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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

    Welcome to the 30th installment of Aznrtx10's popular ^<V game! This is a thread for getting to know your fellow HF members. Relax, talk about your day, ask some questions and have a good time!

    For anyone unfamiliar with this game, here are the rules:


    ^ (respond to what the person who last posted said or asked)
    < (say something about yourself)
    V (ask a question or make a statement.... let it be open so that anyone can answer it)


    Here's a link to Part 29 for anyone who wants it:
    Above, you, below #29

    Anyway, let's begin~!

    ^ N/A
    < Wow, Part 30! Who knew this thread would be around so long? At 4,000 posts apiece, that's 116,000 posts--and counting! I wonder if this is HF's longest-running thread ever?
    V Do you remember when and why you started posting in this thread? (not Part 30, I mean the ^<V thread in general)

  • ^ Toast with honey.

    < I should rally try a more varied diet.

    v Last thing you tried to do?


    • ^ Everything.

      > Just woke up and time to go to work.

      V Any plans today?


      • ^ Well it's 15 before midnight over here, but I decided to work a bit more on this task I'll try to finish over the weekend.

        < Maybe.... Just maybe It would have been smarter to work like, during the day instead of the night.

        v Ever worked past midnight on something? School or job related?


        • ^ Yes, saturday's we close after midnight, 2 AM to be exact.

          > I usually get home around 4 AM. And have to get back up around 9 to go back to work. Hard life....
          > Luckily today I did not stay late. I just bought my first Oil Paints that I wanted for a while. Gonna try them out later.

          v What kind of artwork do you like?


          • ^ something that's easy on the eyes!
            < sup everyone!
            < alright avartars are back! and im gonna try something new!
            V any plans for tomorrow?

            C1 racer fo life! the wangan's underdog


            • ^ Same as for today: Finish this work related task over the weekend

              < @evilkorpse: Such a short period between shifts is flat out illegal in my country.

              v Ever did something illegal? Knowingly or not?


              • ^ pfft. Ever heard of illegal downloading.... everyday!!!! > Well I could not use my oil paints yesterday because I was up all night watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. v What is your favorite TV show in your country and what do you like about it?


                • ^ I don't watch or like any local television.
                  < Anime and western TV consume all free time I would have used for such things. I haven't heard of any local TV show that isn't melodramatic dreck.
                  v How many siblings do you have, and where do you fit in among them? (e.g. are you the eldest, youngest, or somewhere in between?)

                  In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


                  • ^ I have two. An older sister and a younger brother. So that means I'm in the middle..... the worst place you can be.

                    > Overwatch is still fucking fun!!!!!!!

                    v Any recent video game that came out that you really enjoy?


                    • ^ Uncharted 4, I actually finished it a couple of hours ago and it's been awesome. Best Naughty Dog game so far.
                      < I've been using the very same avatar for years and never saved a copy just in case. So when I saw we could upload them again and realized I didn't have it I felt a bit of let down.
                      V How has been your first half of the year so far?


                      • ^ It's been very busy.
                        < And it's going to get worse the rest of the year.
                        v Have you installed Windows 10 yet, or are you going to get it last minute? (Or not at all?).


                        • ^ I'm still very much satisfied with Windows 7.

                          < Finally saved up enough to buy my first halfway decent high-res audio player.

                          v Do you care about audio quality when it comes to music or will MP3s ripped from Youtube suffice for you?


                          • ^ almost 99% of the time i do care about quality. But sometimes the music itself might not be able to be found online (or even purchased), or the torrent thats its found on is dead or even locked up behind some website that uses some kind of quota system where the quota is earned as a loyalty-based system in a forum (in another language).

                            < An example of a song i cant find online or purchase (as far as i know) is Shake II - Sense or Reality (I.T.R Remix). I really like that one because of the sudden melody transition tweak in the mid point of the mix.
                            < Personally i like to have both a flac/ogg and MP3 of a song i really like.

                            V How is your day so far?


                            • ^ Well, woke up less than 10 minutes ago but Mondays aren't specially busy days so I except, at least, having no problems.
                              < ...
                              V Tell us something you remember doing in summer as a kid:


                              • ^ playing video games throughout the night till sunrise.

                                < my most favorite summer childhood memory was during sunrise, the song Heaven by DJ sammy and yanou played on the radio. And back then the house i lived in was high up in the mountains, and the clouds were low enough to cover the entire city. It was a nice moment.
                                < Also, the new anime list is out, and i tried a new style.

                                V whats your favorite ice cream flavor?
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