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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

    Welcome to the 30th installment of Aznrtx10's popular ^<V game! This is a thread for getting to know your fellow HF members. Relax, talk about your day, ask some questions and have a good time!

    For anyone unfamiliar with this game, here are the rules:


    ^ (respond to what the person who last posted said or asked)
    < (say something about yourself)
    V (ask a question or make a statement.... let it be open so that anyone can answer it)


    Here's a link to Part 29 for anyone who wants it:
    Above, you, below #29

    Anyway, let's begin~!

    ^ N/A
    < Wow, Part 30! Who knew this thread would be around so long? At 4,000 posts apiece, that's 116,000 posts--and counting! I wonder if this is HF's longest-running thread ever?
    V Do you remember when and why you started posting in this thread? (not Part 30, I mean the ^<V thread in general)

  • ^ Immortality. What good is wisdom if you're not around long enough to take advantage of it?
    < Actually, I don't know if I'd want to live forever. That seems like an awfully long time...
    < @Knifes: Of course I'm still me. Welcome back! Doing well, I hope? ^^
    V Look out the nearest window. Describe what you see.


    • ^ Lawn and a folded parasol.

      < Our garden is not very exciting. (._. )

      v Tell us about your garden, if you have one.


      • ^ Well, I have 20 palm trees, 5 pines, about 50 mts of cypresses, 2 fig trees and many other plants in their pots around the house. There's also a fountain, some field to play football and a swimming pool.
        < That's not exactly a garden but it's what I have in the outside.
        V Have you ever had problems with wild animals or bugs at home?


        • ^Last fall I had a bad problem with stink bugs. They are harmless but they will get into everything and they stink when you kill them. They were coming in through my air conditioner so this year I put a net over it and sealed it up extra tight with sticky seals and tape. I also bought two things of bug spray including this big jug of it. So far none of them have gotten in.

          < Luke, use the force before intercourse, but Luke, don't forget:
          bitches ain't nothen' but hoes and tricks.

          V When was the last time you were really nervous?
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          • ^ Monday of last week, at a meeting with eleven doctors who laid down the grim facts of my mother's prognosis.
            > Well, looks like things are coming to a head with my sister. Her position is becoming increasingly untenable, and I don't know what to do with her now. She called a priest she knew to explain the moral theology about our mother's case, and he basically supported my position after he saw our mother and heard the prognosis. I am going to tell her, now if you want this to keep on going, that is up to you, but you will need to assume all further expenses that the insurance will not cover. If she balks at that, I will have a lawyer make her do so. Either way, I am never speaking to her again. She is the one extending the suffering of our mother and placing and undue burden on our finances, and not even the strictest interpretation of Catholic moral theology countenances that, when the sick person has only a remote chance of attaining a reasonable quality of life after treatment, and further treatment places an undue burden on those giving support.
            < Sounds like something insane just happened here. I wonder if we'll get some semblance of the old site back any time soon. Looks like posting works again. Things are probably going to be messed up for a bit.
            v Is anything big happening with you any time soon?
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            In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


            • ^ Well, we are waiting at job for some external financing for our app.
              < That's not exactly about me, but well, it's the most interesting thing I can come with right now.
              < The E3 is happening now, oh yeah!!
              V Tell us any of your hobbies and if there's any big event you would like to assist to (like a world championship, convention, etc)
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              • ^ An anime/manga convention sort of like Comiket might be interesting to try.
                < I have in fact participated as organiser for a few trade shows in the past, though not one for anime/manga. Mostly software development and Linux back in the day. The old boss was big on such things.
                > After two weeks my sister has finally capitulated. Though I don't think she likes it one bit.
                v Isn't what's happened to the site irritating?

                In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


                • No. This site is the least important thing on my mind right now.

                  < Another incredible act of gun violence happened here in the states. I think this is our biggest massacre yet. The same emotionally charged arguments as always are already being thrown out there. With each event like this I see the people in my country becoming more divided. People are angry, and Americans have such different opinions on what should be done about gun violence like this. The perpetrator was a muslim man who targeted gay men - so the political charge this releases is going to be massive.

                  V What is the most recent thing that shocked you?


                  • ^ hmm... there are a few eye openers for me, but lets go with that in 2015 76% of Venezula's population live below the poverty line.

                    < I'll wait for a while for the news of the orlando shooting to calm down a bit. Every media is scrambling for that one extra information whether thats true or not. However, im saddened by the loss of life, but all the details of what happened or the specific details will have to be taken with a grain of salt.
                    < also, finals are this week, and a short summer break till another summer term. I really wanna graduate this year (but it wont be likely). Geez, i've been in bachelors for almost 5-6 years. Makes me feel kinda dumb.

                    V how's the weather on your end?


                    • ^ Its bearable now because of rain. Before that it was like oven hot ...
                      < Recently started watching Flash TV series. Finished season 1 and now at season 2 episode 18 enjoying it so far ^^
                      < As for gaming finished sleeping dogs last month (recommend by a friend to play this game) so yeah it was nice. And yesterday finish a nice small game called one troll army (lol) got interested by its name but was fun to play
                      V Last game you played ? how was it ?


                      • ^ Played Hearthstone. Had one of the worst experiences, due to my god-damned weak shard WiFi.
                        <It's summer time but I'm stuck in north Germany, where it rains every day, at least twice a day. I can't wait to go home and enjoy the beach.
                        v Ideas for a new dinner dish?

               accordance with the Prophecy.


                        • ^ lol pizza and beer is always good!
                          < hey whats up everyone june86 here!! the avatars!!! when are they coming back!!??
                          < it here.....
                          V any new plans for summer?

                          C1 racer fo life! the wangan's underdog


                          • ^ Probably take bereavement leave for a week or so after my mother finally passes away, and then get back to work.
                            < Still no news from the hospital after we had changed my mother's advance directives yesterday. We basically removed her antibiotics and vasopressor medicines and are allowing nature to just take its course, since nothing we have tried is capable of treating her illness beyond a stalemate. And now it is death watch.
                            v What is your favoured D&D character class?
                            A. Cleric (incl. druid)
                            B. Fighter (incl. paladin, ranger, etc.)
                            C. Magic-User (incl. illusionist etc.)
                            D. Thief (incl. assassin etc.)

                            In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


                            • ^
                              I've never played that game, but my favorite class in every other RPG is always something between a thief and a magician.

                              < why I just OHKO the Kaiser with my thief/tomahawk Tiz, 47K I mean, you raise my PA to 200%? get out man.
                              < just cleared the first run on bravely second and yes, you bet I'm feeling trolled, but of course since the game began with us losing the vestal to some guy with a ballroom mask I had already prepared myself (mentally) for the masochistic pleasure of having to replay the whole thing .. at least once.
                              < how was I supposed to know that ..? I mean. Okay okay it was in the title, yea yea, no more trollerino pleaserino.
                              < took me a ridiculously long time to notice but .. Ayame's voice is Akiko Yajima? wow, I noticed right at that moment when she said "この命" I was already feeling that I knew this VA from somewhere.

                              Okay what's your favorite character setup in a RPG game?
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                              Ringo Mogire BEAM
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                              • ^ Mostly go with warrior or Knight class. Black and White mage comes second
                                < woke up early today (compared to other days) let's see how today pass
                                < Its dull and cloudy outside
                                < Had bread and jam for breakfast
                                V Last thing u ate ?