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Came back to HongFire after a while

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  • Came back to HongFire after a while

    So after a while of inactivity on basically all communities I used to lurk around in I came back here and so much has changed. What happened to most of the stuff that was posted here? Since I think a while ago I tried going to the site and it seemed down. And how is everyone?

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    Hi Kelhsy, we're in the same boat. I heard from a friend the place got hacked and they had to ditch the old template and a lot of data was lost. I decided to come take a look again after said friend's rant about it, and it feels as if the boards are practically deserted.


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      After said hacking; Hongfire was forced to update the site, and until recently, connection speed was far from stable (3 minute wait for a page, then almost instant loads later). A lot of people said they were jumping ship until things got back to normal.

      Anyway, since filesharing is back, the boards aren't completely deserted. The end of the year is usually busy for everyone anyways; I expect activity will pick back up before long.
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        That's really sad but well, let's hope that the site will get an active user base again!


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          Yeah, that would be great. But I can't really complain since I'm not checking in as much as I used to do. I don't really like the new design, and it runs very sluggish on my system for some reason.

          But I still check in at times, like now.
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