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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • ^ Brugada syndrome which is a heart disease that may cause heart attacks and even sudden death.
    < ...
    V What was the best thing of your week so far?


    • ^ Watching the third Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie (Rebellion), lot's to ponder in this one with subtext ans symbolism galore.

      < And boy, do not mess with Akemi Homura even if you're technically of an immortal and emotionless race, she will grind you down.

      v Speaking of which, what was probably the most insane and impresive stunt you ever saw an anime character pull? (Please consider using spoiler tags for this one).


      • ^ Probably this entire scene

        < There's been a news today about this woman trying to prove ‘Vegans Can Do Anything’ and then died of Altitude Sickness on Mount Everest. I loled so hard about this and the conversation among my group of friends has been priceless.
        V If I were going to visit your city (for whatever reason) tell us a place I should visit:


        • ^ Theres the usual Vancouver chinatown, Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park. But you should really explore the mountainous regions and the capital city Victoria and its surrounding regions too.

          < So i contracted swimmer's ear again. But this time its much more painful... so much i wish i could shove something and rip all the inflamed areas clean off.

          V last time you got sick?


          • ^ I don't even remember! It was last year sometime, I think. I don't get sick very often, or for very long (usually).
            < Three-day holiday weekend coming up! My first one of the year. The last holiday I got off was New Year's Day.
            V How often do you change your desktop wallpaper?


            • ^ Very seldom, maybe once a year but I always have a couple of pics the desktop rotates through at random every 30 minutes, usually with a unifying theme.

              < For example, right now they're all pics of ponies with adorable, sparkling braces! Take a look:

              v Did you ever have to wear braces?
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              • ^ Fortunately, no.
                < @:JAHT: That's an oddly specific theme for wallpapers. xD
                V How often do you go to the dentist?


                • ^ Every six months.

                  < I'm glad I have dental insurance. I don't take care of my teeth as well as I should, so having the coverage to get cleanings and fluoride treatments twice a year really helps.
                  < Pain killers really mess up your mental state... Won't be for much longer, thankfully.

                  V What have you been reading recently?
                  Do I need to say anything?
                  I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


                  • ^ A Song of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords, I'm about halfway through the book. (Yeah it's the one the third season of Game of Thrones is adapted from)

                    < Now I'm in this weird position where nearly every person I know watched the series but hardly anyone read the books.

                    v Tell us about something you read that got an adaptation! Was is good or bad? What did they change? Stuff like that.


                    • ^ The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I read the novel few years before the movie and the adaptation was really good.
                      < I'm actually wanting to watch it again.
                      V What's the most interesting thing you are looking for in June?


                      • ^Gtx 1070 or 1080.

                        < I don't know which one I will get yet.

                        V Who is the last person who you've (emotionally) missed?


                        • ^ I dont have one. But i do miss places.

                          < So.... apparently my ear infection has another story to it: Theres a fungal infection too!

                          V how much storage does your phone have? (if any)


                          • ^ 16GB internal + 64GB SD, 80 GB total.
                            < As a digital packrat, it's never enough.
                            v How many floors does the building where you live have?

                            In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


                            • ^ Two. Which is nice, because I don't have to worry about anyone above me making any noise.
                              < *stomps around on the floor* There's nothing the people below me can do about it, though! >:3
                              < Just kidding, I would never do that...
                              V What's your favorite month of the year and why?


                              • ^ December! I like the holidays, but more importantly, the outside is all cold and thereby no bugs and the "hibernating" trees provides a nice artistic touch over the green leaves
                                < zomg... I'm still here and stukasa is still stukasa!
                                V Your choice of Immorality or Wisdom and why??

                                By the way, Desmonthes is still a cookie.[/B][/COLOR]