... what's your current situation?

                          A: Working and studying at the same time. Suffice to say that managing time to do both things well is quite a bitch. That's why I'd rather stay single at least until I'm done with the studying part, which should take me at least 4 more years.

                          Q: Tell us some of your hobbies.

                          A: Playing games in either consoles or the PC, whichever one I feel like diving into, so that means I tend to cycle through quite a few games while focusing in only a few at a time. *Pauses a couple of seconds* Also, semi-random internet browsing: HF, porn, webcomics, videos, hentai. Most of these are more constant but others are more situational, just like the games: as in whenever I'm in the mood.

                          Q: What are you enjoying lately from those hobbies?

                          A: Xenosaga Episode 1, which is a bit of an oddball case as I'm generally not that much into RPGs nowadays. I tend to be more of an action, fighting games kind of person, I guess. They tend to be much less time consuming and have a simpler, more straightforward kind of gameplay, which I like.

                          Q: Nice, now the last question, according to your life experience give us one advice.

                          A: *thinks and stutters a bit* Resist the urge to procrastinate just so you can keep doing things that entertain you more than study/work. I can say from experience that's a LOT easier said than done, but work hard to get the more truly important things done... or else you'll be stuck in a place you don't want to be for longer than you'd like.

                          Q: I totally agree with that. Well, we've finished.

                          A: Finally! *laughs*

                          We both go out the videoconference room and since Rick has to go back to work we say goodbye. As for me, I'm going to take a look at the girls in the campus and go back to the hotel and luckily not alone.

                          Water + snacks = 0$
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                            Wasn't expecting the "Finally!" to be considered part of the interview. It was intened more as a side comment. LOL

                            Anyway, as for how interviews are done, it felt more natural to me to do it in VMs. Takes a little longer to reply to things than via PMs, but it's much faster to get all details out of the way.

                            Many thanks to darkandshadow for helping me in the creation of this signature!
                            "We are the owners of our own thoughts and yet also the slaves of our own words."
                            "To create enemies it is not necessary to declare war, saying what you think is enough."
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                              The giggling made me laugh since it's hard for me to picture Rick "giggling."

                              @Rick: What made you decide to play Xenosaga now? It's a pretty old game and you said you're not really into RPGs nowadays, so I thought maybe there was a special reason for it.

                              I don't see you as a "mean-spirited whiny smartass nostalgiafag." You can be quite blunt with your opinions when you disagree with someone, but I don't think you're necessarily trying to be mean. It's more that you're trying to give your opinion without caring how the other side takes it.

                              I've known you for a long time and I'm glad to see you're still an active member after all these years. ^^