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The Weirdest Conversations EVER

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  • The Weirdest Conversations EVER

    Do you guys have any really weird conversations to share??
    Well, because the other day, I felt like talking with my friend; so to start the conversation, I asked him a question, "Do you want to see a video I made" and it got really screwed up from there...

    friend: do i
    friend: DO I
    friend: no
    jamesuh: fine
    jamesuh: w/e
    friend: not really
    jamesuh: ok
    jamesuh: amateur
    jamesuh: *cough cough*
    jamesuh: *HACK*
    friend: hey
    jamesuh: *LOSER*
    friend: fine
    friend: let me see it
    jamesuh: *COUGH COUGH* LOSER
    friend: show it to me
    jamesuh: nah
    jamesuh: no thanks
    friend: COME ON
    jamesuh: youll be stunned
    friend: hahaha
    jamesuh: cardiac arrest
    friend: yeah right
    friend: more like
    friend: death from boredom
    jamesuh: im still editing so =/
    jamesuh: its not amazing yet
    jamesuh: but its gonna be
    jamesuh wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\train man.wmv.
    friend: slooooww
    friend: actually
    friend: not that slow
    friend received C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\train man.wmv.
    friend: hm
    friend: it doesnt wanna play
    friend: oh
    friend: its a wmv
    jamesuh: ?
    jamesuh: yeah
    friend: yeah
    friend: my macs video-tarded
    friend: o well
    friend: ill see it tomorrow
    jamesuh: ALRIGHTY WHITEY!!!
    jamesuh: .............
    jamesuh: ..................................
    jamesuh: uhhhhhhh
    jamesuh: ...................................
    jamesuh: that was definitely not me
    jamesuh: i swear dr. whitey i mean rothschild
    jamesuh: you must
    jamesuh: turn off that racism machine
    jamesuh: right this second or the interpolation of anti gravational forces will kill us all!
    friend: oh
    friend: well screw you
    jamesuh: *RACIAL SLANG*
    friend: you yellow monster
    jamesuh: OMG!!!
    jamesuh: you ****ing *RACIAL SLANG*!!!
    friend: kaike!
    jamesuh: *faints*
    jamesuh: *dies*
    jamesuh: *pool of blood from nowhere*
    jamesuh: *seemingly from his head*
    jamesuh: *but not quite sure*
    friend: BUT NO
    jamesuh: !?
    friend: hahaha
    friend: no
    jamesuh: not deductive reasoning again!!
    friend: no
    friend: linear programming
    jamesuh: molestation?
    jamesuh: aw.
    friend: if a
    jamesuh: OH THE PAIN
    friend: pool of blood
    friend: equals to x
    jamesuh: THE
    jamesuh: CONTRAINTS
    jamesuh: AGHHHHHH
    jamesuh: THE PAIN
    friend: and takes 2 hours to pool around jameses head
    jamesuh: NO GAH
    friend: but there are only 24 hours in a day
    jamesuh: GAH GAH
    jamesuh: AAHHHHHHHHHH
    jamesuh: i know.
    jamesuh: from heaven....
    friend: ...
    jamesuh: ......................
    friend: no
    friend: its farther south
    friend: much farther
    jamesuh: from my.... _____________?
    jamesuh: surely not....
    jamesuh: no....
    jamesuh: NO!!!
    friend: yes
    jamesuh: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    jamesuh: not my bathroom!!!
    friend: from your small, rediculously tiny
    friend: bathroom
    jamesuh: lmao
    jamesuh: AHHHHHHHHH
    jamesuh: AHAHAHAHAHA omg needa turn off the AHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAH manical laughter AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA generator!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    jamesuh: *jjjjjjjjooooooooooooooooooopppppppp*
    jamesuh: ok its off
    friend: chill dude
    friend: ok
    friend: good
    jamesuh: so anyways the other day I was talking to you daughter
    jamesuh: yes, I heard she was an honors student.
    jamesuh: ahhh... it reminds me of... not my old days.
    jamesuh: so anyways
    jamesuh: i killed her
    jamesuh: is that allllll right?
    jamesuh: because your wife was really looking man
    jamesuh: so i killed her too
    jamesuh: with a camera
    jamesuh: and a teaspoon
    jamesuh: of vinegar
    friend: if you havent noticed
    jamesuh: yes?
    friend: well first of all
    friend: that wasnt my daughter
    jamesuh: it..... wasnt?......
    friend: no
    jamesuh: but...
    jamesuh: her last name was...
    friend: her name was CORTES
    jamesuh: the same as yours....
    jamesuh: BUT YOUR NOT ASIAN!!!!!
    jamesuh: wait...
    friend: but neither are you!
    jamesuh: of COURSE!!
    jamesuh: i understand now!!
    jamesuh: you used linear programming on your **** and you mounted it onto the ***** and reconciled the WHORE with a magnetic CHICKEN
    friend: pretty much but
    friend: reverse the words *****, CHICKEN, and ****
    jamesuh: i see.
    jamesuh: but your missing one thing, golem.
    jamesuh: i have the ring!!!
    jamesuh: and your mom is DEAD!!!!!
    jamesuh: wtf.
    jamesuh: that was some weird dream.
    jamesuh: i dreamt that
    jamesuh: i died....
    friend: and your sister threw your dead body down the stairs?
    friend: i had that dream too!
    jamesuh: yeah!!!
    jamesuh: wait.......
    jamesuh: your my sister
    friend: james james james
    friend: look
    friend: if i was your sister
    friend: then how could i have stolen your tv when you werent looking that one time?
    jamesuh: because
    friend: or broken into your room and smashed your computer screen?
    jamesuh: your black
    jamesuh: ...........
    jamesuh: duh
    jamesuh: common sense
    friend: oh
    friend: yeah i guess so
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    ............. What a weird conversation. I wonder who you had it with?


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      haha u think thats random... wait till u see my convo w/ obstrukt on "kows" and leche
      vengas vengas!!!