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June ninth. Unofficial Mutual Oral Gratification Day.

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  • June ninth. Unofficial Mutual Oral Gratification Day.

    Well, since dates seem to be so significant to so many people, I can't hardly see how nobody wants to discuss this one. And, since frivolous irresponsibility seems to be the order of the day, well....

    Is your religion, culture, race or creed accepting of the concept of you locking yourself in the house with some person of the appropriately accomodating anatamy (Head and tail on opposite ends.) and exercising some inarticulate unvernacular intercourse? Do you have trouble relating to people that you have to look in the eye? Do you ever think that it might be easier just to bury your nose in there and start interacting nonverbally?

    You know. It strikes me as quite likely that if people learned about give and take, about balancing needs and about trying to help the other person help you, our world might just be a bit less mucked up. Why does it seem like our leaders just want to please themselves? I think the philosophy of Mutual Oral Gratification could be a major key to a better tomorow. Heck, it could possibly make your day right now if you were to indulge. Think about it.

    Hmm, the search turned this up. Not really on topic, but I thought it was funny and this is a frivolous irresponsibility topic, after all. Besides, all the other links were tacky or disgusting.

    And, for those cultures with bassackwards dating, six September is just a season away.

    Anybody have any thoughts to share? How about some colorful and not entirely too tasteless personal anecdotes? Embarrassment shared is embarrassment intensified. Go for it. You know you want to.

    ja ne