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Behold the Birth of the National Socialist Lolicon Party!

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  • Behold the Birth of the National Socialist Lolicon Party!

    WARNING - Please note, this is a Forum Role Playing Game. All content held within is all in good fun AND NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!
    We are in favor of engaging in Role Playing Wars with rival factions. (An example being another member creating something along the lines of "The Communist Furry Regime.") Any "rivalry" is intended to be in good fun, and not in actual disrespect of any member, or his group.
    An example being; one of our Members mentions how he laughs at the opposing forces, and wishes them all a swift entrance into the bowels of Hell. HE'S ONLY ROLE-PLAYING, AND BY NO MEANS WISHES YOU ANY ILL WILL! (WHAT A MAGNIFICENT REVELATION!)
    As such, if you're wondering what's not accepted, please read The Hongfire FAQ. Believe it or not, breaking the Forum Rules within this topic, IS STILL BREAKING THE FORUM RULES, AND NOT TO BE TOLERATED! (HUZZAH, REVELATION UPON REVELATION, PERHAPS I'M A PROPHET!)

    Anyhow, leave your serious business pants elsewhere, and have fun!

    My friends and fellow Lolicons, I come bearing the word of a most wonderful Political Order forged by my own glorious design, to grant you, the Lolicon, your rightful place as the worlds ruling elite! The "National Socialist Lolicon Party" (from New Jersey ) is here to unify you in a most profound act of liberation, with a fixed gaze at world domination! Granting the means behind the will to power, and the power to exact judgement upon all other fetishes who only serve to pollute our land and our Loli's!
    Hear, and listen well: As a Lolicon you are ordained as superior, above all else. Yet despite this we have been drained of our might by other, inferior fetishes. Through capitalizing on the stupidity of humanity have they gained in such popularity. Through manipulation over the media, they have devolved those who would otherwise be honest, hardworking Lolicons, into baboons blinded by big boobs, bamboozled and bought out by Bi-Curious Californian Capitalism!
    Those few not fully swayed by such foolishness, then usually fall pray to the likes of the Furry fandom, or other such inferior fetishes.
    But you, YOU, the chosen few who have seen beyond the traps and travesties of our generation, who have remained true to your Lolicon Lineage, to you do I promise a fantastic future, that is if you'd only be so willing to join with me in my fight to preserve and empower the precious perversity pulsating within your most mighty member!
    Your allegiance to your Lolicon Heritage is what is of importance. Your race, and gender shall not warrant any discrimination. No, as a Lolicon such trivial things matter not.
    What shall be trampled underfoot are those festering fetishists who neglect Lolicon as their prime attraction! Such filth are only fit to fill the fires of hell! (And, my friend, soon will.)
    Our oppressors, those currently in power, who write their ludicrous laws to limit Lolicons everywhere with their legal lunacy have lasted too long. They work in a conniving conspiracy with the weaker mud fetishes so as to prevent our peoples from rising to the heavenly heights we were intended to soar from.
    For them, a swift end will be met, as our unification becomes manifest!
    To this I say: Rise up! Take hold of your Loli, and arm her well for the fierce battle that is soon to come! Your liberation is at hand!
    Come my friends, follow me as your founding Führer, and together our fantastic fight will cause the fatality of all the fiendish fetishes that flounder about on the face of this earth, allowing for a glorious utopia, where hundreds of harems filled with lovely Loli's will exist for every Lolicon!
    Enlist now, pledge your allegiance to this great cause, and you too shall soon partake in this paradise!


    To join our fine organization, provided that you are a fan of Lolicon, all that is needed is for you to notify us in this topic that you would like to join.
    You'll then be assigned a rank, and likely a mission to complete. (Such as finding x number of Loli pictures.) Consider listing your specialties (IE Photoshop, Writing, Ect,) so as to be considered first for specific missions.
    Also, keep in mind, if you're a long time, well known regular here on Hongfire, you'll likely be assigned a higher rank than if you are new, or are just starting to become a forum regular. However, upon joining, your tenacity in completing missions, and offering insight will be the decisive factors in how quickly you ascend in the ranks.
    Currently, the highest ranks obtainable through carrying out missions would be ranks directly prior to Leadership Positions.
    Gaining further Ranks will be rewarded at the discretion of (myself,) Michael Means Business, BloodmageR, Sunakujira, YamiSouru MkIII and DeathbyClown. Upon reaching such ranks, you'll be allowed to enact your own missions, and award others ranks.
    We also have a National Socialist Lolicon Party HF Group you're welcome to join once accepted as a member of our organization.
    If you use MSN, consider joining the rest of us for group chats regarding the furthering of our organization. Post your MSN Screen name within this topic when joining to be added to our NSLP MSN group chat.
    Above all, this is in good fun, enjoy yourself.

    However, before joining, please read THE RULES:
    Remember, though you may be a member of The National Socialist Lolicon Party, you're still on Hongfire, obey all Forum Rules! (This means no posting any Not Safe For Work images. If you'd like to share such imagery, censor it beforehand.)
    Failure to comply with the Forum Rules while posting in this topic will result in 1 docked rank from your current position.
    Continuous refusal to comply with the Hongfire rules will result in you being permanently expelled from our organization, and likely banned from Hongfire.
    Generally in order to join you also need to have member status here on Hongfire, (IE 30 Posts,) though there are still exceptions to this rule.
    The National Socialist Lolicon Party can refuse membership at the discretion of myself, and members in high Leadership positions.
    For all Lolicon images posted, please use spoiler tags. (Simply for the sake of things not becoming too cluttered.)
    Show respect for your fellow NSLP members, and honor your Superior Officers commands and decisions.
    Occasionally members can petition to have their own subsection branch constructed. If their ideas seem innovative enough, they'll likely be awarded their desired branches creation.
    There are also certain members who will have honorary positions created for them, along with the abilities to enact missions. (Such as SolarEnemy being a Mercenary, who is in Leadership position as well. And Robobunghole who is a close ally with our organization.)
    Generally this is only allowed for long time regulars of the site, or members who have shown profound dedication to the National Socialist Lolicon Party.

    (In the process of adding new branches.)
    The branches for application thus far:
    Wehrmacht (Military) Branches:
    Heer (Army) Subbranch Panzer Division (Tank Division)
    Luftwaffe (Air Force) Subbranch Bombflugeug (Strategic Bombers)
    Kriegsmarine (Navy) Subbranch U-Boot (U-Boat Submarine Division)

    Schutzstaffel (Secret Service) Branches:
    SS Gestapo (Secret State Police)
    Wissenschaft (Science)
    WV-Schwarze Schilds (SS Shields)
    Intelligenz (Espionage)

    Occult and Religious Branches:
    Okkulte Von Loli Reich (Occult)
    Kirche Von Loli Reich (Church of Lolicon)

    Please specify which one of these groups you'd like to be a member of upon joining.

    We are currently deciding who will be the head of each organization, as well as what role each organization is designed to play.
    Leaders will be chosen based on their frequency of activity, completion of missions, and the insight they can offer the rest of our group.
    All leaders will be allowed to create Official missions for other members to enact, and can award positions in their respected fields.

    Current list of Members in The National Socialist Party. Their current rank. Their current mission.

    (Highest Leadership positions in Bold Red, Underlined font All other Leadership positions in Bold Red)

    Michael Means Business - FUHRER!
    BloodmageR - Reichskanzler (Chancellor Head of Politics/2nd in Command) Papst (Kirche Von Loli Reich)
    Sunakujira - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht Generalfeldmarschall (Head of Military/3rd in command)
    YamiSouru MkIII- Oberkommando des Schutzstaffel Reichsführer-SS (Head of Secret Services/4th in command) Erzmaigier) (Occult)
    DeathbyClown - Wissenschaftler General (Science/5th in command) and Oberst (Army)

    Alupihan - Oberkommando der Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall (Air Force)
    HiguraShiki - Oberkommando Des Heeres (Army)
    Kamigoroshi - Intelligenz General (Espionage)
    Wh1t3y3t1 - SS Generaloberstgruppenfuehrer (SS Loli)
    LtSoma - WV-Schwarze Schilds der Kommandeur (SS Shields)
    Eagleheart - Oberkommando der Marine (Navy)
    dandan550 - Oberkommando (Panzer Division) Leutnant (Army) Leutnant (Espionage)
    JayD987 - U-Boot Generaladmiral (U-Boat)
    Telsa - Bombflugeug Generaloberst (Strategic Bombers)
    SolarEnemy - Mercenary (Honorary Leadership Position)
    Sailabc1 - SS Obergruppenfuhrer (Secret Service)
    Shitboy - Generaloberschuetze (Army)
    Danisco - Panzer Oberst (Panzer Division)
    Sethanye - Spion (Espionage)
    Renko - Wissenschaftler Oberst (Science)
    Flanecake - Wissenschaftler (Science)
    rawrasaurus - SS Sturmann (Secret Service)
    Zer0Emperor - SS Mann (Secret Service)
    L4m3 - Oberschuetze (Army)
    Stefanus1807 - Scheutze (Army)

    Currently in the process of being assigned Rank:
    Lord Zero
    Rin Kratos Kokonoe

    Robobunghole - And her Legion of DESU

    (In the process of updating missions)
    Current Missions available:
    Missions available on behalf of Das Fuhrer, Michael Means Business:

    Missions available on behalf of Reichskanzler, BloodmageR:

    Missions available on behalf of Oberkommando des Schutzstaffel Reichsführer-SS, YamiSouru MkIII:
    this its an important mission to ensure the purity and holyness of the righteous National Socialist Lolicon Party.

    we have heard claims that the actual powers in the world are creating a new wave of anti loli resentment and propaganda to diminish our power and make us look as scapegoats to bury their crimes, we need support and actual propaganda of ours. the following are required.

    - a catchy slogan that spread our ideals, short, concise and quite good to be remembered.
    - spread on your local neighborhood the Loli ideals by painting the NSLP Logo on the walls(pics or lies).
    - find material proper for use on this thread such as images, gifs etc for members to work with easing their work a little.

    aside from that i hear disturbing rumors about members that arent dedicated to the cause and are infiltrating we need to filter down and begin the manhunt for any successful hunt you will be awarded a Loli tag which can be used to exchange for fabulous prizes. more information later, remember you are the sole responsible for the welfare and advancement of the NSLP we count with you.

    Missions available on behalf of Oberkommando der Wehrmacht Generalfeldmarschall, Sunakujira:

    Missions available on behalf of Oberkommando der Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall, Alupihan:

    Missions available on behalf of Oberkommando der Marine, Eagleheart:

    Mission Available on behalf of Oberkommando Des Heeres, HiguraShiki:
    To start off, the first mission is to post 1 loli pic on 20 different threads. They must not be spam and must relate to the topic at all costs. Anyone who completes this mission must report back to this thread and link their pics to me. Doing so will promote you one rank.
    By placing our Loli soldiers in each thread, we are showing the dominance of our legions of Lolis that shall reign forth on all that oppose the glorious Loli.
    Failure is not allowed, for we must bring glory to our regime!

    Missions available on behalf of Wissenschaftler General, DeathbyClown:
    1. Procure 3 images of Loli's doing anything with strawberries. This is required for our "Loli-Enhancement" project.

    2. Procure 3 images of a cybernetic Loli, and/or a Loli using any type of weapon. This is required for our "A thousand year Reich" project.

    3. Procure 3 images of a Loli being experimented on, and/or receiving 'medical' treatment from a doctor/nurse/authority figure in any setting. This is required for research into "The Cure" project.

    4. Procure 3 images of a seemingly detached/emotionless Loli in any setting. This is required for research into "The Cure" project.

    Missions available on behalf of Intelligenz General, Kamigoroshi

    Missions available on behalf of SS Generaloberstgruppenfuehrer, Wh1t3y3t1:

    Missions available on behalf of SS Sheilds General, LtSoma:

    Missions available on behalf of Panzer Division General, dandan550:

    Missions available on behalf of U-Boot Generaladmiral, JayD987:

    Missions available on behalf of Bombflugeug Generaloberst, Telsa:

    Missions available on behalf of Mercenary, SolarEnemy:

    Missions available on behalf of DESU ally Robobunghole:

    -Updates underway, please check back frequently for revisions to this topic-
    Last edited by Michael Means Business; 06-23-2011, 07:19 PM.
    Michael Means Business - Fuhrer of The National Socialist Lolicon Party. Liberator of Lolicons everywhere!

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    ^ you drew that?
    HF-CLU-ISM #9 HF-DORAMA #? (i forgot ~_~) HF-TOUHOU #166
    Musicians! UNITE! HFDI

    .................................................. cute =^^=


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      Originally posted by blozzee View Post
      ^ you drew that?
      Nay, it was crafted by a friend who sees to further this great cause by aiding me her hand in it's creation.
      I merely posed for the image, along with my three lovely Loli's who's ceaseless dedication serves to leave me stiff, and ever standing at attention.
      Michael Means Business - Fuhrer of The National Socialist Lolicon Party. Liberator of Lolicons everywhere!


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        why is kero-chan praising you in the picture? XD
        HF-CLU-ISM #9 HF-DORAMA #? (i forgot ~_~) HF-TOUHOU #166
        Musicians! UNITE! HFDI

        .................................................. cute =^^=


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          I'm not really fond of lolis but I know a lot of people who loves them, should I redirect them at your party?


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            Originally posted by blozzee View Post
            why is kero-chan praising you in the picture? XD
            We both share a love of extremist ideologies.

            Originally posted by moneytontana83 View Post
            I'm not really fond of lolis but I know a lot of people who loves them, should I redirect them at your party?
            Yes, in so doing you will avoid the repercussions those who generally lack a lust for Loli's would face. In fact for your contribution to our Parties might, you will be well rewarded the day we stand atop the world triumphant!
            Still I must recommend you seriously take into consideration becoming a Lolicon for the sake of your own betterment.
            Michael Means Business - Fuhrer of The National Socialist Lolicon Party. Liberator of Lolicons everywhere!


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              looks like castro got combined with fuhrer to become the ultimate

              EPIC WIN!!
              External link added. don't read the Rules


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                Someone has a Fettish!

                PSN ID: TamLux
                STEAM ID: LuxVertas
                I'm on Tumblr and Twitter under Lux-Vertas, Go googleing!


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                  you know, this thread could have made more sense if this was posted in the HF-Loli section...

                  Originally posted by starcaptor
                  I would say Lisa Hayes would probably have the best historical account since shes been on the ship for quite a while. I remember talking to hongfire one on one in the forums for only one thing, and that was...why was the website called hongfire?


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                    Well well well... I knew you were up to something Mike, but I never had guessed that you are trying to snatch the world from my grasp... Foolish human... soon you will face my eternal wrath...
                    Soon I will kill myself. And when my tainted spirit finds its destination, I will topple the master of that dark place.
                    From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred this fear engine will bore a hole between this world and that one.
                    When it begins, you will hear the sound of children screaming - as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated.
                    Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin.
                    I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth.
                    Official neko lover and Etna fan


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                      LOL, That was beyond epic win. The insane writing alone should warrant you a place in the annals of history among the literary greats of Hongfire history.

                      Okay here's how this goes...

                      1- Get yourself arrested for trying to cause an insurrection but gain the judge's sympathies so you get a lighter sentence.

                      2- While in prison outline the goals of your glorious cause. The Lolicon manifesto if you will.

                      3- Discriminate and scapegoat all other lesser fetishes while preaching your loli principles to unite together all under one great loli banner!

                      4- WORLD DOMINATION!!! We shall make Lolicon into not just a fetish but a religion as well!

                      To arms brothers. Bring along your specially trained Battle-lolis! They're going to need to be able to take out a F-35 Lighting II

                      Maybe like Mami from Puella magi Madoka Magica.

                      or just someone ferocious and battle hardened.

                      Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


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                        This thread is in dire need of lolis in uniform!

                        And here's a theme song for good measure as well.

                        Dragonewt, Doll, Ghost, Scylla, Centaur, Queen Bee, Lamia.


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                          So, if you're all lolicons, I guess you all read Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" and know a little bit of what you're talking about, right?
                          Anyway, this thread needs more pics.


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                            ^ it doesn't allow me to scroll ddown D:
                            HF-CLU-ISM #9 HF-DORAMA #? (i forgot ~_~) HF-TOUHOU #166
                            Musicians! UNITE! HFDI

                            .................................................. cute =^^=


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                              Che Guevara a la mode?

                              ja ne